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Cameras Catch Every Moment Of Hilary Duff’s Proposal

Celebrities can complain all they’d like about constantly being documented by the paparazzi, but they have to admit that it must be pretty nice to have certain moments caught shot-by-shot while their not even paying attention. Yesterday some photogs in Hawaii happened to be there while Hilary Duff’s boyfriend, Mike Comrie was proposing to her. The whole scene looked so perfect that it may as well have been ripped out of one of those horrible romantic comedies Hil has been making ever since she stopped being a teenager. Congrats to the happy couple!

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  • I love her. I wish paparazzi would just let celebrities have their moments without them being broadcast to the entire world. ****

    **** Cue comments from EB readers about how umm duhh! they’re celebrities, they signed up for this fame thing so they should suck it up and deal with it. ect, ect. ect.***

    To which I would reply: Yes, but they are people too and they deserve a fair share of privacy.

  • um, there is a typo in this post: “…while their not even paying attention.” It should be ‘they’re’. I hate to be ‘that person’ (also the person who uses too many quotation marks), but you really should proof read your posts before you hit publish.

  • Is it wrong that the first thing that came to mind when seeing this is that she must’ve been nagging her boyfriend ever since the Joel/Nicole engagement announcement recently surfaced?

    I doubt that’s the case, but the timing is… interesting.

    • oooh good memory! I didn’t even think about it.

      rumour is Hillary Duff is going to be the Edmonton Oilers mascot?!?!

  • First of as an English major I do not see the point or necessity of patrolling the grammar and/or spelling on a gossip site. This is not a site dedicated to dissertations regarding educational matter, its primary purpose is to discuss GOSSIP. Writing about celebrities does not require a degree in spelling (I know such a degree does not exist that’s the point) so I do not see what the fuss is over the odd grammatical/spelling mistake.

    Okay, now about Hilary Duff… Doesn’t anyone else find it creepy that photogs were waiting outside her window just because and managed to capture this event frame by frame. As cute as it could be, I find it just too unsettling.

  • I don’t think Comrie cares about the media or anything like that. He’s a hockey player and doesn’t need magazine covers to help him do his job better…he’s making over 3 million a year playing some damn fine hockey.

    About the grammar, yes she’s a writer so it should be written well, but we’re just here to read about celebrity gossip. Why are we, the readers, taking out our own stuff on the writings of blogs? She didn’t come out today to make a spelling error and is probably embarrassed enough and if she has a good boss (and we all know she does) it is her bosses job to tell her and not ours. It just makes us sad, bored, lonely, miserable people to do that.

  • OOOOhhh…. Noooooo
    I think she is going the wrong way. it’s not good for her.
    lokk at that man.he is like a cow .
    how can she …..