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Ricky Gervais Angers Tons of People


Ricky Gervais, the dude on BBC’s The Office, also does writing and comedy work and a bunch of other stuff.  He just came out with a new audiobook titled The Ricky Gervais Guide To Medicine.  Like any good celeb looking to maintain their status, he has pissed fat people off.  Before we go any further, I need to say that I think the chubbies need their own community.  Everyone gets a community now.  African-American community.  LGBT community.  Senior community.  Why don’t the fatties get any love?

Anyway, here is what Gervais had to say about lazy fat people and gastric bypass surgery:

 I really don’t know why a doctor under a hippocratic oath takes the risk of something going badly wrong, sometimes with general anaesthetic, because someone can’t be bothered to go for a fucking run.


They have bits sliced off and tied up and sucked out. I want to say to them, ‘You lazy f—ing fat pig. Just go for a run and stop eating burgers. You might fucking die’.

Some things are not worth the risk. When someone’s facial surgery goes wrong because they wanted plumper lips or a little nose, I think they’re a fucking idiot.

If your arse is too fucking fat, stop eating and go for a run.

He also blogged about all the reports that he is attacking fat people:

I heard someone on the radio once say that they were tired of the prejudice aimed at the overweight. They said something like “you’re not allowed to make fun of gay people, so why are you allowed to make fun of fat people? It’s the same thing.” 

It’s not the same thing though, is it? Gay people are born that way. They didn’t work at becoming gay. Fat people became fat because they would rather be that way than stop eating so much. They had to eat and eat to get fat. Then, when they were fat they had to keep up the eating to stay fat. For gayness to be the same as fatness, gay people would have to start off straight but then ween themselves onto cock. Soon they’re noshing all day getting gayer and gayer. They’ve had more than enough cock… they’re full… they’re just sucking for the sake of it. Now they’re overgay, and frowned upon by people who can have the occasional cock but not over indulge.

When a doctor tells me that that’s how you become gay, I’ll stop making jokes about fat people.

So what do you think?  Hateful or makes sense?  I think he has a point.  And before you all think I hate fat people, I am fat people.  I lost almost 30 pounds in 2008 and still have some more to lose.  It has been no easy road.

Oh, and does anyone else find it ironic that Ricky Gervais could stand to go for a fucking run?  And a consultation with Sy Sperling.

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  • Good on him. Everyone tiptoes around weight like its taboo – people merrily tell people that they are too skinny – but its only a brave, usually drunk few, who will tell people they are too fat.

    I wander between ‘good figure’ and ‘overweight’ constantly. When I am overweight I dont blubber like a baby if someone does call me fat – it would be like if someone came up to me and said “you have green eyes.” why get upset at the truth? My boyfriend is terrified to tell me if i have put on weight because of the pain he has suffered before at the hands of oversensitive bitches.

    If your too skinny, shut up and eat, if your too fat shut up and stop eating. Go Ricky.

  • He’s completely right. And I’m no member of the Anorexics R Us club either. I get the irony of him needing a run as well. It’s sort of like that brilliant comedian, Bill Hicks, ranting about how pot should be legal and alcohol should be illegal and then having his death come from complications due to alcoholism.

    We live in an enlightened age, where help is available to EVERYONE. One need only to look in the mirror to see the truth. No need to get all ass-sore at someone – especially a comedian – for pointing out the obvious. It is – after all – THEIR JOB!

  • Smoking is very, very bad for you. It kills you. We are therefore allowed to yell at smokers who might light up in a restaurant when they aren’t allowed to or judge our smoker friends when they develop a hacking cough.

    Obesity is very, very bad for you. It kills you. However, we aren’t allowed to tell our fat friends that they shouldn’t be eating a big processed cheeseburger or using the escalator when attempting a few dozen stairs might show them that, in the event of an emergency, they are going to have much less of a fighting chance of escape than the rest of us.

    My dad would have enjoyed a longer life if he had stayed away from the rivers of Mountain Dew and other junk he gorged himself on. I think it should have just the same stigma as smoking. Some people need the push to get better.

    • I like that analogy! Being obese causes cancer just as smoking a cigarette!! BUT- when you tell someone not to smoke around you its because of the cigarette affecting you- not the person. When you tell your overweight neighbor to stop eating, well that would be rude because its not affecting your life. I think the thing about a lot of obese people is they eat their emotions… they are depressed and therefore, they eat to bring happiness. Simply telling someone to be happy and go excercise is not really helpful though.

  • I love his analogy to gayness. That’s hilarious! And yes, I struggle with weight too, so I could be one of the offended parties, except that what he says is TRUE!

    BTW, a friend of mine’s mother died during a facelift. Crazy and avoidable.

  • hahahahahahahahaha. Did anyone here play Grand Theft Auto IV? That was part of his stand-up.

    The other day, TLC played a marathon of Half-Ton Mom, Half-Ton Dad and Half-Ton Teen. The doctor killed me when he said no one will cop to eating too much, they all claim it’s metabolism or genetics, etc. Then he asks them what they eat and it amounts to about 30,000 calories a day!!!!!

    Now we can’t help our skeletal structure, some are small-boned and some are big-boned (bone, heehee) but we can prevent ourselves from becoming overweight and definitely from becoming obese.

    The gay analogy was awesome.

  • What about report/research that people might have a genetic disposition towards obesity? They didn’t make the choice to be fat. I know people who eat right, exercise and still are obese. I would say that he is NOT right. And who is he to talk? He could use more than ONE fucking run…

    • what report/research? shouldn’t you at least call it addiction instead of disposition if you’re going to claim they aren’t making choices? And even if some people can stay a little pudgy while eating right and exercising no one is ‘obese’ while eating right and exercising, the obese simply eat way too much for their activity levels.

      Also: awesome that you end by saying that he’s not right, but that he should overcome his excess weight with exercise.

    • Do you follow them all the time and always know what they eat? As the doctor on those shows said, they all claim to not eat a lot but when you actually look, they eat way more than what their normal caloric intake should be.

      Crying that it’s genetic is just a way to not take responsibility.

      • Tess, they also say there is a genetic component to drug and alcohol addiction but not every child of an addict becomes one! Taking weight off requires a balance of diet and exercise. I have seen a lot of fatties chowing down on high fat/carb foods! Hell, I do! And then I look at the cellulite in my thighs and roll around my waist…sigh :( Oh, and the stationary bike that is dusty.

      • I could never understand why I was so overweight. I didn’t eat much and when I did I ate fairly healthily. Sure, I would have the odd treat, but not that often. Then I moved to a different country, one where snack foods aren’t readily available (so third world, man) and whaddaya know, I lost 44 pounds. I have to now admit to myself that I obviously ate a shitload of food and was clearly in denial. It’s scary how much you can eat without actually registering it. That’s why food diaries are so enlightening (and probably why I could never keep one!)

  • I agree with Heatherlyisaverb. I’ve experienced where I work where all the older ladies are like, “Oh look at how small and skinny you are, you are so skinny.” I don’t know what they are trying to accomplish; It’s really annoying. I mean what do you say to that? I could never say, “oh look at you, you’re so big and fat.” What they don’t realize that I work hard on my body by eating healthy and exercising almost everyday. It’s a double standard.

    • THIS. THIS IS ME. It’s annoying when they say it every single time they see you. It’s, like, haven’t we already established this? It’s as if they think that if they say it frequently enough, we’ll eventually get fed up and reveal the big secret to being skinny.

  • The other thing I don’t get is how people who are so fat that they can’t get out of bed. Why don’t people just stop giving them so much food? They’re not going to starve.

    • lmao i know. i totally don’t get it. that one huge fat guy, who just got married, is immobile. people have to feed him. how does he continue to be so fucking fat?!

    • I hate that I watched it but on the Half-Ton Teen, the mother was a total enabler. They had such a batshit crazy co-dependent relationship.

      • Jaynacore, I get that too & it is annoying & kind of a double standard too.

        God that show on the fat teen was sad & yeah the Mom was totally f’ed up. A dr. on there said those guys eat in a day what the average person eats in a week!

      • Oh yeah, as an example of the crazy mom, there was a scene where he was sitting naked on the toilet crying & she asked if he wanted her to wipe him!! Unbelievable.

      • That was so gross. That other woman was so on the money when she said she was afraid the mother might sabotage his weight loss efforts because she needed him to be dependent on her.

      • I know! one person even outright said that the kid didn’t have much of a chance at getting better because of the creepy relationship (like where she refused to let him fucking walk anymore even though he had taken like 4 steps)

  • Yes, people can be genetically predisposed to obesity, but all that means is they have a higher RISK for obesity. People do not become obese because they lead healthy lives, and though some people will have more trouble with their weight than others because of their genetics, that in NO WAY means they are doomed to obesity and it is not an excuse.

  • I have an ex friend who had bulemia really badly. I tried so hard to help her by setting a good example (eating healthily and exercizing daily), maintaining as close as possible my ideal weight and trying to point out that the hollywood ideal is not the medical ideal.

    She confessed to me tearfully that the ‘reason’ she had bulemia was because her Mum told her she was fat when she was a kid. and then someone else told her she was fat at school. and she was bigger than someone once in swimming. I was like, yeah, me too! whats the big deal???

    this has bugged me forever because i havent really been able to break her confidence about it, despite the fact that she ended up being a very bad friend. but how does being told your fat give you an eating disorder? Am I super insensitive or something? fat is changeable, its not like they told her she was stupid

    why is everyone so mental about weight?

      • Okay. Being told you are fat does NOT give you the disorder.
        It is a much, much bigger deal than that. It is an addictive, controlling, life sucking, lonely force that should not be treated so lightly as to say it is a result of a few comments, made by a few idiots.

      • @Abba-labba. well thats what I thought. thats what confused me – blaming this terrible mental disease on some throw away comments lots of people are told at some point in their lives.

        Glad Im not just insensitive.

    • but don’t think that those people saying those things to her, didn’t hurt her feelings. they may not have directly caused her disorder, but they could have certainly fueled the fire. you aren’t that person. you aren’t in their head. and you don’t know what it feels like to be that particular person when they are insulted. maybe they beat themselves up. Heatherlyisaverb you are absolutely being insensitive. being fat in this culture means you have failed, means that you have no self-control, and that are not good enough. and to a person who might already be experiencing self-doubts as she clearly was, it only reinforced the fact that she was a failure.

      so saying you’re fat is just an assessment and it means nothing is bullshit. its so much more. everyone on here is saying that its about just going out for a jog, and getting off your ass, but if you’re fat people think you are a failure, and that’s a completely off-base assessment just based on a person’s apparence. just because they carry extra weight? Most people aren’t 600 pounds. Most people who are “fat” carry like 20 extra pounds. And you can’t say those people have problems with self-control, or that they are failures. you have no right to make that judgement.

      • most people wouldn’t think someone who was fat was a failure. Thats the very mindset that makes people hate themselves if someone calls them fat. I know lots of happy, sucessful, loved fat people – hell, if i dont work out enough I become one.

        some people are simply too sensitive.

        I imagine you have to have the seeds of an eating disorder in you to allow being told you’re fat to bother you that much. because if it being told your fat at some point in your childhood gave you an eating disorder so many more people would have one than do – there is always a skinner child to pick on everyone about their weight!

      • I was told I was fat by my high school gymnastics coach…who then TAUGHT me how to become bulemic. I started it because I had to in order to stay on the team (I thought), and continued because it gave me a feeling of self-control that I couldn’t find otherwise.

      • My friend was kicked out of the National Ballet of Canada because she was “too fat.” She’s a size 4 on a big day. They claim to not tolerate eating disorders but in reality, those girls better stay as thin as can be or they get shown the door.

  • I thought it was pretty funny, actually, even as I fall into the category he was ripping apart (sort of like when the comedian starts ragging on drunk Irishmen as I’m tipping back another Guinness).

    The thing is, though, it’s not as easy as a jog (or two). Compulsive overeating is as much an eating disorder as anorexia or bulimia. It’s a matter of asserting control over SOMETHING when you’re life is going to hell in a handbasket. Some people choose to control by not eating, some choose to control by eating a ton than barfing it up or laxative-ing it out, and some are only able to give up control when they eat and giving up that control feels so good that it’s very hard to stop.

    Therefore, I think making fun of fat people is sort of like making fun of anorexics (real anorexics that resemble skeletons, not merely skinny actresses). That’s why it’s sort of an out of bounds subject. Or was.

    Just my two (or eighty-six) cents worth.

  • Oh lord. Ricky Gervais is fat. I don’t think it’s entirely appropriate for him to be ranting about lazy fat people, as he is a bit of one himself. I actually take issue with this on principle.

    • But that’s the very point – it’s because he’s overweight himself that he feels he can rant about them. He always acknowledges that he could be thinner, but enjoys eating so doesn’t cry about being fat and doesn’t get offended when people call him fat.

  • I kind of agree. My very overweight mother just found out she has liver disease and there’s no cure, but she has to lose 100 lbs. The first day when she told me she was all “I’m gonna join a gym, get a personal trainer, do the right thing. Surgery is not an option.” The very next day, she says “Well, I’ll see how the whole working out thing goes for 4-8 weeks or so and if I don’t see any progress I’ll get the bypass surgery done”. I was all, what the hell?

    This is the same lady who gave me a fucking weight watchers cookbook for Christmas. Mind you, I never asked for one, never mentioned I would be starting the diet…and I just had a baby three months ago. So yeah. She can have her fucking cookbook back now.

    • My friend turned 27 and her mother gave her a moisturizing skin care line for her birthday because now is the time for her to “start worrying about her skin.” This friend is now pregnant and she’s hoping for a boy because if she has a girl, she’s terrified she’ll become her mother.

      Maybe you’re her sister.

  • I don’t know. I just don’t see how anyone has the right to bash someone else’s lifestyle or choices. Sure, if you’re overweight, you should go exercise, eat less and choose healthier foods; but who is he to go around telling people to do that? I mean, if he said it in a funny way, maybe it would sound better but it’s obvious what he said was no joke. I’m guessing he seriously has some issues against overweight people.

    • Um, actually if you are eating 30,000 calories a day and are so big you have to be cut out of your double wide, I’m guessing you probably don’t have a job with health insurance. That means you are contributing to the billions of $$ burden on the healthcare system that those of us who like salad seem to be able to avoid (ie, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, disability, etc). I mean when a smoker gets cancer, people say “I told you so.” How is this different? We could use this money for better things, like bailing out other people who make poor decisions and have no impulse control (like auto executives or investment bankers).

      • The thing is he is not talking about people who are morbidly obese and need to be cut out of their houses, these people cant get bipass surgery as they cant safely be put under. The percentage of people who are that overweight is very very slim.

        Most people who are overweight are not people who “dont have a job with health insurance”. If they are overweight and the health insurance they pay for covers a surgery that would help them lose weight, who is anyone else to tell them not to? Sure it might seem like the easy way out but isnt that their own personal choice? It doesnt affect your life if they do that does it?

      • The thing is he is not talking about people who are morbidly obese and need to be cut out of their houses, these people cant get bipass surgery as they cant safely be put under. The percentage of people who are that overweight is very very slim.

        Most people who are overweight are not people who “dont have a job with health insurance”. If they are overweight and the health insurance they pay for covers a surgery that would help them lose weight, who is anyone else to tell them not to? Sure it might seem like the easy way out but isnt that their own personal choice? It doesnt affect your life if they do that does it?

      • The thing is he is not talking about people who are morbidly obese and need to be cut out of their houses, these people cant get bipass surgery as they cant safely be put under. The percentage of people who are that overweight is very very slim.

        Most people who are overweight are not people who “dont have a job with health insurance”. If they are overweight and the health insurance they pay for covers a surgery that would help them lose weight, who is anyone else to tell them not to? Sure it might seem like the easy way out but isnt that their own personal choice? It doesnt affect your life if they do that does it?

      • To be honest I have no idea what you meant by this. Maybe you meant to reply to another comment because I don’t see how anything I wrote relates to anything you wrote in response. I never mentioned anything about health insurance or jobs or whatever. I simply said no one has the right to bash someone else for their lifestyle choices especially when they aren’t in shape themselves. Any questions?

  • I think he has a great point. And as you mention, he’s a bit of a fattie himself, which should make the fatties consider his fattie-jokes twice. He’s one of their own!
    Anyway – whether you’re fat, thin or in between this is a subject that is perfectly fine to make jokes about. He’s got a good point!
    It is an actual health issue, people can die. They sabotage their own bodies, that’s the truth. Sure it’s not as easy as just going on an ocassional jog, but they got themselves fat in the first place, they can get thin too and I’m sure it’s worth the struggle.
    Making jokes is one way to raise awareness on this important issue. Obesity is a problem – being gay is not.

    And btw, good for you Wendie!

  • im a fatty, i know im a fatty and i dont make excuses bout it. i will probably always choose a cheeseburger over a salad and i accept that. people who are over weight need to deal with the card they dealt themselves!!! u dont like it, change it. its no ones fault but your own!

  • Good work wendie! I also lost 30 lbs in ’08 and I still have a ways to go. Good luck to you!

    I think comedians can make fun of whoever they want, fat people shouldn’t be off-limits. However, a lot of people do have genetic or other physical reasons why they’re overweight. Myself and a few friends have a metabolic disorder called PCOS that messes with your metabolism and makes it hard to lose weight. But not impossible. One of my friends has run marathons, but is still overweight. Not that I am quite that motivated. :)

    Anyways, I could care less who Ricky Gervais makes fun of – I don’t like political correctness limiting comedy too much. But if you have a friend or coworker with a weight problem, there may be more behind it than eating too many cheeseburgers!

    • Agreed.There is too much political correctness. Comedy should be taken with a grain of salt and people shouldnt be so sensitive.

      I like people happily saying they are fat. Im not fat but my behind is massive! My behind makes jokes about Ricky Gervaise all the time!

  • he’s plump and he has a point
    I can’t see a problem about being overweight
    I see a huge problem being morbid obese
    and that’s what people should avoid falling into
    because it’s queite a long way to get there
    but a longer, or almost impossible way
    to get back

  • First and foremost, Ricky is a comedian and I’m all for not censoring comedians- as long as they’re funny. Sarah Silverman says inappropriate and offensive things all the time, but I think she’s hilarious so it’s all right. On the flip side, I’ve also seen plenty of assholes in bars who think they are hilarious but are really just super stupid and mean. I wish I could censor those guys and girls. A lame sense of humor is one thing, but coupled with being offensive and nasty is totally worse.

    I do disagree with him for the most part about severe obesity. Gastric bypass surgery saves lives- for people with serious overeating issues (similar to extreme anorexia) or genetic disorders. Then again, people make fun of anorexics, too, although something like 1 in 7 anorexics will die because of the disease. Eating disorders aren’t so cut and dry eat or don’t eat. It’s more of a mental disorder and that’s a whole different ball game.

    But yeah, the majority of overweight Americans eat too big of portions and don’t work out. And look like it.

  • i do agree with him to an extent because there are a lot of fat and overweight people who get that way due to poor eating habits and not enough exersize, but you can’t really generalize that that is what is going on with all overweight people. there are some overweight people who eat a lot better than very thin people, although the majority probably have made an unhealthy lifestyle choice.

    think of it this way- if we were all eating the same thing and geting the same amount of exercise, would all people have the same body type? no, there would still be people who looked fat/overweight, and still people who looked very thin. that’s because people are just built differently, so it’s important to not make judgements on peoples health based on what they look like.

  • I was glad to see other “skinnies” have had the same “ribbing” I’ve always taken (haha). One of my bosses was always looking at me with a seriously DISGUSTED lok on her face and making comments like, “You’re so skinny, it’s ridiculous,” or “What do you know anyway, you’re so tiny.” Yeah well I wasn’t magically skinny, I ate salad and tuna for lunch while she chowed down three courses and I sipped water and had yogurt all afternoon while she plowed through snack foods. Then I worked out 3x a week. It didn’t just “happen”, I worked at it. But of course I would have been fired if I’d said, “You’re so fat that I had a dream someone served you between thin wafer cookies at a dessert party.” TOTAL double standard and somehow it’s OK to rank on a person for being skinny but fat is off-limits.

    Oh I have always known someone at one time or another who claimed they had a “gland problem” and “never ate anything” and yet were morbidly obese. Utter rubbish. The human body cannot make fat cells out of thin air, no matter how wonky the glands. The fat has to get IN, somehow…

    • Two quick responses:
      – I’m tall, and people can make comments and tease me about being tall (how’s the air up there/you’re too tall/etc) because in our society tallness is seen as a more positive trait that shortness. I would only ever tease short people who are my close friends, but I get comments from strangers. I think it’s kind of the same for skinny people. Being skinny is valued, so we fatties are allowed to make fun of you skinnies. :)

      – It’s easy enough to get overweight from hypothyroidism or pcos (, the latter of which I have. Not morbidly obese, hopefully, because both are manageable with medication and diet, but it does make it a lot harder.

  • oh for god sakes have any of you ever heard his stand up*? He makes fun of himself for being fat all the time. I call my cat “chubby funster” because of him.

    * i realize other people might have already made this point.

  • everyone who is saying there is a double standard about weight is wrong. just because magazines comment on skinny people doesn’t mean they should comment on fat people, THEY SHOULDN’T COMMENT ON ANYONE. a person’s body is their own, and your judgement of it is unfair and unreasonable, and completely uninformed. you don’t know that celebrity, you don’t know that person, and i don’t care if they are you’re best friend, you don’t know what its like to be them, and its not your body, so back the fuck off. watch out for your own body, do what’s best for yourself. i bet you would hate it if i was on you about changing your body, most especially for my comfort. if a person wants to get healthy, they will do it, regardless of what you think of them. treating fat people like they are disgusting and stupid is pathetic, and just proves that you all think you are superior based on your looks, which proves nothing whatsoever besides the fact that you are superficial and shallow. no one is 100% healthy and perfect, and i would be glad to point out your flaws.

  • ummm…. What he has to say is all fine and good, except for the fact that it makes him a big FAT hypocrite. Am I the only one aware if the fact that he’s a frickin’ fatso himself. Maybe he should take his own advice and for a jog!

  • I agree!
    I hate how society is trying to make it ok for people to be fat.
    its like
    “its ok that im morbidly obese. Who cares if im at high risk for dibetes or will probably die of heart failure? as long as i feel beautiful on the inside thats what matters”

    fat people disgust me.

  • Completely agreed. You don’t have to look like Nicole Richie, but if you’re obese, there’s a problem, and I’m allowed to judge you for that the same way you’re allowed to judge me for smoking or drinking too much.

  • There are a couple of problems with people being labelled obese.
    1. The BMI is an INACCURATE measuring tool for obesity. It only measures weight as does not including bone size/structure.
    2. The ‘perfect’ body image is shoved down our throats everyday via the media. I’m sick of looking at undersized women who are supposed to be perfect. Anyone seen ‘Who wants to be a Supermodel?’ Or is that who wants to be a nasty cow because they have nutrient deficienciency & are always hungry?
    3. Weight loss ads on tv are misleading. They don’t tell you when you continually diet you stuff up your metabolism and then it doesn’t work properly after a few years & makes keeping off weight nigh impossible.

    • +1! The BMI is actually VERY inaccurate at measuring obesity and predicting risk of developing other comorbities like diabetes and cardiovascular disease. It is actually pretty common for some athletes (think big, burly football players) to have BMIs that are the same as obese individuals. Measuring Waist Circumference is a much better way to determine obesity. Fat around your belly (central adiposity) acts much different metabolically and is worse for you than other kinds of fat. It is also a better predictor of diabetes and cardiovascular disease. At the end of the day, clinical studies (whether they are lifestyle modifications are pharmacologic in nature) demonstrate that you won’t usually lose more than 10% of your total body weight, and that if you stop your regimen of choice you WILL gain it back. Diet should be like everything else–moderation is good advice! If you are eating more than about 1500 calories a day, you are taking in more than you need (unless you exercise ALOT). Some people have a metabolism that can handle that, and some don’t.

  • When I first started reading this post I was ready to tear into this asshole but when I read the final comments of his I laughed my ass off and found myself agreeing with him. He should temper his criticisms though. He looks so stereotypically British with his pale complexion, extended gut, prematurely rotting teeth, balding head, and so forth.
    Don’t tell me this fuck-stick can’t pay for a few visits to a tanning bed, stop eating so much Shepherds’ Pie, brush his teeth twice a day because the water in Great Britain is running through pipes older than those in the Queens vagina, or get some fucking hair plugs.

    • Not all people in Britain have prematurely rotting teeth, fyi. That’s not a fair stereotype!

      I found the last paragraph hysterical.

  • ugh I LOVE Ricky Gervais. He is so brilliant… he made the original Office, Extras is amazing, and even Ghost Town was pretty great.

    and of course I love his fat-ribbing. go Ricky! the gay analogy was hilarious.

  • Consider this….your healthcare insurance cost is driven by the health of the employees of your company. The obese have more health problems and therefore cost more money to insure which drives up the total cost of YOUR insurance. Now THAT disgusts me! I eat right and exercise 6 times a week to make sure that I stay healthy and at a reasonable weight. I have hypothyroidism and if I chose to eat out at fast food restaurants or over indulge, could be easily overweight myself. But…worst than people that are overweight are LAZY people. I have a friend that works her butt off exercising and has more energy than anyone I know but she is still a little overweight because she chooses to enjoy her food. I have no problem with her…she kicks butt when it comes to her energy level, work and working around the house. What kills me is people that refuse to clean their house, mow the yard, or even cook and eat every meal out. There is no excuse for that and you reap what you sow. I agree with other posters…there is RARELY a condition that is so severe that you can eat right and exercise and still be overweight. You are making excuses!

    Go Ricky!

    • Wow dude you sound perfect! You don’t do a damn thing that will drive up anyone else’s insurance. Health or otherwise? You don’t drink or smoke? Never drove drunk? Never in a car accident? I see you “make sure that I stay healthy” by exercising 6 times a week. Yes, I do seem to recall my fathers doctor telling him before he died of pancreatic cancer that it all could have been avoided if he had just exercised and ridiculed “lazy” people more often. “Make sure”? Are you kidding me? I guess Lance Armstrong didn’t exercise enough so he got cancer. Whats with the final comments about refusing to clean their houses, mow their yards, or eating out? It goes from commentary on eating properly and exercising to all obese people are fat, lazy, slobs! Maybe that Fat Fucker lives in a Trump Penthouse and doesn’t have a yard to mow and hires a healthy tool like you to clean his toilets.

      • Simple is as simple does…read my post correctly next time. I never equated fat with lazy. Yea and I could die of whatever, you’re right…but it won’t be because I didn’t TRY and take care of myself. And no…I don’t smoke or drink, thank you….and I’m NOT a dude.

  • Ricky is right on. I’m overweight, for the exact reason that I eat too much and don’t excersize enough. (Yes, I am working on it, I am sick of it). But I don’t expect people to walk on eggshells around me, I expect to receive as much shit about it as I give my friends who smoke.

  • “start off straight but then ween themselves onto cock. ” LMFAO aaahhhhhahahahahahah I love him

    I love when comedians actually have thoughts in their heads instead of grabbing for the spotlights by trying to shock people by saying something stupid.

  • Yo Amos! A girl named Amos. Interesting. You say you never equated fat with lazy. Oh, so why do you post comments about obese people and then say you hate lazy people more and then make comments about people who don’t get off their asses and clean, mow, or cook after mentioning a fat friend that does? If you weren’t referring to the obese people mentioned earlier in your rant than please explain. Are you Bi-polar? Are you posting for yourself and also for another personality that has different views? I am so sorry the worlds less than perfect people are such a burden to you. I would salute you for having achieved perfection but I can’t raise my morbidly obese arm high enough. You may not be a dude but your still a tool.

  • He’s right on. I know this for a fact because I’m one of those lazy fat ass people he’s talking about. Worse yet I’m turning my daughter into one also. So I say thanks to Ricky. I’m going to print this out and read it daily. Wish my family and I luck.

  • i guess the gayness anology is sort of funny, if you like that kind of thing. and it’s true that comedians can say whatever the hell they want (although mr. gervais’ jokes about autism being a “fake” disease piss me off, since my brother is autistic)
    but, more generally:
    it’s true that some people need a “push” to lose weight and live a healthier lifestyle. but making fun of heavy people is just plain insensitive. there are other ways to convince people that they need to adopt healthy habits. you don’t have to be obnoxious about it.
    fat people need to stop making excuses for their weight? how about a-holes need to stop making excuses for their toolishness?
    if you dont’ make fun of people for a living, do us all a favor and shut up about other people’s faults. focus on your own.
    it’s also worth noting that fat people who are ridiculed can turn into depressed people who eat more to curb their depression…

    and, as has been observed, ricky gervais is rotund himself. he’s probably got a nice layer of fat coating his own arteries. not a sexy devil. at all.

  • It’s funny BECAUSE he’s not exactly small himself.
    Gervais is fucking genius.

    I’m a fatty fat fat and I think it’s hell funny. I feel sorry for people who can’t handle being made fun of

  • He knows he’s a fatty and that’s why he says that. He knows he’s fat because he ate too much and sat on his ass. It’s like gay people making fun of gay people.

    But he does have a point. Fat people need only WALK outside for a few minutes everyday and curb the crap. Start drinking water out of the tap if you can’t afford a Brita filter jug. Or just save up and buy a Brita filter for your tap.

    Stop drinking soda. Drinking water is FREE. Walking around the block a couple of times a week is FREE. There is no excuse, barring medical problems, that anyone should be fat.

  • Okay, first of all, Miss Malice, why should someone have to put up with being made fun of? If anything is idiotic, it would be that.

    Now, on account to the gastric bypass surgery that Mr. Gervais seems to find so abhorrent. Maybe if he actually did some reading instead of believing his own hype, he’d see that those overweight who have diabetes have had their ailment (as a documented and surprising side-effect) had gone completely into remission. But then again, someone like Big Ricky wouldn’t understand that, would they? Had anyone ever considered that excercise, for some people, takes too long? Had anyone ever considered that there is a reason why gastric bypass surgery is recommended by doctors for those vastly overweight? Sometimes, day-to-day excercise just doesn’t produce the life-saving results that are needed. And if dumbass actors who know nothing about the medical field would understand that, we’d have atleast one less stress to deal with.

    He needs to realize that when you’re someone in entertainment, an actor in particular, they just need to shut the fuck up and not say a damn thing. It just may keep the decent work coming in so they can be one of the fortunate ones in the global economy that isn’t getting the short stick. No one likes a public figure that can’t discern when to stop talking.

  • I am a fattie myself and I agree with him. we rely on quick results too much these days. the other day I was looking for my keys and a part of me just wanted to hit ctrl+f and enter ‘keys’. like for some reason I thought that would actually work.

  • = [ Un amusing, he’s said all this to generate publicity and it worked. Not all fat people are that way as result of overeating and under exercising; however in America you hold the crown of having the highest percentage of obese adults and children. Those who are obese due to medical reasons are unfairly targeted with this malice; additionally obese people are always made to feel bad about their weight due to the media and marketing. As people age they have to fight tooth and nail not to spread out, this is horrible and they, nine times out of ten feel low about themselves because of it! I feel encouragement to exercise should be paramount in everyday life and drummed into everyone from an early age as, in my opinion, this would result in a healthier AND happier population, not everyone has to be 100 pounds or an Adonis, but no one should be so overweight it effects their health and happiness through a deadly consumption of these super sized overly calorific meals and snacks, and no participation in any exercise. This happened as no one knew better, now they do and hopefully changes will follow sooth.

    On a side not I loath the Gevais, you Yanks are as welcome to him as you are the Beckhams and Heather Mills. I never found him funny, only smug and slimey. Were you all aware he used to be a singer? A trip to you tube beckons…

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