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Michael Jackson’s Death Officially Ruled a Homicide

As if there were any real doubts about it prior to this.

Authorities have officially determined MJ’s cause of death as “acute Propofol intoxication” which was due to an “intravenous injection from another.”   This is so, so sad.

What’s even sadder is that while yes, while there are people out there who have severe addictions and need help, there are individuals who will do everything in their power to secure as much money as possible — even if it knowingly means endangering the life of another.

Doctor Conrad Murphy is expected to be charged with involuntary manslaughter.

To think the King of Pop might still be alive — and better than ever — if someone, anyone, had intervened in his dangerous habits.  You know, someone like his own doctor, even.

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  • A homicide by abuse of medical aids and drugs he sought out and paid for during a long period of time..

  • I think this homicide label is kind of bullshit. Micheal Jackson knew what he was doing and knew how dangerous all this was. Granted, the Dr. is totally in the wrong and does deserve to be thrown in jail, but this is like suing a gun company because someone blows thier brains out.

    • “this is like suing a gun company because someone blows thier brains out.”

      That would fit if they were suing the company that made the drugs. Doctors are held to a much higher standard than manufacturers. There’s a reason these drugs require a prescription. Doctors are supposed to stand between you and overdoses. They’re supposed to look out for and treat drug addiction.

      I think homicide is a stretch, though. Negligence, yes. Homicide, not so much. I think intent has to be proved for homicide.

    • I agree. Implying that someone, anyone, would have had the power to stop Michael Jackson from getting drugs if he wanted them, I don’t know, it just seems naive. He was the most rich and famous and talented guy in the world. There will always be people willing to accommodate somebody who’s that famous and powerful, and even if this doctor was warning him of the risks and threatened to not supply him, it sounds as though Michael would have just found someone else who would.

      It’s like charging a drug dealer with homicide when somebody overdoses. It’s not really how we do things legally. If a person seeks out drugs, whether legal or otherwise, and finds them, asks for them, pays for them and willingly takes them, I’m sorry but to me that means it’s that person’s own responsibility when something goes wrong. I’m not saying the doctor is 100 percent free of culpability, but homicide? I just don’t know.

  • For some addicts, there is no leverage that anyone can get over their lives. Dr. Klein said that he held two unsuccessful interventions. Evidently Michael’s family repeatedly tried to intervene.

    I think that Michael clearly had a death wish, and some sap or other was going to be the one who eventually supplied him with the means to kill himself, whether he popped the pills or someone else popped his veins.

    The whole point for the company who hired Dr. Murphy was to manage Michael’s health so that he could get through his performances. It’s just too bad Dr. Murphy didn’t have the courage to stop dosing him when the initial drugs didn’t work. But Michael’s death by overdose would have happened at some point.

      • This newfangled thing called our justice system actually decided otherwise, sorry you didn’t get the memo. There has been extensive evidence (and more since he died) that he never did any of the things he was accused of. But gossip is always better than fact, right?

      • The justice system decided nothing. A multi million dollar settlement paid for the abused silence and spared all the nasty details from being laid out in court. Anyone who believes an innocent person would fork over that kind of money is an idiot. If he was innocent he would be found innocent without reaching into his pockets. Sorry you didn’t get the memo…

      • Totally agree. An innocent person would never pay off someone, especially considering the severity of the charges. I honestly believe that Michael Jackson was rotting inside with guilt and shame because of what he’d done and would have found a way to end his life no matter who was supplying him with what.

  • Exactly. I have zero pity for MJ. He hired some cheesy doctor who he never paid, to put him to sleep. If anything MJ is the one who is responsible he was drug seeking this particular procedure for over a year, got someone amoral to agree and died. The end. I don’t think the doctor should keep his medical license but murder? No, assisted suicide perhaps…

    He was a wealthy pedophile, that’s all.

  • It says the doctor is being charged with “involuntary manslaughter”, which means the action causing death was done on purpose, but the fact that it CAUSED his death was unintentional. That’s very different from murder. The classification as a “homicide” only means death caused by yanother person, also not the same as murder. Murder and involuntary manslaughter are two different charges based on the intent of the perpetrator, but both are a form of homicide.

  • People need to stick to facts. Good or bad, our justice system does this. Guessing that Michael Jackson would have found a way to kill himself anyway is not enough to not charge the doctor with involuntary manslaughter. The Definition: Involuntary manslaughter is the unlawful killing of a human being without malice aforethought. It is distinguished from voluntary manslaughter by the absence of intention. It is normally divided into two categories; constructive manslaughter and criminally negligent manslaughter. Based on this case, this is a perfectly fitting charge. The bottom line is that a doctor supplied a patient with a drug for the purposes of misuse. Propofol is used to put patients to sleep prior to surgery. This doctor was giving it to Michael to help him go to sleep due to his severe insomnia. Though Michael Jackson had the addiction and poor judgement, this doctor was not an addict unable to make a safe decision. In fact this doctor knew full well that Michael had an addiction, that Propofol was dangerous even when used for what it is intended, and that it was illegal to administer the drug to Michael for the purposes of treating insomnia. This doctor needs to have his license taken away and to spend a little bit of quite time in a prison to find Jesus or something. This case might just set a presidence that will send a message to doctors servicing celebrities with controlled substances….they are just as cuplable should the celebrity die.

  • It’s public record. Look it up. Don’t challenge a post just because you can’t separate your Michael Jackson hatred issues from how the legal system works and what has been documented as FACT for this case as it goes to trail. The doctor has admitted that he administered propofol to MJ for the treatment of his severe insomnia and that he basically fucked up. Even in surgery the anesthesiologist is constantly monitoring the patient’s response to propofol because they can die if given too much or are under it too long. This doctor admitted to leaving MJ alone for a short while and when he returned found MJ’s vital signs unresponsive.

  • When I wrote my last response there had been a comment directed to me. Now its gone. So it looks like I’m arguing with myself..LOL.

  • My roomates’ brother was an investigator in the case in Santa Barbara. He is legaly not allowed to speak about the details. But what he did say was that he was horrified at what he found out and that the legal system is sick. He also developed insomnia for years. For those people who believe that our legal system is just and fair, there you go.
    Not to mention all of those cases of men put on death row for crimes they did not commit. Sad.
    Jackson had tons of talent but he was a sick man.

  • Heal…..I get you there. I was not intending to say the legal system is all fair and just. I was referring to the MJ case. Regardless that MJ was a sick man with a troubled past….he would be alive today had that doctor not illegally supplied and administered Propofol. Yes, perhaps MJ would have died early by another means, but it shouldn’t have been at the hands of a doctor who was breaking about a half dozen laws. Doctors have a responsibility to uphold the Hypocaratic Oath to do no harm. Sorry to hear about your roomate’s brother. Hopefully he has recovered. And I agree. So many inocent men and women on death row. Supporting the advancements in DNA research will go a long way in freeing so many of them. I did hear on the news last night that there is a system attempting to get passed that will give police the right to collect DNA from everyone they arrest and have it placed on a nation wide database system. But I don’t know much beyond that.