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Size 12 Model Poses Naked in Glamour


Her name is Lizzi Miller.  She’s 20, 5-foot-11 and weighs 180 pounds and she’s got a tummy.  She also appeared naked in Glamour’s September issue for an article about body acceptance.  It was just one photograph but it has created a huge stir — almost all positive.

At a size 12 or 14, Miller falls into the bracket of the average size of an American woman.  I know there are strongly divided camps here regarding BMIs and dress sizes, curves and health.  I don’t spend a lot of time hanging out with naked chicks, but I’d be willing to bet that Miller looks better than most any unclothed female that can technically be called “plus size”.

Should we be seeing more of this on the runway?  Is Lizzie Miller a realistic representation of what women look like?  To me, she seems to promote a healthier body image than, say, Kate Moss.

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  • It’s so good to see real women! Makes me feel less guilty and less hard on myself!!
    I’d rather see more real people than bones and skin on runways.

  • I’d rather look at her (and have her body!) than all of the Victoria Beckhams, Rachel Zoes, Lindsey Lohans or the Australian Miss Universe Stephanie Naumoska. Statements like Karl Lagerfeld’s remarks about Hedi Klum, “She is simply too heavy and has too big a bust” reveal the sick thinking that too many fashion leaders seem to subscribe too.

    How many times do we have to hear former models talking about how they ate one head of lettuce a day for their total caloric consumption or how they were drug addicts or bulemics to move away from the sickness that is the fashion industry?

    Lots of stores carry nothing at all that fits a size 12 and up, especially if the store caters to the young.

    What would happen if the money spent on diets, cosmetic surgery and therapists to help remedy the artificially generated self hatred that women have about not being thin enough were put into something more constructive, like feeding the over one-billion-and -rising people who are starving around the world?

  • I think it’s really awesome that she’s comfortable enough with her size to post nude (especially in such a widely viewed publication). With that being said, I don’t think her body-type should be what is on the runway. A model’s body is supposed to be a vehicle to show the clothes, and having a belly isn’t the best for showing off clothes directed towards more fit people; obviously, if it’s a line directed towards size 12’s, then a confident woman would be a great choice.

    It’s hard to walk the line on this topic, because I want to comment but I don’t mean to offend anybody.

    • I agree, models should make clothes look good in a way that appeals to most people. However, most people are not a size 0, and that is what is walking down the runway. It doesn’t take a size that small to make clothes look good.
      Perhaps it’s time designers started designing clothes that can fit the majority of women, as opposed to something the majority of women now aspire to be.

    • I concur. Runway fashion isn’t supposed to actually be worn; its more about art and concept than something you’d actually throw on to go grab coffee. Models aren’t supposed to look like ordinary people. If they did then modeling as a career wouldn’t even exist.

      • And fashion cannot look good on a size 8?
        Why can’t a piece look artistic and demonstrate a concept on anyone who is beautiful?
        Surely modeling cannot only be about idealized bodies showing off clothing. Otherwise we’d just roll sewing mannequins down a runway. It’s about personality, beauty, and the ability to show off the clothes. I don’t see why size has to be an issue.

      • I’m sorry, but if the model standard of beauty( very tall, very thin, very young) wasn’t so rare, then modeling wouldn’t be a profession. Why do we have to keep changing the standard of beauty just to make everyone think they’re pretty? What ever happened to feeling good about yourself for other reasons? Beauty isn’t the only virtue,in fact it isn’t even one, its just a bonus some people randomly got.

      • you’re failing to recognize that most of these women are NOT that thin naturally. many of them have eating disorders and/or drug addictions. i honestly don’t think there would be enough naturally thin people to fill modeling as a profession if so many of them didn’t have eating disorders.

      • I think maybe a size 4-6 would be good. I think that as much as fashion industry types and celebs starve themselves, it does not have a massive impact on the population. There are far more overweight people than anorexics. People always talk about the effect on young girls, but going to the beach this summer I saw a lot of tween girls and I would say they need to be more concerned about getting diabetes etc than having an eating disorder. Maybe they have self esteem issues deep down caused by seeing thin women in media. However, I feel as someone who is very tall and naturally thin, that everyone gets ragged on about their body. A lot of models say this. When you are in school you are way taller than the boys, you dont have huge breasts and now Im very happy with my figure. Basically you just have to instill confidence in your kids. you cant rely on media. Even if there arent rail thin models, there are bleach blonde busty playboy bunnies, video hoes with huge asses and tiny waists that the average woman will never look like.

      • I was just going to say something along these lines. Realistically, runway fashions aren’t typically ready-to-wear fashions; it’s more about the art of it. Also, the people sitting at the shows and who they are REALLY marketed to aren’t the consumers directly. The shows are mostly for the buyers and fashion media, in order to get their name out there and “inspire” what’s in for which season. Regular consumers don’t actually buy THOSE clothes, but clothes BASED on what the designers represent.

        Regardless, good for her!

    • I think you phrased that in a very non-offensive manner. Runway models should be a vehicle to show the fashion and it wouldn’t work on a larger sized model. However in magazine spreads, featuring drug store cosmetics, etc, it would be an excellent use of an “average” sized model. Queen Latifah is a Cover Girl, after all.

    • Naturally being a size 0, and I do mean naturally- I just have a small frame and don’t exceed 5 feet- I can’t really empathize with how a size 12 would feel seeing smaller women advertised all over the place. HOWEVER, putting myself in that perspective, I think what you said was very well worded and shouldn’t be offensive to anyone.

    • > I think it’s really awesome that she’s comfortable enough with her size to post nude

      Errr, you make it seem like she volunteered out of the kindness of her fat heart. People will do anything for $$$.

    • I’m sorry, but having a “belly” doesn’t necessarily mean you’re not “fit” — NOT having a “belly” doesn’t mean you ARE “fit” — Ana Carolina Restin didn’t have a belly, in fact, she had so little fat on her body that her immune system shut down, she wasn’t able to fight infections and she DIED. Her death was followed by a string of other models who died after full-body infections healthy people are able to recover from. The women walking the catwalks are dying from malnutrition. This is not healthy. Anorexia is NOT an example of fitness.
      Women are supposed to have more body fat than men. Men (…and you seem to be one) can have six-pack abs and not suffer from infertility. A woman’s reproductive system will SHUT DOWN once she drops below a certain body fat percentage.
      YOU have been brainwashed. YOU need to do some homework before you make comments about women’s fitness, of which, you seem to know little about.

  • She’s gorgeous. Every man I know would far rather have sex with a woman who looks like that, than with the Victoria Beckham style pointy collarbones, sticking out ribs, teeny beanbag breasts type.

    • Alright now. Let’s not get ridiculously carried away here. Yes, some men like their women this size, but to say that they would perfer to have sex with an overweight woman with a flabby stomach verses a beautiful slenderly fit super model type with six pack abs. We are looking at bodies here, not personalities. I call her over weight due to her BMI. I honestly do admire her for her courage and how comfortable she is with her body, but that still doesn’t mean that the outside is just as beautiful as the inside. Sorry! It would be interesting to finding out the BMI of each person and the approach they take on this issue!

  • I think her back and upper arms are beautiful, she looks like a Greek statue and I like that you can’t see any of her bones. He face doesn’t seem to carry any weight though, it looks like it could be on a regular too-thin model.

    • It’s interesting you say that about her face – there are some women, like Angelina, Nicole Ritchie, Katie Holmes … trying to think of more … anyway, I find their faces look gorgeous in the third trimester, because they’ve got a “normal” face size, instead of the usual underfed thing happening.

  • Wow! She’s a beautiful woman.

    I wonder about that fashion comment up above. WHY do designers design clothes that the majority of the population can’t wear the way it was intended.

    Perhaps we should call it “art” instead of “fashion”. Many women feel crappy about themselves because they can’t wear the clothing that’s being showcased on the runway…..and many of them turn to very unhealthy ways of living just to try to fit into that teeny, tiny mold.

    • There is a difference between runway fashion, ready to wear fashion, retail trends, and so on and so forth.

      People confuse these terms all the time as well as their true meanings IN the actuall business end of the fashion industry.

      Perhaps what would better serve the public is a working glossary of industry terms provided in these horrible “fashion” mags so that we dont have ladies out there thinking what the Cosmo types of rags are trying to SELL you is the same thing that Vogue is trying to SHOW you.

      See what I mean? The eating disorders and hurt feelings lie in the confusion and it is just a damn shame.

      This girl is a stunner though isnt she?

      • Except that the eating disorders also lie squarely in the laps of the models themselves.
        If even the models have to be unhealthy to show off the art of fashion, it might be time to rethink the value of this particular art form.

      • I’m just playing devil’s advocate here, but some of these girls ARE naturally that skinny. They’re not ALL unhealthy. Yes, some certainly are, but at the age of most runway models (mid to upper teens) I had that same body type (close to 6′ and really skinny). Since puberty I’ve got some hips, but I was never unhealthy. Just saying, it IS possible (even if not AS common)…

      • Alzaetia, I understand your driving point but it just is not the norm to have a truly, truly, sick individual be a model in New York anyway.

        The media may say other wise but here in NYC those girls arent hired.

        I cant get into how many girls starve themselves trying to compete as in WORKING as a model because that is just an entirely different bag of hammers seperate from THIS issue all together.

        To address WHY a girl would go the lengths a model would in a stereotypical straved coke head model story, one would have to go alllll the way back and address issues with the mother, issues with the father, over indulgence of ego during the child hood years….. It is the same as addressing why child actors (Lohan as an example fits here) do stupid things to compete as a working actor when clearly they dont have the required skill set.

        Europe has had an issue keping their agents from booking sick girls. I tend to blame that dick at Chanel for THAT attitude that sick should be promoted.

        There are several sides to this issue:)

      • there are many functioning anorexics who live their lives without anyone knowing they have an eating disorder. so unless you go home with these people and live with them, you have no idea if they’re sick or not. not all anorexics are on their deathbeds.

      • Don’t generalize! Not ALL skinny people are anorexic either! I ate like a horse growing up (and still do) and pre-puberty I was a twig. Let’s think about it. Most of these girls haven’t hit puberty yet..full on anyway. So, they’re naturally tall. They sky-rocket to 6 feet. The “filling out” component hasn’t caught up! Some are anorexic or bulimic, yes, but some are just twigs.

      • i am not generalizing and i never said all skinny people are anorexic. not all skinny people are models either. i was talking about models. trust me, i was made fun of all my teen years for being too thin, “hey abby, i have something stuck in my tooth can i borrow one of your legs?” and i don’t understand why it’s okay to openly insult thin people but you would never say things like that to a fat person. it’s a double standard and it’s absolutely not okay.

  • fashion is not about models, its about making clothes look the best possible. bigger women may have the curves and look good in their own right but whos to say that they are the best model-esq types to hang clothes on… the designer chooses the girls they want to. even “bigger” models are NOT that big, and curvy to the fashion industry is wildly dfferent than the average person..

    theres a riddiculous percent of americans that are overwieght, and far be it for fashion to glamorize that lifestyle…
    americans should stop fighting gay marriage and fighting their overwhelming problem- being fat and lazy…

    no offence

    • Darling, I have traveled the world and let me tell you Great Britan needs to put a girdle on her big fat ass as well. Dont get me started on the Germans, the Polish women, and the innapropriate thong usage in Spain.

      So lay off the common tripe would you?

      • Heheheh. Good god! The thong usage in europe is overwhelming. Ive been told that cdns are prudes, but seriously it hurts my eyes and upsets my stomach. I cant understand the hairy men in speedos.

    • No offense? Really? Because your comment was DRIPPING with offensive attitude. Yea, Americans are TOTALLY the only fat people in the world, that makes sense.

    • Herein lies the issue.
      Because runway models reflect our social definition of beauty, reinforcing unrealistic body image directly influences the very notion of what consists as beautiful in the general public opinion.
      Whether or not these clothes are meant to be worn by the average woman is irrelevant.
      It an opportunity to reinforce a realistic, healthy and attainable image, and affect women’s dwindling self esteem.
      It’s time that real women (like the one pictured above) took to the runway and we begin to change public opinion on what is a beautiful body. If these high fashion clothes can’t look good on a beautiful, reof any size, then perhaps it’s that garment that isn’t beautiful.

      • I don’t know how much runway models are society’s idea of beauty, as much as Hollywood stars. Trust me, the two are VERY different. I think it would be more helpful for people to see either group without hair and makeup done. I’ve done quite a few runway shows and those girls do NOT look the same on and off the runway. Actually, if you really look, many do NOT look that beautiful on the runway anyway. Runway models are supposed to look “interesting,” not the typical definition of “beauty.”

      • thank you! i feel like some people give the fashion industry a pass because hey we need the really skinny models to represent the clothing right, so the fashion industry gets it’s own guidelines… guidelines that are in no way realistic in the real world BUT we, the various sized public, continue to give them a pass. how about the fashion industry change? not everyone can be a size six, or two, or eight, or twelve or whatever… but you can be healthy and beautiful for what works for you and your body type, because outside of the fashion industry there is more than one.

      • We give them a pass because the various sized public’s bodies aren’t buying suits made out of feathers or other crap we see walking down the runway.

      • whose to say some people in the various sized public wouldn’t want to wear a suit made of feathers and see other body types model this suit of feathers, specifically one closer to their own? and what’s wrong with asking for that kind of diversity?

        in celebrating the fashion, and the art of the clothes (even those as avant garde as suites made of feathers and those that aren’t) you can also celebrate the human form in all it’s various sizes.

      • Ok, i already said this up higher, but i feel that i need to reiterate it: What is so bad about making the standard of beauty hard to attain? So what if you don’t think your pretty; is that the only thing you base your self esteem on? Demanding plus size models is kinda like demanding that Harvard accept students with G.E.D’s or the Olympics to give out medals for running a 5k without stopping to walk.

      • there is no one standard of beauty, and THAT is my point. i don’t believe i said anything along the lines of ‘please let there be more plus sized models because i don’t feel pretty.’

        I feel that we should encourage that there is a diverse definition of beauty and none of them are wrong, not one standard that we make hard to attain.

      • There is a key difference between Harvard, the Olympics and the runway… quite simply that those at Ivy League institutions would most probably have worked hard for their position there. The same goes for those in athletics.. they work hard to be the best.
        People aspire to be like them because we can identify that it took time, energy and discipline to achieve what they have achieved and that earns respect, and sets a standard.

        But beauty doesnt have a standard, yes people can be more aesthetically atrractive than others, but to label one thing beauty and to expect other people to strive to and conform to it is pretty ridiculous. No one person can say what beauty is because it varies, hence the definition of beauty over time changing. But athletic prowess and scholastic ability always remain the same and are based on the same principles as they were centuries ago… something achievable for almost everyone, regardless of birth through hard work and dedication, etc., not something pretty unattainable for most people, based pretty solely on genetics.

    • Guide dogs and walking sticks don’t fit in well with runway shows.
      Come to think of it, we won’t have any use for runway shows when everyone’s blind.
      Would you really like to be the person sporting the “Designed by Stevie Wonder” collection?
      Yes, I had nothing either heart-warming or substantive to add to this compelling discourse.

  • She’s simply a goddess, a truly normal woman. Period. Unfortunately the brainwash thats been on us for ages wont disappear so easy, meaning the shitty chicks u see on the catwalk or in the tabloids are what sheeple dream about.

  • I think it’s a great idea to bring bigger sizes into modeling! I am a size 12 (5’6″ 165 pounds )and have a smaller tummy than her. No one ever believes my size but I am well aware of it. I never felt pressure to be smaller from the media but I am always concerned about my BMI even if my doctor keeps telling me I am not overweight. I always look at health books and charts indicating the size I should be and am CONSIDERED overweight by those charts. I have a lot of friends who are really self concious who are much smaller and toner than I. Never could understand what they were so unhappy with.

    Screw them!

  • She looks gorgeous – I dont know about anyone else but I would much rather look like that than a tooth pick. I know that the designers think their clothes look better on ‘size zeros’ but surely true fashion looks good on women of all sizes? (save for the bikini thong. that looks good on no one)
    Im British, so does anyone know what an American 12 is in UK sizes, so I can see it in perspective?

    • An American 12 is a UK 16 – if you shop at H & M they have both the UK and US clothes sizes on the labels.

    • You really think that is an improved version? Because I’m pretty sure I would rather the tummy than the abnormally proportioned linebacker shoulders that don’t fit her body anymore….

    • um, where did her organs go? Where they replaced with some sort of wooden plank that makes it possible for her spine to bend but not her front?

    • What do you expect in 10 minutes, lol? ;)

      It is easier to retouch a larger photo that gives you more detail and then you can shrink it down to size after.

      • LOL! But now she looks like she has a hunch back XD She’s too tall to do the whole big ass tiny stomach big boobs thing, petite won’t work xD

      • You can’t sit hunched over like that and NOT have some type of bulge. It doesn’t look realistic when it’s photoshopped out. Fat or thin, there is skin on your stomach, so that when you bend over it has to crunch up. Yea, she has a little extra extra skin, but there has to be SOME bulge.

  • Even though this model is gorgeous, I don’t think we should slam naturally thin models either. (starving models is another story).

  • She is truly a siren, very beautiful, and she is not fat. She is not overweight, and she looks very healthy and radiant to me. I put it to you out there- if clothes are made for humans to wear, why would you put them on skeletons?

  • Not to digress too far from the topic of this totally hot woman’s beauty, but, what the fuck is that horizontal line transversing her hips. Is she wearing a G-string (in which case, she is cheating and is not really, totally naked. Ha!!) Or, is her top half detachable from her bottom half. Well, enough then of my frivolity. Please return to your discussion.

  • Ku-doos to her! She’s both beautiful and naturally glowing. Sadly, this is a “victory” for the everywoman because we have a mainstream media that shames the average body. I see many more people with her build than the typical runway physique. And when I see a model-skinny chick – it always gets the same reaction “Bitch needs a hamburger!”

    • Why does everyone want to slam the thin fit people? Sounds like jealousy to me. I’m sorry that after having two babies I didn’t sit around and eat my way into self pity. I got my ass up and did something about it. I’m a size 4, 5’1″ and have been my entire adult life with killer curves. Call it lucky or good genes, but most refuse to see it as discipline and hard work. So don’t be so quick to applaud the overweight chick because in 5 to 10 years she’s gonna have diabetes, heart disease or peripheral vascular disease and as a nurse, she’s gonna provides me with greater job security. That’s the problem with society today, no one wants to step on anyones toes and standards continue to get lower and lower in every area of society. So, when you yell out to me, “bitch needs a hamburger” don’t be a hater cuz I probably just had one for lunch and I don’t have a substance abuse problem nor do I have an eating disorder. Just give me your respect for a job well done!

      • I gotta agree… I’ve been naturally thin my whole life, I’m 5’9, size 2. I know those proportions will probably cause some sort of systemic envy from the pathology of this website’s readers which is incredibly sad. I have never had an eating disorder and my weight only fluctuated when I was pregnant with my son. When I feel my body gaining a few extra pounds I discipline myself and cut back on the brownies, is that so hard? This society continues to give themselves excuses for being fat but I guarantee the size 12 model will not catch on, this is merely a divergence for all the unsettled egos of self-loathing women worldwide.

      • Well i am a nurse and she not going to get diabetes because she overweight what school did you go to ? Many SKINNY people have diabetes due to they’re glucose level.

  • I went to the same high school as her. I only saw her a couple of times around campus, but I remember one day seeing her wear a short dress. She looked so comfortable with her body. She’s a beautiful girl.

  • To all of the people out there that have a skewed perception of reality, this is called an amazing example of heroism on her part. It may just be me, but I could not better myself with a poster of an underweight model in front of me. Nor could I ever develop any self-confidence. No matter what justification people can come up with, society today has warped beauty into this image of women supposedly having this default size of 0. By no means am I bashing anyone who’s naturally skinny, that’s not what I’m getting at, I’m only saying that this gives me, along with many other people out there (I’m sure) a smile knowing that this Lizzi has bared it all and shown readers that ‘hey, this is me and I like it’ attitude that we all need to have. As long as you have a healthy lifestyle, I see absolutely no problem whatsoever with being a ‘size’ 12. Let’s just call it happy.

  • The only thing I find appealing about this chick is that I could definitely hide my weed in her bellyroll when we fly back from Cabo.

  • I feel a little conflicted about this. The aesthetic standard applied to women is certainly intense and for the most part is unrealistic…..but….

    I know I’m going out on a limb to say this- I think this girl looks overweight. Don’t get me wrong, she’s truly beautiful…. but also a little overweight. I work hard to maintain my figure and am often accused of being a ‘skinny bitch’. Women have gotten bigger on average over time. This is not something I think we should necessarily embrace.

    Maybe its time we stopped worrying about how we look and start worrying about our health? There is sugar hidden in almost everything we eat and everything else is full of pesticides or hormones, this is not okay!

    Please feel free to argue with me, I am willing to accept other people’s points of view. And please don’t think I’m a fatty hater! My mother has struggled with her weight for years, I’m more than familiar with the problems associated with obesity- a disease that has been looked at as a personality flaw for far too long.

    Have at me, kids.

    • Well Erin,
      I am 5’9″, 155lbs and a size 10. I eat mostly organic, no processed foods, no HFCS, very little meat and dairy. I work out 4-5 times a week, lifting weights, running on the treadmill and elliptical and am training for a 5K.
      All this and I still have a little pouch of a tummy just like the model above. I’ve never been called a skinny bitch, and have had huge self-esteem hang-ups partially because of all the unattainable size 00 images that have saturated the American landscape for so many years.
      I saw this picture in the issue of Glamour and it blew my mind. I’ve lived with self-hatred for years about how I look. I’ve beaten myself up mentally and physically because I don’t have a flat stomach or thin thighs. Lizzi’s picture made me rethink all this. If she can look happy, healthy confident and beautiful without being razor thin, then maybe I can too.
      On another note, not just women have gotten bigger over the years, PEOPLE are getting bigger. Taller, heavier, more muscular and yes, fatter. And we’re living longer too. Can we not embrace our taller selves as well as our heavier (not necessarily unhealthy) selves?

      • You need to date a black man. I bet you’re nice and thick! That is what I say to all my white friends with body issues. Find yourself a jamaican guy. Everytime I go home to Jamaica ppl try to feed me to thicken me!

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  • 5’11 and 180 pounds is not necessarily overweight. Normal, healthy women will have SOME sort of tummy when leaning over, slouched. Probably even you, Erin! Compared to “skinny bitches” out there she may LOOK overweight, but like you said… shouldn’t it be about health? If she’s happy and healthy, who are you to judge? Some may think she looks overweight… some may think you look like a skinny bitch. C’est la vie.

    I, for one, think she looks great and am glad to see a body like hers in a magazine!

  • Two months of working out and she would tone up and her weight wouldn’t be an issue at all, but modeling runway is different from print as day and night. She’s like a prettier version of Katherine Heigl, without the smoke and bitter attitude!

  • I think she looks great. And I don’t believe she is a size twelve at all, she could nearly be a ten i think, but i digress. You know what’s even better than her having the confidence to pose as a ‘plus-size’ (not that that term is accurate) model? It’s the fact that she has such a lovely smiling face while she is posing. Good for her. xo

    • Remember her height makes her proportionally bigger, so she might look like a size ten, but only if she were five inches shorter.

      • also is this not a british size 12?? An American 12 is a British 16.. and there is no chance she’s a 16 guys. Sorry to burst your bubble, if that’s your ideal of healthy… But over here in GB unhealthy people change to healthy lifestyles and end up as size 10s, 12s or 14s (or, 6 – 10 American sizing.)

        This is the happy healthy average that the average height woman should be looking for.

      • I have to agree. The only reason people are saying how GREAT she is, is because it doesn’t make them feel quite as bad about being obese themselves. Low self esteem!!

  • All I have to say is wow, awesome. I wish there were more models like this, or hollywood stars, because I think there’d be alot less pressure on girls to be thin. Seeing this photo made me feel great because here is a model, who has a tummy pouch, who has love handles, who has a muffin top, and she doesn’t care. I have all the same things on my body but I don’t have half the bravery or contentedness she does. If only she was around back when I was 11 and on my first diet.

  • Her stats and proportions are exactly the same as mine. I can’t buy normal clothes to fit me, only “plus size”.

  • OK, I first didn’t say anything on the topic, but I feel I have to even after all the comments.

    I’m sorry if this is offensive to some, but I remember reading in a fashion history lesson in HS that models were originally required to be so thin so that they did not take the attention away from the clothes and show them in their simplest form (no curves, no bust, no hips). When that became our “ideal of beauty”, I will never know.

    I understand that some of the runway clothes are not really meant to be worn on the street, but was concerns me is that most clothes are made to look good on very thin people. I’m a curvy girl, my bust is 1 inch larger than my hips (contrary to many measuring charts that make it impossible for me to get a dress that fits well), and I always have trouble finding clothes that flatter my body. I’m not disproportioned (is that even a word?!), I have a 1.3-1-1.3 bust-waist-hip ratio and am average height 5’5″. So why should it be so difficult for me to find clothes that look good. Ruffled shirts? Seriously? We’re women! Why would you put so much ruffle on top of your breasts? And the shapeless dresses that only look good on a thin body, because on anyone with boobs they drape like a tent! Very low cut jeans with medium hips and tiny waist… I love fashion, but I feel so restricted in my choices just because I’m not a size 2. Everything fashionable is made for thin people. And I know I’m gonna get a lot of “lose some weight you fatso” but frankly I don’t care because I feel vey comfortable with my body. But it’s sad that we’ve come to a point where the only way to feel beautiful is to be as small as we possibly can. I’m a woman, I love my curves and I’d like to show them off in a classy, non-trashy way!

    Make me some clothes! :-p

  • She looks good! Now the world can see what a health women looks like. Not everyone is skin and bones, some people actually eat food and we are not all skinny. I don’t think skinny is beautiful, I think beauty is being real. THis lady looks real and I like the way she looks!

  • She is really beautiful. A real women is the way to go. So what is she has a tummy. Most women do and can you really blame a women if she does. That is the way women are suppose to be.

  • Okay number 1
    models ARE so anorexic
    there are unbelivibly thin.
    no one is liek that
    even my skinny mate kendra whos a size 6-8 isnt that thin.
    there all bones
    if you want bones to walk down the runway GET A ROBOT SKELOTEN
    im 14 years old im size 12 bit thinner than her but
    she is beautiful :) its lovley to see a girl like that being talked good about
    i think woman need to relise being a size 12/10/14
    isnt fat.
    its healthy
    under 10 its unhealthy when you think bout it.
    as long as you have a good food plan with the right stuff
    and go out for a jog now and then
    your be fine.

    but when your anorexic 8/10 your colaps and die :)

    • “as long as you have a good food plan with the right stuff
      and go out for a jog now and then
      your be fine”

      You can SO be under size 10 and be healthy!
      you should take a look at a BMI chart and look in the “healthy” range!

  • I have been trying to gain weight since 6th grade.
    I am 20 now and I am 5’2 with small bust and hips, I weigh 110lbs.
    I hate it when overweight people say to me, “OMG your so skinny!” with a look of disgust on their face. I reply with “OMG your so fat!”
    People think it’s not offensive but it is, I am very healthy and the doc actually said im a good weight for my body frame/height. I am NOT anorexic and I HATE it when people assume I am.
    Alot of overweight people don’t like to be judged, but THEY judge the skinny people.
    I have no problem with overweight people, I think they are beautiful, (otherwise I wouldnt be trying to gain weight!) but when they offend me over my weight I WILL offend them RIGHT back!

  • I am happy to see somebody who is not your regular size zero model being shown in magazines. Years ago women were known for their curves and now a days we live in a very judgemental world, where people feel pressured into looking a curtain way. It is about tiime that magazines show curvy and real women and that we should each be treated on who we are and not how we look.

  • 180 pounds What a way to go for anything that go’s under her feet ! Crushed Flat and I bet she never even thinks about it Wonder what it would feel like if she stepped on you

  • She is the same size as me, size 12, (I’m about an inch shorter and 5 pounds lighter) and our bodies look very much the same, belly pooch and all.
    I saw this picture in Glamour (which I read regularly) and just about fell out in the floor… someone who looks like me! in a magazine! HOLY SHIT!
    I have been a size 8 and about 25lbs lighter, and I still thought I was too fat. So it doesn’t really matter what you look like if you still feel like shit about yourself. I love how confident this girl is and I am working on feeling just as confident (since we look so similar and all, I figure if she can do it, I can!)

    Also, while thin people do get ragged on a bit more in life, it’s so not the same thing as being larger. You can just open a magazine or watch a movie or tv show and find people who look just like you all over the place. Try being a larger person (even someone like me, who isn’t huge, but has struggled with ‘feeling too fat’ my entire life) and very rarely seeing anyone that looks like you among people you might look up to or admire or like (famous people). The vast majority of those people are very small.

    And contrary to popular belief, larger women are pretty much the beauty norm/ideal across the world in indigenous societies, and were also in western society not too long ago (think about all the “fat” women in Renaissance art, for instance).
    In Fiji, a place I have experience doing anthropological research, if you are smaller than about a size 16-18 US you must “kana vaka levu!!!” (eat very much!!!) because you’re obviously too skinny to find a husband. I donated several t-shirts to people while there and only the men and younger pre-teen girls were able to fit in my stuff (again, I’m a size US12). Also, several of the women in our research group were bigger than me, and only one girl was considered remotely attractive by their standards… and they called her fat to her face because it’s such a compliment there! none of the rest of us would’ve even been looked at a 2nd time if we hadn’t been very foreign-looking.

  • Size widely depends on a woman’s height, curves, and bone structure. I weight fifteen pounds lighter than her, yet we way the same size. People are too apt to generalize healthiness and beauty with clothing size.

  • I think this model is absolutely stunning. No offense, but I’d rather screw her than most other models.

    • I love a man who loves women with curves and “meat on the bones”….XOXO…We love that about you…

  • i am aged 14 and i am 5ft 11 but i weigh 180 the exact same as lizzie but shes 20 i am attempting to lose weight but am finding it hard and i think it might help if they had models like her in magazines and adverts e.c.t , show what woman look like instead of the skeleton models they have now

  • Nice Shape. Hopefully well see more models like her on the runway (minus the tummy). Doesn’t have to a six pack. Definitely looks better if she had a flatter tummy.

  • She’s cute. Healthy women need to be the faces for women everywhere! I don’t even understand the whole skeletal look, it’s disgusting and it’s ashame how negatively it influences young girls. Obviously designers want the dresses to look as if they are hanging on the rack in a store cause that’s what it looks like on these emaciated, runway models. We do, however, not want to go in the other direction and allow women and girls to think it’s okay to not eat healthy foods and to not have to exercise. There are way too many overweight people in America, men and women alike, which is not only harmful to themselves and families, but also greatly inflates healthcare costs for our country as a whole.

  • This, is great ! What a good looking should look like.. not the phony stick figures that we are being force fed on tv and in the movies.

  • Regards her tummy, it looks to me like she has had a child. This is what happens. But it is a little reminder of the most amazing thing the human body can do – grow a baby. She looks fantastic.

  • Also bear in mind that she’s sitting down. Most people apart from the ones who are rail-thin get a bit of a rolled-up tummy when they sit down.

    I recently watched the movie The Misfits, and in it Marilyn Monroe says she’s a size 12. Don’t know if that would be the same as a size 12 today, but it’s food for thought nonetheless.

  • But one thing I do want to point out…She’s 5’11”. Now 180 lbs, on a woman that height, looks VERY good, indeed. But I’m only 5’5″ and it wouldn’t look that great on me. Just like 110 lbs wouldn’t look good on me either (I’d be a walking skeleton at that weight)….My “nice” range is around 135-145.

  • And another thing: She’s sitting down. Now, it’s normal for the stomach muscles to relax when you sit down. Everybody has that when sitting down (even the beautiful Marilyn Monroe and Bettie Page, in their photos of them sitting down)…It’s normal!! Get a life and stop worrying so damn much!!