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Olivia Wilde is The People’s Babe

As far as babes-of-the-moment go, I am loving Olivia Wilde. She’s not a big mouthed idiot like Megan Fox, I really have no idea what she’s doing work-wise which implies to me that she’s not overexposed and she doesn’t give me that “I’ll fuck your boyfriend while you watch” vibe that I get from Scarlett Johansson. Check her out in these photos from the March issue of Elle Magazine if you don’t know what I mean.

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  • Nice bump, baby. She’s on House, making House money. She also dabbles in the movie biz. She’s a hottie. She’s married to a prince — Rasputin — or something like that.

  • She may not be as dumb as Megan Fox and she is very pretty, but if she wasn’t laying on the ground with her ass in the air looking like she’s about to get f*cked I would have much more respect for her. These pictures make her look like a whore to be quite honest. I’m not feeling them.. at all.

    • Honestly, if a woman wants to flaunt her sexuality why should that make her any less respectable? If she’s smart and down to earth personality-wise (which I think she is) I don’t think it should matter. She’s hot and she wants to show it…I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that. Sexy and respectable aren’t mutually exclusive…

      • classy sexy and skanky sexy are two different things.
        the latter tells men i don’t respect myself, neither should you.

    • I agree, I like her and think she’s a talented actress. However, there’s a line between sexy and skanky and that line was definitely crossed.

  • Yes, you Beet people, enough already about Olivia Wilde. She’s married to a really nice, smart, cute guy so I figure she’s probably nice and she’s attractive enough, I guess, but you are just so overly enamored of her. What’s the deal anyway? Geez, enough already. She’s not THAT fabulous. You carry on about her way too much. (And too often.)

  • Molls, this is a momentous occasion – seeing as how I don’t think I’ve ever agreed with you about anything before.

    I like this girl so much more than ScarJo or Megan Fox (just typing her name makes me want to gag!). I’m definitely “Team Thirteen.”

  • Yeah, 2 words for you ebdouche. Christina Hedricks(sp?). When do we get a post on her. She puts all these women to shame.

  • i dont mind her either way…but i totally love these pics. they styling and the sets = success + hot! i loved her photos on GQ maybe? when she was on the beach and they looked sort of 70s vibe.

  • Any chick with a runner in her dress, strangely sprawled out on the floor under the coffee table is obviously a carpet snacker.. Her rugged method of diet survival ..If it falls on the floor and you eat it before five seconds pass it’s safe and calorie free!

    • i know! they are obnoxious and piss me off enough that i am now looking for a replacement gossip blog.
      the evil beet is completely changing and not for the better.

      no one working on this blog seems to give a fuck though.

  • finally something I agree with molls! Totally, she’s ridiculously good looking and yet manages to not inspire vicious hate in me the way megan fox (megan dog) does. And scarlett johanson. She has that smug idiot look about her like because she’s supposedly woody allen’s muse and the grown ups let her talk at the dinner table, it makes her more than a pair of lips and tits.
    I don’t know what it is about Megan Fox. She gives me rage and makes me want to cut her in the face a little

  • I don’t ger your fascination with her evilbeet.
    She’s pretty, but not threateningly so like Megan Fox and Scarlett.

    Life is unfair.
    We all wish Megan wasn’t as pretty as she is

    Deal with it,
    instead of pushing down our throats this Olivia chick as something more than she really is, an average looking skinny girl who got lucky ang got voted as sexiest woman alive in FHM instead of Megan

    • I don’t like her eyebrows. Other than that, she’s fairly pretty. But Megan Fox is way prettier. Although I would choke her in real life. She annoys the fuck out of me. And Scarjo is overrated but also hot. I don’t think she’s beautiful though.

  • She reminds me of that british girl who acts with Johnny Depp in the Pirates of the Caribbean

    what’s her name again

  • it’s surprising the negative feedback Olivia Wilde elicits in readers. Like EB, I find her looks to be very exotic and beautiful. the camera, at least on House, seems to love to linger on her face – she has very beautifully shaped eyes. These photos seem to have more to do with the architecture, then with her – I don’t think they do her justice. Scarlett J on the other hand, while ‘ripe’, is someone who I always think might not age well…a few extra pounds and she’ll go from ripe to plump. And it would be nice to see her (Scarlett) try to play against type for once. Even on broadway, where she’s getting good reviews, she’s playing the ‘luscious’ daughter.

  • haha i love what you say about megan fox and scarlett johanson. i feel the same way about both of them! as for this girl… i barely know who she is.

  • anyone else not seeing any new posts?
    the latest is the Olivia Wilde post.
    Have there been new ones since then?
    Surely, to god . . .

    • For reals.

      I wish molls or Beet would post something about Tiger’s long-winded apology. Dude went on forever. I would love to know what other people thought of his dissertation.

    • Relax, this is a west coast operation. Molls needs to sober wake up, search for content, and write posts before she starts posting.