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John Mayer and Kristin Cavallari???


Sigh. I’m just gonna tell you what Janet Charleton told me, and I’m not going to copy-paste it into my text as though I wrote it myself, unlike another, unnamed gossip blogger:

If you read Page Six you might remember a recent blind item they printed about secret trysts between a reality star and a well known singer. We are revealing that pair to be John Mayer and “The Hills” star Kristin Cavallari! They have been hooking up secretly at a mutual friend’s house in the Mt Olympus area of the Hollywood Hills for the past two years! Our source says that Kristin was hesitant to date John publicly because she didn’t want to be added to his long list of conquests, and they were both dating other people off and on. Recently their “friends with benefits” relationship has evolved, and they are actually considering going public.

So, like, love her or hate her, Janet Charleton’s usually right about this shit. Which just leaves my mind boggled. I mean, I almost didn’t do this post, because Kristin Cavallari is closely associated in my mind with The Couple That Shall Not Be Named, and I feel like we should ban her just due to her proximity to them on any sort of Hollywood Douchebaggery graph (the x-axis is “Time Spent on an MTV Reality Show” and the y-axis is “dignity”). But I’m letting her slide, for now, because I’m fascinated by the idea that John Mayer really would stoop so low as to date Kristin Cavallari. The sex I understand … but a relationship? Sometimes I think this kid just looks for relationships that will eventually make good songs.

Oh, and it’s especially interesting as it comes on the heels of Jennifer Aniston once again raging against the “lonely girl” epithet that’s been attached to her name with the force of the Hellenic army. Because if these numbers are right, Kristin was in the picture at the same time she was. Sa-weeeeet!

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  • John Mayer denied this on Twitter a while ago…

    johncmayer Rumor control: How do I put this like a gentleman…I have never high fived Kristin Cavalari with my penis.

  • I remember thinking a few months back that it was odd that Kristin was suddenly in Miami (of all places) during New Years, since it doesn’t seem like her scene. I think she wound up making her trip extended-stay style, which I thought was so.. strange. Now this makes sensej wasn’t Aniston filming there for a movie at that time? Or around that time?

    I actually like Kristin, but she needs to pump him and dump him, stat. Someone on ONTD had the perfect comment:

    ‘I think she’ll be the one to take him down a peg or two.’

  • “Another unnamed gossip blogger” at least has his posts way sooner than you. Like sometimes even a day or two. As a reader that’s all I really care about. I don’t care where he gets the stuff, that’s his problem. You really never break anything new on this site. But I’ve learned not to come here for news, since it’s already old, very old when you post it. I come here for the snarkiness of the comments. It had a certain humor (albeit sometimes evil) in the past. That,though, has been lacking lately for the most part.

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