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Jon Gosselin Continues His Tour of Teenage Behavior


The video isn’t embeddable, but you must click this link to watch Jon Gosselin do an exclusive interview with ABC Wednesday night. About Hailey Glassman, he says “I love her more than I did Kate.” He says Hailey gives him the respect and encouragement “that a man needs,” which was obviously absent in his relationship with Kate, and then he harps on about how you can’t choose who you love.

I don’t necessarily disagree with the statements he’s making, but, in the way he delivers those statements, he manages to sound entirely like a 12-year-old boy pleading his case to a teacher who flunked him because he didn’t do any of the homework all year. He’s desperate and unsure of himself and self-centered and the dog ate his homework and he loves the dog soooo much; he may even love the dog more than algebra. And why doesn’t anyone understand how hard it is for him to have a dog who eats his homework every goddamn day? Life is so unfair. The world needs to know how unfair his life is.

Kate’s response statement:

“For the sake of my children I maintain that I’m not going to go into details of aspects I believe should remain private.”


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    • I’ve said it before and will say it again…Say what ya will about Kate BUT she certainly has been the better person through this whole ‘ordeal’.

      SOAP BOX MOMENT: No wonder she treated Jon the way she did. She probably HAD to just to keep him in check. I mean seriously. Look at him now w/out Kate. Some woman have to hold their mans hand constantly…and I think that is what she did her entire married life to him. As a result they both ended up resenting eachother. Result: divorce.

  • Kates always been a mean calculating Bitch and she does nothing without $$$ signs and shes ALWAYS been that way ———John Grogan, beloved author of Marley & Me, didn’t let Kate Gosselin off easy when he penned a 2005 article on the mom of eight.

    At the time, Grogan was a columnist for the Philadelphia Inquirer and the Gosselin sextuplets had just celebrated their first birthday. In his column, the writer criticized Kate Gosselin’s demand that Medicaid—and taxpayers—continue to pay for the nurse the family referred to as “a second mommy.” (That nurse, Angela Krall, has since publicly painted Kate Gosselin as an ungrateful mom and nightmare of a boss.)

    In the article, Grogan admitted that the Gosselins needed help with childcare and called on the community to step in and help with the babies. But he called Kate Gosselin’s request for the state to foot the tab for a paid nurse “ridiculous,” pointing out that the children no longer needed in-home medical care. “The once fragile children are now robust; they do not need a nurse,” he wrote. He then reminded his readers: “Besides, Gosselin is a registered nurse herself.”

    During their interview, Gosselin defended her request, telling Grogan that she couldn’t afford to pay a nanny or babysitter “even $6 an hour” on Jon’s income. He asked why, then, she didn’t go back to work herself. Her response? The family van couldn’t hold all eight kids in one trip and they couldn’t afford a bigger one. And if she did work, she said, her paycheck would just end up going to daycare fees. “Welcome to the world of working parents,” Grogan wrote in response.

    Grogan also called for the Gosselins to take responsibility for their overwhelming brood. “Gosselin, a registered nurse, knew the risks of taking fertility drugs,” he wrote. “Even after delivering twins on the first go-round, she rolled the dice again. And now she wants the state to pay for her gamble?”

    While Grogan said he wanted to feel sympathetic to Kate Gosselin, he said she “radiated a sense of entitlement and inflexibility.” The writer also predicted that the family would face trouble in the future, saying “they have brought upon the makings of a desperate situation” that would be “a recipe for a meltdown.” Looks like Grogan’s prediction has come to pass–Jon and Kate Gosselin have dominated the tabloids in recent weeks as stories about infidelity and marital discord between the pair continue to surface.

    • Someone who pays taxes their whole life deserves to ask the government for help when its needed. Why should I pay taxes for 15 years and not be able to utilize a support system set up with MY money when I need it???

      • Sure, but the question is whether it’s actually “needed” or not. Kate had plenty of free volunteer help available to her (which, at the time, she rejected), but for some reason felt that she “needed” a professional nurse to help her instead, despite the fact that all six of the babies were perfectly healthy at one year of age.

        Look up the account of anyone who knew Jon and Kate at that time (pre-fame) – neighbors, friends, family – and all of them tell pretty much the same story regarding Kate. I tend to believe it.

      • Maybe she is anal (duh) and didn’t want some random whacko volunteers to help her. Maybe she wanted someone with ‘know how’ and a degree to back it up. How do you know the kids were fine at year one? Because some kate hater told you so? Give me a break.

      • Because Kate herself has said so. Have you read her book? Or seen the news clips from the babies first birthday?

    • i dont know if she actually needed a nurse bc they were premies and 6 of them did share a womb, who knows how long they really needed a nurse. “they are now robust” how the fuck does he know that? when did he medically examine them? Im assumingt that the state would have them medically examined b4 they would approve them getting a nurse. I do think that if she went back to work it wouldnt make sense. Seriously they would probably be losing money by her working at her old nursing job. i think daycare for 8 kids is more than most ppls monthly salary. I get pissed at ppl who have been on welfare for years never working popping out kids, but if one parent is working and the other has worked and will return to work once the children are school aged the family should benefit from all the taxes they have paid over the years and get some government help.

  • “Kate’s response: For the sake of my children I maintain that I’m not going to go into details of aspects I believe should remain private.”

    Um yeah, except for the parts where she spoke in detail about private matters. Clearly the parts she believes “should remain private” are those details that cast her in a bad light. It’s tough when the tables are turned and you’re no longer in control of what’s being said, hey Kate?

    Let’s see, details that should remain private… what has Kate been talking about over the past three months?

    – She’s commented publicly on Jon’s choice of girlfriend (says she is “mortified” by Hailey).

    – She’s commented publicly on Jon’s choice of babysitter (“I should not be sitting a mile from my house while my kids are with some girl, who, by the way, brings her own child with her. I’m sorry, your child and eight of mine? No way.”)

    – She’s criticized the father of her children numerous times (“It would be great for the sake of my kids for me to meet somebody who was upstanding, who had integrity, a real man.”)

    – She’s given out personal details about her daughters private conversations (“I wonder if it will affect my daughters’ relationships with men in the future..” etc)

    – She spoken in great private detail about the divorce (“No questions asked, he went and hired a lawyer and said ‘You’d better get one.'” etc)

    – She spoke in even greater detail about how she told her eight year old daughters about the divorce, denying them any privacy in how they dealt with it (eg Mady said “I could’ve guessed” and Cara “crumpled into tears”, and had to be “held like a baby”).

    Please people.. don’t forget.

    • Wowza, you’ve archived every interview so as to bring this stuff out with the click of a mouse?

      Look, Kate’s a bitch. She’s always been a bitch. That fact has never escaped anyone from the time that this show was on the air.

      That said, Jonboy is a whole other person. When Kate was “mentally castrating” him, at least he *appeared* to be a loving, caring and nurturing father to his children. Now his children show more maturity and integrity.

      Jon and Kate can call each other all that they want, but the fact is that this “man” keeps saying that he was a “father too young” “my 20’s went so fast” “I just want to have fun”. And that is a direct hit to the KIDS. Not the wife. And with that I take HIGH issue. If he didn’t want the kids he should’ve been out after the twins. But no. He stayed. He fathered 8 children. He has a responsibility to be an adult to them. Not to Kate. So yeah, bitch about Kate all you want Jon, but when you talk about how you missed out on your life because of your children, don’t expect my sympathy.

      • No, that stuff is just from her two People interviews. I’m sure there was plenty more in her numerous tv interviews that I haven’t included.

      • Exactly… He complains about losing his youth, and he’s reclaiming it now. Regardless of having married too young and having children too young, there is NOTHING to do now except to accept the responsibility of being a parent and responsible role model. He’s turned into a frat boy. WTF?

        No outsiders get the true picture when it comes to divorce, it’s just too personal and intimate to understand unless you’re directly involved. But seriously, thank goodness these children have Kate.

      • I’m just amazed by how short people’s memories are. One minute we’re at war with Eastasia… the next Eurasia has become the douche. Were people not watching the way Kate treated Jon on the show? The PR lady waves her magic wand and suddenly Kate is a class act?

      • Kate has always been, and I suspect always will be, a bitch. She treated her husband horribly. There was much sympathy for Jon.
        Until he started acting like a 15 year old instead of a 30 year old father.
        She’s definitely a bad wife, but he’s acting like a bad father.

  • Katie’s a bitch. While John is an immature little boy, who do you think broke him down to that mental state? You guys are all flip floppers. Kate’s getting dirty with her bodyguard and she’s just on the DL about it. John is out in the world sowing his oats but still managing to make it home to care for his kids during his custodial time. I don’t care for either of them but the poor guy deserves some slack.

    • Jon himself has admitted many, many times that before he met Kate he was bumming around and had absolutely no responsibilities or ambition.
      That sounds like Kate didn’t turn him into what he is today, but rather that she turned him into the responsible parent he seemed to be.
      It looks like he’s reverted to his previous behavior now. That’s not Kate’s fault. Being a total bitch who brought about the downfall of her marriage is her fault. Jon’s behavior now, not so much.

    • I agree. However, it wasn’t the best pr move to do the interview the way he did, but it seems like he was pretty honest…maybe too honest. Yes, his behaviour is questionable, but no one here knows exactly what these two people are really like. He just got divorced, some people out there who come out of relationships “sew their wild oats”. its a reaction to a huge change. Everyone is different. He said he went to therapy, and she refused. it was kate who wanted the divorce. i really think she is much more evil. she is so fucking fake its disgusting and you people are eating it up. What kind of person is she to be so controlling she is no longer in contact with any of her family or her former best friend? btw are we 8 year olds? taking teams? so fucking juvenile

  • Both Jon and Kate are money-grubbing idiots.

    I’m team EIGHT KIDS. Poor babies, to have to be raised by these idiots…thank God for nannies.

    • Exactly. Kate is not innocent at all. The two of them are horrible parents and BOTH their decisions have them where they are now.
      Those kids should emancipate themselves asap and change their name.
      There shouldn’t be a team Kate.
      And that statement. Oh please. Team Kate’s publicist more like…

  • Its all very well to point out Kate’s inconsistencies and wrongs, but it would be a very hard position to be in – and even harder because it is in the spotlight! She genuinely seems to be trying to do her best for her kids, while Jon genuinely seems to be trying to do his best for Jon.
    I think it would be a rare person who could handle this situation better than Kate; I know I couldn’t, and I doubt many people I know would be able to say the right thing all the time under the scruitny of the media.

    Also, when you have kids the partner of the ex is a bigger issue – I too would be mortified at the choice of drug taking party girls!

  • First of all, I’m on TEAM EIGHT. If I had to pick a parent team, Kate is the lesser of two evils.

    My opinion is that Kate was a bad wife; she wasn’t a terrible wife, but she probably should have been more flexible with Jon. Then again, maybe she knew the party-boy disposition lying in wait under the mask of introversion, so she was just keeping him in check. We can know the actions of both of them, but we can’t know their thoughts or their intentions–we can only theorize.

    Also, I think that Kate, while strict, is a pretty good mother, general speaking. When you have eight kids, you have to make yourself a visible authority figure.

  • Team Kate, obviously!!!

    Jon is an idiot.. I honestly cannot believe he’s saying all these things about Kate. What a piece of shit he is.. Hopefully it will come back to bite him in the ass.

  • it’s kate’s damn fault she’s in the spotlight! if she hadn’t been whoring her kids out to national tv, no one would be watching her.

    i am with melissa, on team fuck-both-of-them. they suck.

    • If Jon was able to keep a job, maybe she wouldn’t have been so desperate for the show. Can you imagine having 8 kids and a husband who can’t hold a job?