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Spears Family Vacation


Remember when Brit was all crazy and pink-haired and wasn’t talking to her mom, dad, sister or brother?  Those were sad days!  This weekend, three generations of the Spears clan vacationed together in Miami.  Mom Lynne was joined by her ex Jamie, Brit, Jamie Lynn and all the grandkids — Sean, Jayden and Maddie.

The mid-tier Spears’, Britney and Jamie Lynn, were looking good in their skimpy bikinis.  They are the poster children for having children while youth is on your side.

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  • im happy they are together as a family, but brian is missing here!!

    the babies are cute!!

    and brit and her sis look really good

  • I DON’T get it! Don’t these celebs get stretch marks after popping out multiple babies???

    And yes it’s nice to see the whole family relaxed and (hopefully) happy.

  • Keep in mind Jamie Lynn had her baby at 16. You may not get stretch marks when you have your kid that young. And you body is able to bounce back more quickly considering you are still growing and etc.

    Now brit brit there only looks that good because of all the money she spends on her Cheetos body.

    • i had my son at 17. i’m back down to 120. i have stretch marks all over my stomach and legs. used to be a size zero. TRUST me you can get them. alot of my friends do too. its about genetics. they must both have good genes, or awesome tummy tucks!

      • I gained (sshhh) 75lbs w/ my daughter & was 28. And I didn’t get any stretch marks. I’m a size 10 now & after another preganancy & ‘only’ a 45lb weight gain I still don’t have any. I have no idea why not. So it must be genectis because my momma is about a size 14 & doesn’t have any either.

  • I look at Jamie and I can’t believe she is a mother, it’s just crazy. Nobody that young should have kids.

    • I’m a girl and I’ve always thought Britney has one of the hottest bodies ever! He legs aren’t short, they’re average and they have a great shape! I think they both look great!

  • You know what, I’m really concerned about Brits back! Everytime I see pictures of her together with her kids she is carrying one of them. How old is Sean Preston? 4? 5? He should be able to walk on his own. Maybe my mother should come over and tell her a story or two about the damage that it can do to you, when you always have a child sitting on your hip. Just saying. ;D