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Lindsay Lohan

It’s not like Lindsay Lohan is ever home — she spends her nights weeping on the front step of Samantha Ronson’s home — but it hasn’t stopped a trail of unsavory traffic from breaking into her home.  The neighbors want Lohan out.  “The truth is that this is a very quiet neighborhood and there have been no break-ins apart from at Lindsay Lohan’s house.  Since she moved in last November it has been a nightmare with all the paparazzi parking in our driveways waiting for her.  This is a really narrow and winding street and I’m amazed there has not been a more serious accident.  I’ve got nothing personal against her but she needs to find a home in a gated community with security at the main gate because all the residents are fed-up with the situation.”

Poor Lindsay!  There’s just nowhere for her to go, is there? Since these home break-ins seem to be directly targeted on Lindsay, and the neighbor also said it seemed like an inside job, I wonder what these people are looking for?  Drugs? Money?

Linds and a few of her friends packed up some personal possessions on Sunday and left the house.  There goes the neighborhood … heaving a sigh of relief.

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