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She’s Baaaaaack!


Whitney Houston is back in fighting form.  I don’t know if the Photoshop gods have been kind, but she looks amazing on the cover of October’s Ebony magazine.  Are we in agreement that divorcing Bobby Brown was the best 165 pounds she ever lost?

About her trials, Houston said, “I shed a lot of stuff, a lot of unnecessary weight in the last three or four years. I left a lot of old luggage behind, and when I did, the blessings just started pouring on me, and the light in my spirit started to lift again.”

The reviews for Whitney’s newest album (it dropped yesterday), “I Look to You” haven’t been too favorable.  It’s been described as “a middling album by an artist who was once the greatest R&B singer of her generation.  Where once she would have elated us with power and grace, she delivers the lyrics with a faint trace of her former authority.”  Let’s hope this is just a temporary sitch as Whitney continues to rebuild her life and career.

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  • All she does is sing, who cares if she “comes back.” She’s no different than Celine Dion. Other people write and produce her stuff and she just sings it. Big deal, there are 100s (or 1000s) others who can do it. People are rallying around her because she married a disaster and her life turned into a trainwreck. If she had of married some boring dull guy, no one would care and we’d criticize her as much as we criticize Celine.

    • We got a big O Celine fan in the house. Be proud girl. I love Whitney if only for the fact that she arrived at the conclusion of “crack being wack.”

    • You really think other artists could have done this? There are FEW (vocally) who can and ever will live up to that kind of talent. That voice was EPIC. I’ve never even really been a Whitney or Celine fan but their vocal deliveries are far superior to most people you’ll ever encounter.
      I can read a script. Doesn’t make me a talented actress. Give the delivery some credit.

      That said, I’ve heard a few tracks leaked off this album and while decent, they don’t have the power old Whitney had. Apparently the crackpipe will do that to you.

    • OMG, I am not a Celine fan. I don’t deny they have great voices but that’s it. When it comes to music, I have way more respect for the artist that’s truly an artist, the one that can write the music, the lyrics, produce it, etc. Although I’m not a huge Sheryl Crow fan, I have way more respect for her than for Whitney or Celine.

  • She looks like she lost some skin too…plastic surgery much? Maybe it’s just her light eyebrows…eyebrows really make or break a face!

  • I love it how you guys put down a singer just because she/he doesn’t write his/her own music. Just because a an architect doesn’t actually bluid the building doesn’t make him/her any less of an architect! Division of labour my friend! I’d much rather listen to whitney sing a crap song than a crappy singer sing an amazing song they’re written themselves! Few can sing like her, and you can’t possibly deny her talent! To me she’s an icon! Drugs and personal problems aside, she has a voice to DIE FOR!! I’m not a huge Whitney fan, but I am a huge fan of her voice and I’ll listen to her sing mary had a little lamb and still enjoy it!