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Simon Cowell to Leave American Idol

Oh, Simon, you awesome British shithead, you.

I love this show.  Like, I love this show in the same way that the fabled fat kid loves cake.  Maybe even more.

Reps announce that Simon is jumping ship on the kind-of-sinking American Idol and will judge and also be an executive producer for a related show, The X Factor. Which, like Idol, will also air on Fox.

I don’t know, man.  First that crazy Paula gets dropped and we think that the show can’t withstand the rigors of judging talent without a nutty, drugged-out former dancer to keep us entertained and now this?  What are you doing, Fox?  Are you singlehandedly trying to ruin my life?

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  • The X Factor is as good, if not even better, than American Idol or any singing contest. Serious, it’s hilarious!

    • Perhaps in the UK (where I have heard it is VERY popular, even more than the Susan Boyle show (:P)), but in Australia the X Factor was dreadful and utterly bombed. And Idol is dying :D Long live Eurovision :P

  • I think this is it for American Idol. I’m glad he’ leaving. What were they thinking hiring Ellen DeGeneres as a judge? She has no business critiquing anyone on their singing ability.

    • Yet some chick with a cat has plenty of business judging Ellen’s ability to critique singing.

      • I think they have a valid point. Ellen has never been a professional singer, producer or involved in the music business at all. I would at least like my judges to have some type of connection.

        And if her guest stint on So You Think You Can Dance is any indication of her judging style, I would become annoyed with her really quickly. I love her too but she just kind of hid behind being the nice judge and did the whole “everyone is amazing and beautiful” thing.

        I don’t really watch Idol on a regular basis anymore, but I can’t really imagine enjoying watching just Randy, Kara and Ellen judging every night and then having Ryan Seacrest, who I find incredibly annoying, on top of that. It is just too much. Simon was the only real reason for me to tune in, a little sanity and blunt honesty is nice now and then.

  • I agree – this show won’t make it after Simon – unless they find someone cranky like him – one post Cowell season is all. There needs to be some drama – and Kara, Randy and (ugh!) Ellen – won’t bring it.

  • Sarah what a terrible post. Not funny, not enough info (“a related show, The X Factor?” wtf? luckily I know what x factor is), oh, have I mentioned not funny? “that crazy Paula”? That was so forced. There are so many witty ways of making fun of Paula, and everyone in this site does so, if you don’t know how, DON’T.

    Bad post. Baaad post.

    • I think MOST people know what the X Factor is, you douchebag. You’re a fucking moron. Your post didn’t even make sense. “Bad comment. Baaad comment.”

      • You just don’t even make any sense. Your sense of bitchiness is “forced” and you come across as an unintelligent moron.