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I Think Paula Just Hates Kara


Paula Abdul has defended her decision to leave American Idol, claiming that the motivation to move on had nothing to do with money.  “I had to stand on my principle.  I’m going to miss the experience of watching young talent evolve into a place where they get to take off and soar.  I stand on principle where many people stand on money.  I’m a hard-working artist. I’ve lasted in this business for 23 years. And you can’t do that unless you are good at what you do.”

Let’s translate:  What she means to say is, “I had to stand on my principle.  I’m going to miss the experience of getting high on national television.  I stand on principle where many people, Kara DioGuardi for example, lay on their back.  I’m a hard-drugging artist.  I’ve lasted in this business for 23 years by a miracle of God.  And you can’t do that unless you know where to get the best painkillers.”  

Paula felt that her territory was invaded — there really was no reason to bring on a fourth judge — and she wasn’t willing to abdicate her Queen Quaalude title.  

As for what’s ahead, Paula is shooting a guest role on Lifetime’s Drop Dead Diva and hopes to have a slur talk show.

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  • Im from Brazil and I read your website daily! Im just crazy about it. Well, women in general are crazy about gossip. Anyway, keep up the good work.
    Oh btw…Im clueless about this “Paula-Abdul-gettin-high” thing;
    Was she high live?? omg.

  • Geez can she even see over the dash in that Rover?

    Her head barely comes up to the lower part of the seat. I bet she curb checks every corner she gets near… haha!

    I am still kinda of stunned that Idol dumped her… Idol coughed up all that cash for Princess Ryan, yet got pissy about paying Paula a fourth of what they were giving the princess… you knew they really wanted to get rid of her. And she knew it too.

    So it probably was in her best interest to just move on…

  • It might benefit her and the many children anywhere within a 10 mile radius of her in that vehicle if she found a phone book or two to sit on behind the wheel…

  • Your post is cruel and unecessary. Paula may be a little loopy but that, and the fact that she has a good heart, is a big part of the show. Kara is boring.

    • This blog has long had claws out for Paula for no reason whatsoever. They take even the most inoccuous picture of her and write the meanest post they can. I like some of the stuff they come up with but I hate reading the cruel posts about genuinely nice people, it shows some of the true colors of these writers. Funny at times, but underneath all the funny is just another mean girl. Paula’s contribution to the show was to actually care when people’s feelings got hurt, and that’s going to take away from AI, at least for me.