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Robert Pattinson Competing with Rupert Grint for Role as Prince Harry

Robert Pattinson at the 2009 Teen Choice Awards

And in the boneheaded casting category, we have Robert Pattinson competing against Rupert Friend and Rupert Grint for a role as Prince Harry in a movie about his life.

Rupert Friend, 28, and Harry Potter star Rupert Grint, 21, will go head-to-head with R-Pattz to portray the prince on screen.

The movie, called The Spare, will cover the highs of lows of his royal experiences, including the death of his mother Princess Diana and his time spent on the front line of the Army in Afghanistan.

With the screenplay in the works, film bosses are searching for the perfect young star. Filming is set to begin next year in both the UK and the Middle East.

I’m sorry, but in what universe would Robert Pattinson make a good Prince Harry? The only reason to cast him would be to secure the swooning female moviegoer dollar, which is probably their primary aim with this flick.

For the sake of cinematography, I hope they cast Rupert Grint. Not only is he scads more believable, but personally, I’d like to see him get a chance to stretch his acting skills and prove whether or not he’s capable of more than the rubber-faced “schmacting” they make him do in the Potter flicks.

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  • Actually, Rupert Grint has been in a movie called Cherry bomb.
    Which stretches him past the Harry Potter role.
    I agree it’d be cool for him to transition in the main stream, but he HAS tried making a transition already. Just so you know.
    Rupert Grint for the win, by the way.

  • i think i its better that rupert grint wil be the 1 to have the roe as
    prince harry in the spare besides i think robert is so busy right now with the twilight saga.

    • I certainly do. I actually see him as the better choice….and not because I want to swoon over him. I just have a hard time seeing Grint playing a serious role. But if your decision is based on ‘giving someone a chance’ then I suppose Grint would be the choice.

    • I think Rob is such a cutie!! But, I am a huge closet twilight fan. But – I think Rupert would be better in that role… but, then again I am also a huge closet harry potter fan!

  • Love that toolbag hair-do he has goin’ on there. The only part he should he vying for is that of “Douch O’Toole”.

  • Rupert Grint looks nothing at all like PH save for the fact that they are both redheads. At least Robert Pattinson has the same chiselled jaw and eye shape as PH, and looks much more grown up than Grint. Hair colour is easily rectifyable. Rupert Grint looks like a bloody toy. I’ve never seen Twilight but I’m sure Robert Pattinson is not going to directly translate his role as a vampire(?) into the Prince of England.

  • I love Rob Pattinson (but hate his overexposure) and Rupert Grint, but Rupert Friend is the only one who actually looks remotely like Prince Harry.