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“Beatrice questions everybody who eats animals  When we were in the south of France, there was a buffet for kids, and by the end of the week no one would sit near us because she would go over and say, ‘Why are you eating that cow’s bottom?’ or ‘Oh, look at that little shrimp with little eyes.'”

Heather Mills, confirming that she’s raising her 5-year-old vegan daughter to be a total pain in the ass to the general public.

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  • may be hard to believe, wendie, but some five-year-olds actually have a conscious AND :gasp!: speak their minds.

    • I have three kids and they all speak their minds, however, I don’t allow them to approach strangers to offer commentary regarding what they have on their plate. It’s about couth.

      Furthermore, if Heather Mills was really committed to letting her child have free will, why doesn’t she wait until Beatrice is old enough to make a decision based on her own personal belief system instead of that of her mother?

      • wendie, when beatrice is old enough to decide she wants to eat meat she can. until then, her household is meat-free. do you have any particular problem with that situation?

      • My daughter was a vegetarian until she was able to grasp the concept of where meat came from. Then she decided that cows were yummy and she wanted some.

        At no point did she scold anybody for what they were eating.
        Because she wasn’t taught to be a rude little bitch.

      • That’s fine, it’s about the way it’s talked about, imo. Example: One day my son and I stumbled upon a group of people outside smoking and he says to me, “I guess they all want to die.” He learned in school that Smoking Kills and as no one in our family smokes, came to some conclusions. I explained that no, they don’t – they get pleasure out of it or feel they can’t quit or whatever but they have their reasons and even though it’s very unhealthy, they’ve made their choices for different reasons. I don’t want him growing up thinking that if you smoke you must be a total idiot who wants to die. Nor would I want a vegan child passing that kind of judgement around. Or a vegan adult for that matter.

      • Fair enough. I accept that she has a vegan household and wants to raise her daughter that way. I was responding to the poster who said 5-year-olds should “speak their mind”. At 5, that kid is eating vegan because her mother raised her that way. She’s not speaking HER mind, she’s speaking her mother’s mind.

      • Why is it, when people hear of vegan children, that they comment that the children are being “forced” to be that way because of their parents “beliefs” or “mind”. Being vegan is a way of life not dissimilar to religion. It is a parents responsibility to teach their children good morals isn’t it? You teach your child not to steal, not to hit on the playground or to share their toys. Why is teaching a child your beliefs about sentient life any different than that?

        The fact is is that it’s not. A child doesn’t grow into religion just as a child doesn’t grow into veganism. A parent chooses a religion for the baby and brings that child up that way because that is what they morally believe is the right thing to do. A vegan does the exact same thing.

        What isn’t right, however, is to let your child walk up to strangers. Regardless of what comes out of her mouth. That’s the real issue here – not being vegan or raising the child vegan.

      • @KD-dude, who said “forced”? If you want your kid to be vegan, cool. I don’t think a kid should address a dining adult on THEIR food choices.

      • if more kids were educated about where meat comes from..they would probably be saying the same things.

      • BUT, Wendie I 100% agree with you! *gasp*
        I know its crazy, but its true :)

        It is never ok to teach a child to be intrusive and rude. It will only lead to a life time of misery for the brat lol

      • I bet you are right about that. When it comes to things that matter you tend to be spot on and I find myself really appreciating your opinion on such topics.

        Have a nice day , Wendie

    • 1) yeah, it’s rude but i wouldn’t walk my child around with a leash and a muzzle.


      2) i decided to be vegetarian at 4 while living in a meat-eating household. five year-olds are actually capable of making “adult” decisions sometimes…fuck, can adults be up themselves or what!

  • Eloise..
    Let me tell you.. that 5 yr old is on a path of obnoxious.
    HM is raising a rude child, not one with a conscious. My 3 yr old has better manners. No one needs to be told BY A 5 YR old what to eat.

  • OMG! You ate MR Tangerine and Miss Peach!! Are you crazy.. do you know where tofu comes from? Bean Goo! You are eating bean rot! EW EW EW!

  • Being an example of a vegetarian, and providing a thoughtful explanation of why you are one when you’re asked, could well provoke people to think about whether they want to eat meat, and if they are open to vegetarianism, or even eating less meat. I guarantee you that a Cockney brat interrogating you about your eating habits has never converted anybody to vegetarianism.

  • I’d love to have her sit near me.
    “Why are you eating that cow’s bottom?”
    “Beacause it’s soooo yummy. Want some?”

    • Alzaetie, nice comeback. I personally would have responded with “because they were all out of obnoxious little girl!”

  • It isn’t about allowing a children to speak their mind. It is about having a brat kid come up to total strangers to harangue them regarding their choice of food. I agree with Wendie on this.

  • I hate to be that person but isn’t the word you’re looking for “conscience” not “conscious”?

    Anyhoo.. no, it is not about conscience. A 5 yr old has a conscience about anything you tell them to. 5 yr old children of Neo-Nazis have a conscience about the plight of white men in today’s diverse society. It’s about raising your child to be able to make their own choices and respect the choices other people make.

  • I’m inclined to agree with Wendie. No one should be raising their child to harass total strangers. If anything Heather Mills is hurting her cause by not reining in her child.

    I’ve lived with vegans and I was always much more perceptive to the vegan way of life before they started throwing my non-vegan food away. You get people’s backs up, they are less likely to see your perspective.

    • “You get people’s backs up, they are less likely to see your perspective.” I completely agree. It just puts people off.

    • When I was in college I ended up with a couple of vegan roommates one summer (not by choice). The used to berate me any time I cooked anything non-vegan, especially if it contained pork (they were also Jewish and constantly called me ‘godless’ (which is true) and whole pile of other nonsense).

      The day I moved out they were not home so I cooked up five pounds of bacon and covered every piece of dishware, cutlery and cookware they owned in bacon fat. Just before I walked out the door, I covered the entire kitchen floor with a layer of bacon fat.

      I heard through the grapevine that the place smelled like bacon for the next year. Hopefully that taught those vegan bitches to keep their mouths shut, though somehow I doubt it.

  • I’m with Wendie on this one. HM is teaching her child intolerance and that it’s OK to express that intolerance to the general public of strangers. That’s not only obnoxious to the recipients, but is also setting her up for a world of hurt when other kids start pushing back and excluding her. Hopefully the fact that her father’s a famous and beloved gazillionaire will help to make her popular in spite of herself…

  • i’ve been a veggie since i was a child (my own choice – everryone else in my family eats meat), but i have never assaulted people for their dietary choices – if someone asks me why i don’t eat meat i am happy to discuss it with them. it’s fine to raise your child to be vegetarian, but raising your child to be a pain in the ass is never a good idea.

  • I think the one thing that I’ve gained from being vegetarian for so long is a hatred for most other vegetarians.

  • I think this is awesome. And if other little kids don’t like her speaking her beliefs, maybe she shouldn’t be friends with them. Being popular and fitting in are ridiculous reasons to tell your child to stop sharing her thoughts. She will learn the right way to behave – what hurts feelings and loses friends – from society, every child does. And If you feel so harassed by a “brat” coming up and talking to you about your food choices, maybe you need to rethink your tolerance level. It’s a child. They say things. Her words have absolutely no effect on your life unless you let them, like the words of everyone else. Tell her to go away, if you don’t like it. Or teach her what you believe. Like I said, she’ll learn social cues. And I think it’s great that she’s learning how to behave first hand, she’ll be a more socially adaptable person that way.
    And with regards to letting her make her own food decisions, I think it’s perfectly OK to raise a child vegan until they are old enough to make their own informed dietary choices. At five-years-old, kids don’t know more than what tastes good, and there is a lot more to a healthy diet than that, obviously. She’ll question her mother’s ideals someday. I think parents overestimate the influence they have on their kids choices in the long run.

    • I don’t think anybody has a problem with kids not eating meat.

      Part of parenting, aside from teaching kids to eat healthy, is teaching kids not to be obnoxious. Telling strangers how to eat is completely rude and obnoxious.
      If a kid comes up to me and is a brat, I don’t blame the kid. I blame the parent that taught them to be a brat. I don’t have to be tolerant of that.

    • If she spends the night with me she’s going to McDonalds for a cheeseburger and fries. That kid is fucked!

      • It’s good that you have chosen McDonalds to take her to…..they put artificial flavour in their fry oil to give their fries a subtle beefy flavour!


  • I can sort of agree with Wendi. Raising vegetarian kids and one vegan baby, I taught them why _our_ family doesn’t eat meat and explained that when they leave the house and pay their own bills, their dietary contents are their business.

    My oldest who has a form of autism and has no filter, will say things loudly but he is corrected. To encourage that sort of behavior is encouraging that child to get his ass kicked in school.

  • Tell Heather if her daughter comes up to my table and says that shit, I’ll be stuffing her mouth with the fat I just cut off my ribeye steak. Then I’ll be glad to discuss manners with her peg legged whore of a pirate mother.

  • Wow! This subject seems to cause a stir of reactions. I remember when our son was young, he thought we were putting frog eyes in our martinis. He came down during a formal dinner and repremanded all the adults for eating frogs. We finally figured out that he though olives were frog eyes. I still think of frogs with compassion aftet that. They come and night to eat the dogs left overs with “dates” two to a bowl. I love seeing them through our son’s younger eyes. I cannot image the trauma of thinking he was eating a cow’s behind at Mickey Ds. I ate vegetarian and tried to encourge it without guilt when they were young. The youngest chose a meat free diet on his own. He does get alot of flack but learned early on meat free choices from menus.

  • I just read a few comments with parents with Asperger’s Syndome (a form of autuism). It is a challenge. My oldest son has it and has always says exactly what he is thinking. You really cannot punish as he does not know he is peforming any social infraction. He eats almost entirely starches. I could control this when he lived home, but at college it’s a Weight Watchers nightmare. He did make comments to people at Beatrice’s age about killing animals too but I don’t think he really had the abilty to make the connection.

  • Sinisterly whisper.. ‘Give me five dollars and I’ll tell you why I eat cow’s bottom little girl.. Bwaaa-hahahahaha!’

  • I think it is time for little Bea to move in with Sir Paul and get away from her dear old batshit crazy mum.