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Don’t Pretend to Slash Those Wrists Just Yet, Emo Kids

Fallout Boy is on a break, but is not breaking up, according to Pete Wentz. Pete says that the band “just got burned out” but they haven’t definitively called it quits.

“We’re just on a break. I think that after having Bronx, and with my wife [Ashlee Simpson] having this much of a workload right now, it has been such a good thing for me. There’s nothing I wanna be better at in the world than being a dad.”

Echoing a sentiment that has most likely been typed on many a blog by mourning emo hipsters, Wentz added, “Before, it was like I might not be okay if Fall Out Boy doesn’t come back. But I think I’ll be okay. It’s too soon to say [if we’ll we back]. We just got burned out.”

Take a lesson from Pete, eyeliner clad minions: if he can learn to live without Fallout Boy, so can you.

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  • The headline is insulting to those who actually have a mental illness or are struggling with self-injury. I don’t think it’s funny to joke about serious stuff like that.

  • I like fall out boy, and I am not emo.
    They’re actually very good in concert. I’m not a huge Pete Wentz fan, but I absolutely love the band. Just because someone likes fall out boy does not make them emo. I actually only know of very happy, nice people who TRULY like the band.
    I think this is a rather insensitive post just because your opinion of good music may not align with others.
    I’m sure if a band you liked was possibly breaking up you’d be a little more sensitive about what you were posting.

  • Another well thought out article by intelligent individuals who take the time out of their busy day to mock children who are in metal distress. ::eyeroll::

  • emo people are more than music and stuff. of coarse they dont cut themselves but they have sad feelings