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Howard Stern Could Replace Simon Cowell on ‘Idol’

I’m about to toss a turd into your Saturday punch bowl.

Idol producers are reportedly “eager to hire” Howard Stern to take over as resident asshole when Simon Cowell leaves American Idol after this season.

Stern’s $100 million a year contract with Sirius expires next January. As hard as it is to believe he gets paid that much to talk shit on satellite radio, it’s even harder to believe that taking the Idol post would be a step down in the salary brackets; Cowell only got paid $50 million a year.

All of this information is coming via an “inside source” who spoke to the New York Post— so take it with a grain of salt– but it doesn’t sound quite so far-fetched, does it?

Say it ain’t so!

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  • If they hire him, they’ll never get any work done. Stern will always be trying to get Ellen and Kara to kiss.

  • I loved this rumor and was psyched for him to be the resident bad guy but my brother who is a Stern fanatic, says no way Howard would do it. Apparently, The King of All Media is a bitch when it comes to flying and there’s no way he’d make it through the auditions. But, open your minds people, the man is genius and this is a great idea.

  • HS is extremely intelligent and well spoken even though his on air persona is off color. He has met almost every single celebrity you could think of over the years and understands what is (and is not) talent. He will absolutely speak his mind. I also think he is at a place in his life when maybe he and Beth would like some time in a different pursuit. I am praying he accepts. I will go back to watching every minute of Idol!

  • If he did it as a judge, and not as a joke, he could be genius. I am pissed they didn’t hire Posh instead of Ellen-the girl was really good.

  • he’s actually a near perfect replacement for cowell. say what you will about howard, but he’s a genius in catering to a market. he’ll easily be able to figure out what plays and what doesn’t play on that show and i think he’d also actually be a fairly shrewd talent evaluator. and the show needs someone who isn’t afraid to speak his/her mind, has their own draw – with simon leaving, the person they hire has to make people interested in watching and howard stern certainly fits that criteria, and understands pop culture. again, howard fits all that.

    and, for what it’s worth, i’m not a howard hater but i’m not a huge fan either, so i don’t think i have a huge bias towards him.

  • Dayum! I didn’t know so many people liked this howard idiot.. But i don’t. Pretty much, Ellen being on idol has been the only reason why i’m watching it, and if they hire this howard idiot, it would just fuck it up for me, cus i ain’t watching if he’s on the show…