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Anna Nicole’s Doctor Details Revealed


Now that the criminal trial against Anna Nicole Smith’s doctors is moving forward, more details are coming out about Anna, her drug use and her inappropriate relationships with her medical caretakers.

Papers filed by the State of California claim that Anna’s psychiatrist Khristine Eroshevich and internist Sandeep Kapoor both had inappropriate sexual contact with their patient.  Authorities found pictures of Anna and Khristine naked, embracing each other in a bathtub as well as video of Anna with Kapoor.  Who takes a bubble bath with their doctor?  Unless it’s Patrick Dempsey, of course.

According to the documents, the two doctors prescribed so many medications, and such a dangerous combination of meds, that several pharmacies would not fill the prescriptions.  One pharmacist told Smith that the drugs Kapoor prescribed to help Anna deal with the death of her son — “two sedatives, 300 tablets of methadone, a muscle relaxer, an anti-inflammatory drug and 4 bottles of a painkiller” — was “pharmaceutical suicide”.

In so many ways, it seems like Anna Nicole and Michael Jackson had so much more in common than wearing too much makeup.  Addicts are so vulnerable and sadly, they both found themselves in the clutches of “doctors” that were willing to prey upon that.

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    • They abused their prescription writing power so I don’t think they they should be practicing medicine. That said, I have a hard time feeling bad for the victims in these situations.

      At what point did ANS and MJ stop being responsible for their own actions? If we’re going to go after their doctors should we also go after liquor stores for selling me booze and then me drinking too much of it? It is a sad loss but in their cases the doctors were nothing more than dealers for the habits they CHOSE to feed.

  • I think that for addicts it’s more than “falling into the clutches” of unethical doctors. The addict will only pursue relationships with people who enable their addiction. Anyone who tries to make the addict confront their own self-destructiveness will soon find that they have been removed from the addict’s life.

    When you couple that with lots of money, the addict can afford to surround themselves only with people who help them maintain their addiction – there is no “hitting bottom” until the money runs out. And if you are an exploitable commodity due to your fame and sex appeal, then there will always be people who give you drugs in exchange for your talent or for sex.

    But I find it strange that law enforcement, who could see from tabloid coverage if nothing else, doesn’t make an effort to arrest those involved before the deaths occur. I guess that money and fame really protect the addict from being touched – until it’s too late.

  • The media always report the negative on anyone. Just someone to speak more poorly about the passing of a star. The doctors are NOT to blame. Take a closer look at the justice system and the cops. There is more corruption there. It’s just never advertise cuz it will not bring good ratings. It’s all a bunch of lies just to sell more ads. Can’t believe people are so stupid to fall into that trap. I NEVER BELIEVE ANYTHING THE MEDIA HAS TO SAY…

  • Oh please. Just cannot believe people are able to judge Ana Nicoles for being an addict. Sure, it is true that an addict chooses to be around those who enable their illness and are very good at being manipulative to obtain their drug of choice, but for Gods sake, that is what addicts do, and is part of the illness. Now what is the excuse for ” doctors ” taking advantage physically, financially, sexually, and mentally , of a woman that they cleary know is lacking in judement and impaired by the very drugs she is dependent on, and prescribed by them for her. Ana was ill, and paid with her life. She suffered from the disease of addiction, and suffer she did. They used and abused her.