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Meredith Viera Needs to Get Laid

Someone needs to hose down the cougar — God, I hate that expression — that is Meredith Viera.  About a week ago, I was watching the Today Show and it seemed so clear to me that Meredith is fucking Matt Lauer.  You know that unmistakable body language that exists between two people who have exchanged body fluids?  They have it — big time!  I’m sure their respective spouses (Meredith’s has suffered with MS for over 35 years and Matt’s has filed for divorce a couple of times) are very appreciative.

Now Viera appears to be trying to sink her fangs into an attractive, young pilot.  I was so embarassed for this Who Wants to be a Millionaire? contestant.  How about, Who Wants Some Mace?

Seriously, Meredith, keep it in your pants.  ‘Kay?

Thanks, Diane!

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    • Totally gross-if it had been a older man saying this to a younger girl all you menopausal hags would want him castrated but because its your role model all you say is tee hee or lighten up

  • I think it’s awesome. The whole thing was really funny to watch, and I can’t believe she got away with saying half of that stuff. Also, it looked like he was enjoying it and playing right back with the jokes, so there doesn’t seem to be any harm in that.

    • i’m with you, roofie. i don’t see anything wrong with it. he doesn’t seem to be bothered… let her have some fun. after all, hosting that show must be so fucking boring.

      • I agree too – if you take away the flirting and innuendo from that show you’re only left with mindless banter.

        AND who the hell is going to watch it with only mindless politically correct banter? it’s bad enough to watch with the “fun” they try to have on it as is!

  • Meredith is a funny, fun-loving, fabulous person. For people who have seen her through the years she is a jokster, a warm hearted female, a good mother and wife and an all around lovely person. She is also very successful. And you’re kind of a bitch.

  • I agree with Sheila. This may come as a surprise to you young chicks but older women have sexual feelings too. And guess what? You will be older some day if you are lucky enough to live long enough and yeah, you are kind of a bitch.

    • Yes, old folk may have sexual appetites and feelings… BUt for gods sake “most” dont tend to be shoving it down millions of people’s throats all at once.

      Everyone has a right to feel sexy or have sex or whatever the hell. But I dont think ANYONE .. and I mean ANYONE asked for Meredith to throw her insanely disgusting, inappropriate sexual tension, needing to get laid BAD issues at them.

  • lmao that’s hillarious!… God, it is pathetic, and kind of akward for her to get like that on TV in front of millions of people, but i have to admit that i laughed all the way through the video.. Poor guy!! I would have been so embarrased if i was him…
    I would kill my husband though, if he got like that with a girl.. I don’t think her husband is too happy either..

  • As I remember, Meredith was always a horny MILF even when she was on “The View.” She talked about not wearing underwear and enjoying “Servicing” her husband while he was sleeping and naked photos that a ex-boyfriend took of her. She, also, said that she had seriously considered posing naked for “Playboy.” It’s too bad that she (like another sexy, horny Milf of about the same age, Kathie Lee Gifford)like to tease about posing naked and then never seem to get around to doing it.

  • Totally not smooth at all. In fact, made me uncomfortable to watch.

    When I think of Meredith, I am definitely not thinking Sex/SexyTime/Sexy.


  • I’m disgusted. I am not an old shrewd, sometimes a little joke would be appropriate… She could have left it at “i”m going to fly more often”…
    That would have been okay.

    That was just gross. Inappropriate in every way. I cannot believe they allowed that. I feel so badly for him, for his family and friends, for her family especially her poor husband and children!
    wow. that’s all I can say. wow.

      • lol. That made me laugh. I dont think I’m a prude, I just didnt think it was funny…. I thought it was cute at the beginning until she took it where she did… Would I stand up and strike against her being the host of the show? NO. Was it harmful to anyone.. maybe the younger ppl who watch… And being a parent I’m not impressed….

        I like Meredith. I’m just sad for her family. If I did that, regardless of how funny a bunch of viewers thought it was, I’d still be going home and having to face my children and my husband afterwards… I guess that’s my hangup with this.

      • I agree MissRachael… she really didn’t need to take it there. And why is it funny to everyone, because she’s a woman?? If the shoe were on the other foot and it was a male host talking to a female contestant that way he’d be torn a new asshole by all sorts of media outlets. I don’t think it was appropriate regardless of the gender.

  • Bahaha, it was funny when he hit his head off the monitor after she called him a miracle. tee hee.

    overall, kinda over the top on her part though.

  • Whatever. It was cute and also the main thing was that after she made the (obvious) point that he was gorgeous the next two questions involved strokes and holes and wet willies. Of course it was going to be weird but I think they both handled it fine. You guys are prudes.

  • Americans really seem to have sticks up their asses. It was funny, because it was true. Neither my American half, nore the other are in any way offended by this. Seriously, if this offends you then you shouldn’t be surfing on the internet. Or leave the house. Or watch the news. Or….oh, just go hang yourself. Unless that’s too offensive.

  • Meredith has a fascinating appearance – just like John Kerry. Weirdly-shaped, over-long face, big “hawkish” nose, finny-looking chin, too narrow-set eyes – all homely features singly, and both every one. Yet for some reason, neither makes too bad an appearance. And both have a demeanor which makes them annoying when they talk, and both have a forced “horse-tooth” smile. And this damn show should be called, “Watch the vacuous contentant with very limited intelligence, try – if very lucky – to perhaps win 25 K.” None of the losers they trot on can answer more than acouple of questions at even the low end without help… cold day in Hell when anyone wins a mil here.

  • i have always wanted to fuck meredith…30, 40, 50 now 61 ! it don’t matter. she is one tasty woman !