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Brittany Murphy’s Father Was Denied Access To Her Gravesite

Angelo Bertolotti, Brittany Murphy’s father, is making claims that he was kicked out of the Forest Lawn Cemetery recently when he tried to visit his late daughter’s grave. According to Angelo, after asking several Forest Lawn employees where Brittany’s grave site was, he was sent to the cemetery’s main offices where they refused to give him any information about his daughter. Although Angelo had proof with him that he is actually Brittany’s dad and not a crazy stalker, he was still denied the information he needed to pay respects to his daughter. At this point the problem seems to be that Angelo was not listed on Brittany’s death certificate.

Everyone knows that Brittany had a very close relationship with her mother, but we’ve never really heard about her father over the years. It’s said that the two were estranged and that he didn’t even attend her funeral. At the time he told E! News, “If I wanted to go, I would go, but I don’t want to see her that way. She was flawless to me. She was a little bright child. I have only good memories about her. She’s a memory to me now. To me she’s off making a movie somewhere.”

Sadly that sounds similar to how many people grieve and now that he’s ready to say good-bye to Brittany, I hope he is given that chance.

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        That father of Brittany Murphy cemetery story is screwy. He is actually fighting to have his name, as the decedent’s father, legally added to her death certificate. Talk about a depressing initiative.

      • And those are the 4 days a month I refrain from beating off over your crooked jawed avatar. Thanks for the break.

  • I thought it was a matter of public record where you were buried in California. How odd that he has to prove he’s her parent to visit her grave, very sad too. They may not have had a close relationship but he deserves to visit her grave, he is her father. This whole Brittney Murphy story is sad and depressing.

    • Jinxy, you’re a pretty well read, smart person. I always like reading your replies even though they make mine look pretty juvenile. Oh well!