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Jamie Lynn Spears Has a New, Older Boyfriend

Jamie Lynn Spear’s is dating a new dude and the difference in their ages is almost as old as she was when she had her baby: 10 years.

After breaking it off with babydaddy Aldridge in December, she’s moved on to the 28 year old owner of a “communications company” from her hometown– which sounds grandiose, but could just mean he owns a store that sells cell phone accessories in the strip mall next to the Captain Video & Tanning.

The guy is only 28, but I keep forgetting that she’s only 18. That’s a huuuuuuge difference in maturity levels, but I can’t knock it completely– my own parents were 27 and 18 when they got hitched and had my sister (in that order, but just barely.)

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  • So, you know how that first line says “Spear’s” with an apostrophe? As in, the possessive? That happened because the first line originally said “Jamie Lynn Spear’s new boyfriend….” So it was right, originally. But then I changed it and my brain didn’t register the difference when I proofread.
    I’m going to leave it up there as a badge of shame but I just want y’all to know how these things happen.

  • she sorta looks like sharon Stone here minus the hair that is, all her facial features are a match for Sharon Stone (at a younger age) weird and sorta cool

  • Jamie Lynn has been quietly doing a pretty great job with her life. She’s out of the spotlight, lives quietly in a small area, and makes her baby daughter her main priority. That is nothing whatsoever wrong with that.

    That’s so much more than can be said for alot of these cheap ho’s selling out to realilty shows and making skanks of themselves. I’m sure Jamie Lynn had chances for her own reality show, and passed. She has enough confidence and surety about herself even at her young age, than some people ever get in a lifetime.

  • Kelly…how cool of you to head off us gram-squads. Totally deflated my rant (just kidding). I actually didn’t even notice til you pointed it out in your post. Someone did a study that most people can read and understand a sentence even when every other letter is misspelled. The brain processes memory recall/recognition so fast that errors such as yours are quite normal. Though it is written wrong, the brain still understands what is meant and overrides the need for correction. I hope that makes your badge of shame a bit more cool to have done.

  • now whos gonna say i was wrong about them trying to act like they were being happy?? (her and casey)
    haha who’s the liar now.

    yeah… ya’ll see now!

  • Who cares I’m 14and she is so fine man I would tap her any day she is hot man Id kill to get in to her pansts oooohhhh I want to fuck her so much (;

  • I think she should make an album or something. Do think she can sing? she did sing the theme song for zoey 101, but yeah i kinda want her to at least make an album if she doesnt work in TV, then she has her daughter but most people work and raise children, right?

  • Dont yall city folk know nothin?
    These are Cajun type people from Louisiana for gawd sake!
    This behavior is NORMAL down there. Having lived there for a couple of years and LOVIN it, I can tell yall there aint nothng wrong with either one of them gals.
    Maybe its yall who dont understand human behavior as well as they do… or you understand it but just dont want to admit to it.

  • There is nothing wrong with dating older men (there is also nothing wrong with him being black either if what I heard is true. More white girls everywhere are dating black men but it’s especially cool to see it happening even in the south and the babies of interracial couples are soooooo cute!). She has a child and a more mature man can give her the emotional support and maturity necessary to make her family life work. Kudos to Jamie Lynn for seeking older men! If only she started out dating older men, maybe she would be successfully and happily married already. Are you listening girls?? If you are going to get pregnant early, make sure you are dating someone mature and established enough to take care of both you and your baby.