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Jay-Z Does Not Find You Amusing

The other night at the NY Knicks vs. Chicago Bulls game, Knicks superfan Jay-Z was treated to a special performance by the other team’s mascot. During a break in the game, Bulls mascot Benny boldly walked over to Jay-Z while his wife’s hit “Single Ladies (Put a Ring On It)” was playing and proceeded to do the famous dance from the music video. Jay happened to be sitting with Diddy and Diddy’s son, and the three of them remained mostly deadpan while this was happening. However, if you look close, I’m pretty sure Jay looks a little bit like he’s trying not to giggle.

Jay and Diddy show so much maturity here. Not even ten years ago I would have expected either one of them to get up and punch a guy in the face for doing something like this. Gives a girl in love with Lil Wayne some hope, ya know?

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  • Um, Molls, did you actually look at the link page for the link that you posted? This happened at the NBA All-Star game and not the “NY Knicks vs. Chicago Bulls.”
    Jay-Z is part-owner of the NJ Nets basketball team, so “Knicks superfan” is a description of him that he’d probably shy away from.
    Diddy and Jay-Z represent about a half a billion dollars in total personal wealth. Pummeling a mascot probably gets expensive when you have that kind of wealth to protect.

  • I think they both have been knicks fans for a long time even though Jay-z is now part-owner or NJ (although I wouldn’t say super fan lol).

  • They’re both trying to hold in laughs.
    Also, seriously I know you think you’re cool but wearing sunglasses indoors is ridiculous.