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Today in Things I Didn’t Want to See Before … Well, Anything

Paul McCartney goes topless on holiday and ends up looking a lot like what I pictured my grandmother to look like in a pair of swimming trunks and nothing else.

His girlfriend, however, Nancy Shevell, has a mighty fine-looking ass for someone who’s almost fifty.   And dayyyyum, check out that waistline! She’s clearly never grunted a child out of her vagina.

Also, on the topic of Nancy Shevell’s vagina, mad kudos to her for bumping uglies withGramma McCartney.  I’m sure she’ll have a good comeuppance in the long run for indulging an old maid’s man’s freaky-deaky ways.

Nah, I’m just kidding.  I love Paul McCartney and his old lady funbags.  He’s sweet and talented and probably a super-nice guy. I just wouldn’t want to do ’em.

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    • I thought this post was fkn hilarious. And it’s ok cos at the end she was only kidding and she does acknowledge the fact that he is talented. Learn to laugh.

  • What exactly did you expect a topless senior citizen to look like?

    And what is so fine-looking about her saggy, lopsided, anorexic bottom?

  • Saying Paul McCartney is ‘talented’ is a huge understatement. He is one of the best song writers and composers in history.

  • Don’t knock the McCartney. He is a musical genius and legend. Of course he looks like that: he’s old. It bothers me when old people don’t actually look old.

  • Yeah…what did you expect? Lay off. He’s old so he’s not entitled to swim in a bathing suit?

    Get over it.

  • He’s 67 years old, and you expected him to look like Hugh Jackman? He probably wouldn’t want to do you either Sarah.

    • I’m thinking she’s referring to the much-younger woman sleeping with him, not expecting him to look like Hugh Jackman.

      • I think she’s referring to the hair as well.. HAhahaha GRANDMA.. Don’t get me wrong. I have nothing but respect for him. But c’mon lighten up.

  • I would like to see what the author of this post will look like at McCartneys current age. I would also like to see what the author of this post looks like now versus what McCartney looked like at the same age. Everyone becomes older just the natural order of things. Its odd to see people associated with a certain look at a certain age, The Beatles, Wings heyday, but time goes on.

    • The author of the post vs. Paul McCartney even at a young age would be a weird comparison to make since the author’s name is ‘Sarah’ and clearly a girl. lol :)

  • everyone needs to lighten the fuck up. this was one of the funniest things posted on this website… in… well, months. thank you sarah for kicking this website’s ass into shape for once.

  • I agree, this was funny and to be honest, when I first scrolled down I thought this was some topless photo of someone’s nanna. Suck it, everyone! She was just being funny.

    That woman he’s with has a bangin’ body, I don’t care what age she is. The fact that she’s as old as she is and still looks this good makes me glad I’m sitting here in a big baggy sweatshirt.

    I don’t want to see his gramma boobs (goobs?) but then again he’s a billionaire and pushing 70 so he’d probably just tell me to piss off.

  • What I wouldn’t do is Sarah’s writing because I respect the space bar. All praise be unto the space bar!

  • Awesome post! Daaaaaaang. The only thing that makes it funnier is to imagine it’s another 30 years down the road and it’s Tommy Lee, dripping in saggy ink.

  • She does have a bio son, who’s about 18. Not sure if I’m permitted to post a link, but see the online Telegraph (UK) on Jan. 25, 2009.

  • im as superficial as the next gossip reader, but what exactly is funny about raking through photos of an old man in a swimsuit and saying he has grandma boobs? this is the last straw in a series of stupid posts, first it was the russel brand wearing sports socks post, to name just one. I’m outta here

  • LOL! Funny post, but, honestly, I think he looks great for an OAP. I mean, seriously, compare that with pictures of Jack Nicholson.

  • It’s just the way things go. Every generation shows a lack of respect or appreciation towards the previous generation’s idols, style, etc. I wouldn’t get too upset about what Sarah posts today. Probably in line with her age and mentality. Oooo, boobies are funny! It’s not news. It’s not gossip. Reminds me of my brother who at age 43 thinks making fart noises and saying ‘ewwww’ at the sight of someone with sagging boobs or butt. He’s basically in emotionally arrested development. Let’s hope Sarah doesn’t hover too long in this phase. And before you naysayers dump on me….YES….this was a stupid post by Sarah…and you know it. That doesn’t mean I’m hating all over the girl. Her post today was pointless… pun intended.

  • Common….weren’t you reading……’ewwwwwww’ is for sagging boobs and butt. Mine do not do that. I am younger than my brother. And by the sounds of it, older than you. d.i. I like your one liners. Maybe you should write for EB.