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Douche Actually


Hugh Grant is leaving show business.  Again.  Still.  Since 1994.  This is how it goes:  Hugh Grant appears in a romantic comedy.  Hugh Grant does press where he explains that he sucks because he has stage fright.  Hugh Grant talks about what a sucky job acting is.  Hugh Grant says he’s retiring.  Hugh Grant signs on for a role in a romantic comedy.

He said he had been on the verge of quitting acting before his life-changing audition for Four Weddings and a Funeral.

He has since described his job as a ‘miserable experience’ and threatened to retire at least twice.

And now, just months after completing work on yet another movie, Hugh Grant is talking about throwing the towel in yet again.

Blaming a string of stage fright attacks, the 48-year-old actor insists he is ready to give up his day job at last.

‘I like everything about filming except the acting,’ he told US magazine Entertainment Weekly.

‘I’m wonderful in rehearsals, but I have never been very good when they actually switch the cameras on.

‘In recent years I’ve had really bad attacks where I totally froze up. I though “Well, if I am going to get stage fright, then I am packing it in”.’

He’s like the Cher (or Rolling Stones) of Hollywood.  There comes a time where you have to stop saying you’re leaving and you have to follow through.  How many more sheepish, one-eyebrow-cocked half-smiles are we supposed to endure in this lifetime, anyway?  I just want Hugh to know that the cinematic world can continue on without him.  He’s just not that relevant.  Hugh needs to start being a man of his word and keep a promise.  Go.

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  • Aw. I kind of “get it”. I can also think of millions of other people who’d like to have his opportunities. Maybe Hugh should just get behind the camera?! Or go into teaching acting. Now I’m thinking about Arrested Development and Carl Weathers acting class–where he teaches how to get something for nothing to survive. hahahaha

    Hugh could teach about how to ID a real whore from a police officer… He’s going to go far. I can tell.

  • I actually like him and if they really do a third Bridget Jones I can#t imagine anyone but him as daniel!

  • When people call someone a “douche” it always seems to be in the context of the old, familiar, phrase of “you are such a douche bag”. Well for the record I would like to amend the calling of Hugh a “douche” to mean that he is the liquid (of whatever sort) that is expelled from the vagina after said douching. Someone should douche between his ears.