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Don’t Fuck With Kim Basinger

If I wasn’t a hardcore member of Team Baldwin, you know I’d be tipping my hat to this crazy bitch for her next-level revenge tactics. Kim Basinger, as it turns out, is relentless. She will stop at nothing to make her ex-husband miserable, including ratting him out to the paparazzi. Digging through Paris Hilton’s old bag of tricks, are we?

From the Chicago Sun Times:

A major New York paparazzo claims he and other shutterbugs were tipped off by Basinger about daughter Ireland calling 911 last week. Now called a ”major misunderstanding” by Baldwin’s camp, that incident led to Baldwin briefly going to a New York hospital, before being released and declared perfectly healthy.

When Baldwin got home, he was infuriated by the huge number of paparazzi lurking outside his Manhattan apartment building — and had to be restrained from going after a photographer he claimed hassled him physically.

While Basinger’s camp denies any contact with paparazzi, my source insists it was the actress whose call came through immediately after the paparazzi picked up the 911 call via police radios.

Damn! I would say that this story is total garbage, but now that I think about it, I could totally see Kim doing something like this. And I know nothing about the woman! Doesn’t she have that face, though? She kinda has an Arthur Slugworth from Willy Wonka vibe, no? Like maybe she would hang out in dark and mysterious corners making secret calls to paparazzi in attempt to push her husband back off the wagon once and for all?

I don’t like you, Kim Basinger, but I respect your thorough anger.

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  • If indeed she did that, I would imagine it’s just more tit for tat. Everything I have ever read about him as a person has more or less indicated that he’s one of the biggest pricks in the universe. And I haven’t yet seen any reasonable explanation as to how a 14-year-old girl “misunderstood” sleeping vs. unconscious, that one’s bogus.

  • I’m not on either team, but I love your commentary Molls. I admire people’s thorough anger too. People are too soft nowadayas and worried about repercussions and bad karma and shit. Fuck it, just punch a talk show host in the face on live tv because he ignored you like I did! No repercussions y’all. None whatsoever.

  • Whatever was said in that phone call upset Ireland enough that it warranted her to alert her mother, which is what she did. When he wouldn’t answer the phone there were only two choices, hope he didn’t do what he implied to Ireland which was specific take pills and end this *ambiguous yes, but she’s 13* or hope he didn’t OD. I think most people would err on the side of caution in case he did something, and Ireland would have to live with the consequences. It’s sad the entire family has so much trouble communicating clearly. It seems to stem from Alec most of the time and there is a time you have to think about the age of the kid and act accordingly – it’s hard enough to be parent at a distance but it can’t always be someone else’s fault either.

  • Notice how Kim almost never dignifies this stuff with a response? The only time she ever did was during very crucial junctures at the custody hearings, I’m sure at the advice of her lawyers. Let me tell you why she does not: becasue it is all bogus. Alec Baldwin is not only famous fior his acting, he’s also famous for blaming everyone else in the world for his own bad behavior. And he’s famous for A-1 impression management, i.e., getting all his “fans” to believe that Kim is the problem in his world. News flash–HE is the problem in his world. She only ever wanted to protect her daughter from verbal and emotional abuse, which is a maternal instinct. I respect her immensely.

  • Alec Baldwin is a verbal abuser..the worst. Cowardly kind. He like many abusers seems happy go lucky but is sick. Literary. He hides behind his facade. He abused Kim in secret behind closed doors but the scars you can’t see. Words…put downs…mind about it…verbal a abuse happens to many women and eats away at them…makes them lose confidence in themselves and feel horrible about themselves …abuse is horrible and so is he..hey but he IS a geat actor isnt he. He is a lying coward.