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Can We Please Review The Term “Diva”?


Well it’s not a permanent job, but Paula Abdul has been tapped to emcee VH1’s Divas special on September 17th.  This comes on the heels of her surprising departure from American Idol.  It seems like an odd choice — “diva” is not a noun or adjective I would ever assign to Paula.  Of course, I wouldn’t call Jordin Sparks a diva either and she’s going to be singing.

Somewhere along the way the divas who demand all white furniture in their dressing rooms and Cristal on ice were replaced with some singing Girl Scout troop.  It’s disappointing, really.  What was VH1 thinking?

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  • It’s funny how we slagged off divas for not being enough down-to-earth, how we called them names when we knew about their exigences, and now that the new-come artists are like normal people we miss divas and their whims.

  • I see this as VH1 is desperate to have the tweeners watch their channel. There is nothing DIVA about any of these children.

    Had VH1 really wanted to do a show highlighting great female singers… they would. This is about selling to the Disney tween set.

    Now if they wanted me to watch their show… how about some of the great girl singers from the 70’s – 80’s era. Ann and Nancy Wilson… Pat Benatar… Donna Summer… hell even Tanya Tucker… girls who can really sing. Girls from all genre’s who can sing live. Without the help of autotune.

    But sadly VH1 isn’t interesting in booking real talent.