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Martha, Martha, Martha


Martha Stewart is having a little trouble with one of her employees.  And by “trouble” I mean “getting sued”.

Kiki Paris was a successful sales manager at Body and Soul magazine which is owned by Stewart.  Things all changed in May of 2008 when she was struck by a car.  Her spine and elbow were fractured in multiple places and she had to wear a seven-pound halo on her skull.

Apparently, Martha told Paris to get her lazy ass back to work almost immediately.  Fuck disability time off!  She was also instructed to tell potential advertisers about her injuries to boost sympathy sales.

Can you guess what happened next?  When Kiki couldn’t return to work as quickly as Martha would have liked, she was let go.  Demanding bitch wants money and her job back.  Hey, if you let some metal skull contraption affect your ability to sell some ads, you shouldn’t be working for Martha.  That machine was knitting scarves even when she was in prison.

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  • Well what a bitch!!!! i hope the girl gets a whole buncha money from Martha, cus i wouldn’t like to get the job back, that’s for sure… Not after this whole thing… So hopefully she gets a lot of money from this lawsuit and she doesn’t have to work for awhile….

  • Why are people surprised by her behavior? Do you think that she’s made at far as she has by being nice? I highly doubt it…