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The Invention of Lying Premiere



Last night was the premiere of The Invention of Lying or as I see it, last night was was the night that Jennifer Garner let everyone know that she does like Ricky Gervais but does not like Rob Lowe.

Clearly, Jennifer has her pre-baby body back into fighting form.  She wore an absolutely beautiful sheath dress by Gucci that is hand-embroidered and beaded.  Speaking of looking svelte, check out Ricky Gervais, huh?  Though he’s been known for pissing off fat people everywhere, he was always a little stout himself.  Not so much anymore.  Oh,  and he may spent too much time wagging his scrotum in his nannies faces, but Rob Lowe is still really, really hot.

Also there:  Jonah Hill, Kenny G, Jay Manuel and Paris Latsis.  If you don’t remember, Paris is the shipping heir who was engaged to the other Paris — Paris Hilton — for a short period of time in 2005.  The photo agencies are tagging him as an Executive Producer.  I wonder if he has a better grasp of the “producer” job description than his ex-fiancee?

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    • Agree. Look at the way she holds her hands/arms!
      But i’ve always really like jennifer garner. she seems so sweet!

    • Completely agree. She is not interested in being near any of them. Including Rob Lowe.

      Makes one wonder how she behaved during the filming.

  • Please don’t think all our British teeth are like that…These are spectacularly disgusting.
    With all his money he stills chooses to leave them like that.. I hope there was not a kissing scene, imagine his breath.. Erghh!

    • I like it. it seems that he has managed to stay low-key even though he’s super rich and famous. why should he change himself to fit society’s view? Honestly, I think he’s one of the funniest comedians of our times! Extras FTW!

  • Just saw her on ellen today… thought she was actually pretty funny. I never had an opinion on her, but i officially adore her.

  • You’re missing the pic of Jen reaching form behind the backdrop to pinch Ricky in the bum! They seem to get on fine.
    And Rob Lowe is creepy and plastic looking, if I saw him sitting at the bar I would sit on the opposite end….
    lies, lies, tiny eyes o.o