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Say It Like You Mean It, Tiger

Tiger Woods gave his public apology today (the full 14-minute video is here) and I’m not buying it. After greeting the press, Tiger started with the statement, “I am deeply sorry for my irresponsible and selfish behavior I indulged in,” and continued on to give general apology-like statements for cheating on his wife with over fourteen women. It seemed to me that his apology lacked proper emotion considering what he was apologizing for. He hit every point he needed to (selfishness, admitting his unfaithfulness, feeling that he was above the law), but it might as well have been read by a politician. The only part that I did appreciate and believe, is when he asked the paparazzi to please leave his wife and children alone.

Do you accept this apology and do you believe that Tiger is truly dedicated to changing his ways?

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  • He’s not sorry for doing it. He’s sorry he got caught. If his wife never found those messages, don’t you think he’d still be banging women all over the place?

  • He doesn’t need to apologise to us. He needs to go home and grovel on his hands and knees to his wife and kids.

    • Exactly. I’m not sure why “WE” rate any sort of apology at all, much less an “emotional” one. I’m not the one he cheated on, lied to, exposed to possible STDs, made a fool of. Was I disappointed in him? Yes. Did he turn out to be a sort of person I didn’t expect? Sure. Does that have any sort of major impact on my life? No. No apology needed.

  • You know, if Tiger had come out with this the day after (or even the week … or the month … after) his sordid secrets came into the open, it might actually have meant something. Celebrities are human and certainly not infallible, and apologies can go a long way if they are heartfelt and timely.

    However, waiting until his last few sponsors are hanging by a thread and the tabloids are selling his divorce as a foregone conclusion and then coming out with this … Very little class. That’s the nicest way I can think of to say it.

  • Why would he have to apologize at all? People get so involved in watching someone else live their life that they think they are involved in it.
    When is the last time you went out and apologized to your neighbors for something you did at home. Just because people can see what you are doing doesnt mean you have to explain it to them.
    So if you are that butt hurt about what he did, stop paying attention to him.

    • If you watched the long-winded apology, he specifically apologized to the kids in his charity and kids all over the world for being a poor role model. I think it was important to acknowledge that he went from being someone to aspire to for children to being a sleaze bag that is an embarrassment to his family and the game of golf.

      I think his apology was sincere, but I don’t think he has the willpower to just say no in the future. I really do feel bad for him, his wife, and young children.

  • No credibility at all. He looked like he’d been coached by a public relations team as to how to speak slowly, pause every few words, and make sure he turned his head first to one side of the audience and then the other to make eye contact that would demonstrate sincerity.

    While his private life is HIS business, we the public really are being voyeurs (myself included) to expect a public apology from him.

    Apologizing to Elin is a joke – if it had only been one woman, maybe it would have carried some weight. After 14 known women, it’s gone beyond something that can be forgotten, and only forgiven by someone who thinks ‘once a cheater, always a cheater’ wouldn’t logically apply.

    However, the real point of his little speech is that he satisfied his sponsors, and soon will be back playing golf, his one true love.

    • Totally agree. I’ve never been in a 12 step program, but I know one of the steps is to make amends and apologize to the people you have hurt through your addiction.

  • As usual, the comments here are the best. I say “AMEN!” to everybody here @Beet. He is sorry he got caught and he is sorry he is losing his sponsors. Hmmm…I wonder where his wife was….she surely wasn’t sitting in the front row nor was she in the traditional humiliating stance next to her bum of a husband that politicians have made so famous. I hope Elin has the strength of Jenny Sanford (soon to be ex-wife of the South Carolina governor) and takes her life back with dignity. If she stays with Tiger or if she goes, I hope she holds her head high and remains a good mother. I’m sure she will.

    Talk’s cheap, Tiger. Shut up and be a good man for your family. Your son deserves a father to look up to and your daughter needs a daddy who treats women with respect.

  • Tiger Woods isn’t a public speaker. Why wouldn’t he have a carefully thought out, written speech that he practiced reading? Do people expect that a professional speaker be able to play golf as good as Tiger? I think not. And therefore, stop expecting him to speak with the emotions or tears. None of us know if he is really sorry and why should we care? He has enough money to live off of, he never needs to have another endorsement or win another tournament. I was surprised that the networks treated this as a news story that needed to be broadcasted to the masses when there are real news stories like the state of our country and the war and unemployment, etc. etc.

  • Does anybody think he is starting to look like Jon Gosselin? I swear if you put him in some Ed Hardy and a baseball cap it could be a toss up. Gewww…