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Melrose Place Remake Goes Up in Flames

Please watch the clip above, from the original Melrose Place, when Kimberly puts a bomb in the complex and everyone blows up.

When they were filming this, I’m sure they knew they had thoroughly jumped the shark, but little did they know that, over a decade later, this scene would be a fitting parallel for the show’s remake.

The Ashlee Simpson-starrer’s series premiere scored horrible ratings. In fact, the WORST. The show came in last place in network ratings, despite a ton of hype. (Although I’d been hearing from insiders for months that the CW was crazy to ever even air it — everyone knew it was crap.) It’ll be off the air after another one or two episodes air, if that. Wendie totally called it. In fairness, I predicted this back in April, but at the time I thought they’d get at least a half-season. I’d like to edit that to say I think they’ll get at least their first paycheck. Maybe.

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  • If Gossip Girl, the new 90210, One Tree Hill, The Hills, American Idol, the entire MTV/VH1 primetime lineup, and Dancing With the Stars can all become hits this day in age, I’m sure there are plenty of retards out there to make the new Melrose Place an eventual hit. People are dumb and will watch just about anything.