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“I think Jesus was a compassionate, super-intelligent gay man who understood human problems. On the cross, he forgave the people who crucified him. Jesus wanted us to be loving and forgiving. I don’t know what makes people so cruel. Try being a gay woman in the Middle East — you’re as good as dead.”

– Elton John tells Parade Magazine his version of Christianity.

I’m sure absolutely no one will cause a stir about this… NOT!

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  • I wonder how he came to the conclusion that Jesus was gay. It sounds like some type of biased homo-delusion to me. There’s very little if any reference in scripture to suggest his sexual preference one way or the other. If all he’s going on is that it doesn’t appear that Christ had any kind of wife, girlfriend, or other category of female romantic companion, that theory has a pretty lame foundation.

  • Hey Senor Loco, if you yourself say

    “There’s very little if any reference in scripture to suggest his sexual preference one way or the other”

    Why would he need proof to be gay, but him being straight is accepted without requiring back-up?

    Also, we’ve been saying he’s straight for how many years now? Is that “some type of biased hetero-delusion” as well?

    I’m not saying he is or isn’t, it’s none of my business who Jesus liked to get it on with, but I’m just sayin’… If you’re gonna argue a point, do it right.

    • What are the statistics on the sexuality thing these days? Last time someone hazarded a guess in the UK, it was ten percent gay to ninety percent straight. Therefore if you’re going to make an assumption about someone’s sexuality, statistically it makes sense to start off on the assumption that they’re straight and wait to be contradicted.

      Is that a better argument of a point? Though actually I’m like you and couldn’t care less either way.

      Still if we’re going on the “evidence” (being that he had no wife or girlfriend or whatever -although weren’t people all over the Mary Magdalen thing at one point?) wouldn’t it make more sense to assume he was asexual? They just don’t get a fair look in.

      • Exactly, Sophie. It seems that many in the gay community, especially those with a high profile, seem to have this delusional sense that being homosexual is the norm and that in reality we’re all actually gay, we just haven’t realized it. A perfect example is Elton John making this provocative statement that really just doesn’t have much foundation. I get the impression that his real motive in stating this is to bring about more awareness and sympathy for the gay community, as if there isn’t already too much of that going around, as well take a pot shot at traditional Christian belief.

      • “as if there isn’t already too much of that going around,”

        You give yourself away with that. It’s funny that thinking others that are gay should be considered “norm” is delusional but acceptance of straight is automatic? Please.
        Every human is born the way they are born, their sexuality ingrained. Why can’t that be enough? Why does it have to be one or the other or something is “delusional”? People can’t just live their lives, with all the same acceptance and rights as their neighbor. What exactly does a gay person and their relationship have to do with someone else’s? A straight’s? Not a damned thing. Stop trying to decide what is best for your neighbor and what is right. It is what it is and all have the same right to be here.

        Poor God…always to blame for people’s ignorant lack of compassion and love for others if they aren’t exactly they same as themselves. Ridiculous.

      • Give myself away? You’ve gotta be fuckin’ kiddin’ me. You’re never going to convince the majority of the human race that homosexuality is normal. However, as far as I’m concerned, gay people can do whatever they want, whenever they want as long as it doesn’t negatively impact me. When I referred to “as if there isn’t already too much of that going around,” I’m talking about the in-your-face attitude that some of the more outspoken members of this community have who are basically saying, “You have to accept us and our lifestyle or else.” They’re doing themselves much more damage than good with this tactic, trust me.

  • ohhhh….this is going to cause every loon in the universe to come out of the woodwork to protest Elton John. I bet he even gets death threats. Poor guy doesn’t even realize the big mound of shit he just stepped in by voicing his opinion….in PARADE magazine…yikes!

  • He doesn’t believe Jesus was gay. He’s just doing what he does best (others may argue his best talent is singing, but I can’t stand his songs– I know it’s sacrilegious to not like Elton or Rocket Man), making a spectacle of himself. He’s just looking for a little press because he has been irrelevant for at least a decade.

  • I don’t think Jesus’ sexuality is of any importance one way or the other. I think what’s important to realize is that he was most likely a very good person who wasn’t into treating others differently because of who they were. I think that’s the important thing.

    Ghandi said, “I like your Christ, but not your Christians. They are nothing like your Christ”. I think that’s probably the truest statement ever said.

    • True, true, true. All historical accounts depict Jesus as loving, accepting, and forgiving. My daughter asked me if I believed he was the son of God. I told her that we are all sons and daughters of God, but no, I don’t believe Jesus was literally God’s son via a virgin birth from a 14 year old girl.

      Even though my interpretation of Jesus is not mainstream, I am still respectful of what he means to so many people. I think Jesus bashing is wrong (and I’m not implying being gay is wrong, because it is not). If Elton said anything even slightly derogatory about Mohamed, his ass would be assassinated. But, it’s okay to bash Christians. That’s just wrong.

  • Jesus is all about love and forgiveness. Bravo for Elton John being one of the only celebrities not to bash Christ.

  • Well put Jay. Well put.

    Señor Loco, why do you care so much what Sir Elton said? Did it hurt you in some way? You’re taking offence at something somebody said, without any intention of hurting anyone. WWJD, Senor?

  • Jesus was loving and forgiving, but he was only forgiving when you were ready to accept you were wrong. For instance if you are gay and according to Jesus homosexuality is wrong, then he would only forgive you if you were willing to admit you were wrong. And according to the Bible, Old Testament Leviticus, homosexuality is wrong. However not everything from the old testament holds true to the new testament. There is much debate about the whole issue, which I don’t believe will come to a solution here on a gossip site.

    • No one alive today knows what Jesus did or did not say. Please remember the new testament was written centuries after Jesus was dead. There is NO PROOF that he claimed to be God’s literal son, there is NO PROOF he was never married, there is NO PROOF he didn’t accept people based on their values as human beings, rather than irrelevant information like who people love.

      I admire and respect Jesus as an incredible human leader who preached peace, love, and humility. Just as I admire Gandhi, Mother Theresa, Buddha, and countless other moral leaders. I’m afraid I can’t extend my admiration to Mohamed. I can’t admire a man who relegated women to baby making machines. I can’t admire a man who espoused multiple wives for men while doing everything possible to confine women and objectify their existence. I feel the same way about the Mormon founder, Joseph Smith. If there was ever such thing as a prophet, both Mohamed and Joseph Smith were false prophets.

  • Jesus is the sun.
    The 12 disciples are the 12 houses of the zodiac.
    The sun reaches its low point in the sky on December 22nd (the winter solstice) and after 3 days (on the 25th) rises (is born) again to recommence its ascension back into heaven.
    Christianity is a spell – a pagan myth personified into a belief system that serves to control peoples’ thinking.