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Chris Rock at the October 1st Premiere of "Good Hair"

“People are defending Roman Polanski because he made good movies 30 years ago? Are you kidding me? Even Johnny Cochran didn’t have the nerve to go, ‘Well did you see OJ play against New England?'”

— Chris Rock on The Jay Leno Show

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    • LOL I was rushing to post the very same comment. You have taken the words right out from under my fingers.

  • Roman Polanski should be treated just like every other rapist. He’s already gotten off easily; people should stop defending him.

  • It’s SO true! So he made a great film with Chinatown, aaaannnndd?? It’s not like if another rapist escaped conviction for 30 years we would be standing behind him saying it’s all good because he was employee of the month at a Subway or whatever! Even if he cured cancer I would still think he was a horrible person. He may be a smart person or an artistically gifted person but that does not excuse his actions.

  • Yay, Chris Rock!
    I’m happy every time I hear someone famous take a stand AGAINST Polanski. I’m amazed at how much of Hollywood think it’s okay to have done what he did because of who he is.

  • to be fair to his career the academy did give him a best director oscar in ’03 for the pianist, so he hasnt totally been obsolete for all that time. but i think its bullshit he’s been on the run for 30 years and he was making movies and winning awards the whole time. like they could never figure out where he would be when he was so openly working. other than that i totally agree with the chris rocks sentiment.

  • I laughed so much at Chris Rocks whole anti-Roman Polanski speech.

    … I might see if youtube has it so I can watch it again =P