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Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen — can you tell which one is which? — spent some time this weekend in Japan attending the opening of Opening Ceremonies flagship store.  

As Beet mentioned the other day, the Olsen twins are looking totally different.  I am now more convinced than ever that this change in appearance stems from more than “Mary-Kate finally ate a sandwich.”  In case you didn’t know, the large-headed, large-eared one on the right is MK.

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  • I definitely think they look different. But I still can’t ever remember which is which so thanks for the help! I think Ashley is prettier & MK looks like she’s gotten lip injections.

  • I bet money that Mary Kate still does not tip the scales at 100 lbs.

    So as the magazines are screaming about her being fat… keep in mind she maybe weighs 95 lbs.

    Well those shoes look like they weigh at least 10 lbs… so deducte that from the total. haha!

  • Yeah, she definitely isn’t pregnant. This is what happens when you are bulimic or anorexic during your peak years of growth. Many of your body parts get subtly stunted in growth – For example, usually the calves are rather skinny, usually child like – but once the person starts to eat again the first place to gain weight is usually the face, and mostly in the cheeks.

  • I don’t care who’s who, however I would do anything for their shoes (especially the pair on the left).

    • I believe MK is usually regarded as the uber-fashionista. But she’s also the eating disorder/drug abuse twin so I prefer Ashley in every sense.

  • Well Ashley’s always been the more normal looking one. So I usually just look at their faces and what they are wearing and determine who looks better and guess it’s Ashley. I’ve never been wrong.

  • They booooooooooooooooooooore me. Have they done anything lately apart from looking too cool for school and launching highly-overpriced clothes lines? I’m serious, any film? TV series?

    • They wrote a book, well, two books one each. But if you’re asking if they’ve done anything worthwhile at all the answer is definitely no.

  • It looks like cokebloat to me. Sure, MK has gained a few pounds all over her body, but most of her weight gain is in her face.

  • I guess it gives you guys pleasure to be un-nice to these girls, especially Mary-Kate.

    The bottom line is they are R I C H and can do and be anything they want. that’s the whole idea of being rich, having fools like us making ugly comments about them (stars). Get this, what we think or say do not matter a zilch to these girls.

  • ashley is kinda pretty, but those pairs of shoes are FOOGLY! and what is that trash MK is holding?

    has either one of these girls ever thrown her head back and LAUGHED out loud? they look so snooty and pinched.

  • wow. i havent been on here in a while.
    it totally nauseates me how some commenters try to be as funny as the people who actually write these posts.
    face it, you people cant top them and i hear crickets everytime i sense you trying to be funny.