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Kourtney Kardashian Finally Gave That Loser The Boot

New mom Kourtney Kardashian had finally had it with her dumb-ass baby daddy, Scott Disick. Things have been going south with these two for quite some time, but now with their new baby, Scott’s problem’s were getting harder and harder to deal with. InTouch reports that most of Kourtney’s issue with him was that he was unhelpful with the baby and quick to argue with her. One of Scott’s friends told the magazine that he had regularly been harassing Kourtney for not losing her baby weight, and has even told people that he’s no longer attracted to her because of her post-baby figure.

Good riddance! I don’t care what argument you have for a two parent home. Kourtney Kardashian has more than enough money to raise a kid and that Scott character sounds like bad news.

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  • This news excites me to no end. I am one of the 10 people that actually watches their show, and honestly, he is one of the biggest a-holes I have ever seen. It’s about time, Kourtney!

  • Best thing for Kourtney. There was no way they would have been together if she hadn’t been preggers. He probably stuck around for the media attention.

  • KUWTK is a highly scripted “reality” show. Please believe the drama you see is manufactured. I like to watch it, but mostly just to call bullshit on whatever plot line seems feigned. With that in mind, Scott has been cast as the bad guy and he plays it up, that’s why everyone thinks he’s soo douche-static. In my opionion, this breakup is as fake as Khloe’s mad rush of a wedding. FOR THE SHOW!! I also think Kim and Reggie’s breakup was fake, so was Khloe’s positive pregnancy test… puh-lease! :D

  • Now, why couldn’t she figure it out BEFORE she got pregnant. Here’s a great idea…don’t sleep with a-holes (male or female).

  • this makes me so happy! i hate that guy. now he can go wear his little sweaters over his shoulders alone. good riddance! kourtney can do so much better and i’m happy for her!

  • I can’t even see the baby weight part of her body because of the giant freaking advert! So very annoying.

  • They should just do this poor baby a favor and drop it off in the woods to be raised by wolves, he’d be better off.

  • this is why birth control and abortion exist. who wants to be the kid that your mom got pregnant with to try and keep an alcoholic asshat and get him to marry her.

    no one.

  • They are both FUCKING idiots and they deserve eachother. Oh, and Scott your hair makes you look like a DOUCHE BAG.