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Good News! Michael Jackson To Be Laid To Rest Soon!


According to Joe Jackson, his son Michael will be laid to rest at Forest Lawn Cemetery on the singer’s birthday, August 29 at 10 a.m.  I find this both poignant and creepy.  For the record, Papa Joe offered up all this info during a lunch interview in which he brought Crystal Marven.  Who is Crystal Marven?  She’s a recording artist under contract with Joe’s new label.  Always the opportunist businessman.

He also talked about the ongoing investigation of Dr. Conrad Murray.  Though he supports LAPD, he thinks Murray could be “the fall guy for a whole lot of people.”

Toxicology reports haven’t been released yet.  I’m sure the prosecutor is trying to figure a way to pin a manslaughter charge on Murray.  It’s going to be difficult, because though he admitted to administering the anesthetic Propofol, it’s going to be impossible to track down the source of all the other drugs that were swimming around in Michael’s bloodstream.  Also, the prosecution would have to prove that Dr. Murray knew that Jackson was ingesting all those other drugs.  If the LAPD has learned nothing — botched criminal cases are kinda their specialty — I hope they know not to rush their investigation.  

Though Michael will soon have a final resting place, I doubt he’ll ever rest in peace.  Like Elvis and Monroe, the circumstances surrounding his death will be re-investigated and speculated about forever.

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  • Actually, MJ looks fairly healthy in this photograph. Shouldn’t somebody at least take his pulse before they finally bury him?

  • Due to the fact that Michael Jackson was 99% plastic, he was melted into Legos so little kids will have the chance to play with him for a change.

      • Donkey Punch insists on putting extra effort into hatred against MJ instead of just scrolling past the few posts about him here and there.

        That hate is going to eat you alive.

    • Normally me and “Donkey Balls” agree on absolutely nothing, but I fucking laughed my ass off when I read what “it” wrote. And “Dani” this site isn’t about everyone agreeing with whatever the Beet or her minions post. We can say what ever the fuck we want.

  • Its odd. I looked at the photo, particularly at the image of his hands, and though he looked like an animated cadaver. The face – ok I’ll agree he looks more or less, “vital.” But the purple hands – are a dead, and I do mean DEAD giveaway. He was the living image (at least when the photo was taken) of “Death Becomes Him.”

  • If it’s true, it’s a Good Thing, indeed, as someone else would say. But I still don’t get why there was that fake “MJ was buried in an unmarked grave in Forest Lawn Cemetary” (Or whatever that cemetary was called) that morphed into MJ was buried close to his grandma in aforementioned cemetary was launched. Why? I don’t see who benefited from that rumor. The cemetary probably had to hire more security, which meant $$$; and for the Jackson family, it was one thing less to wail about in interview (thought, that there weren’t any Jermaine or LaToya interview about How MY Dear Brother Was Finally Laid To Rest And Oh Yeah, I’ve Got Such And Such to Plug, And I Miss My Dear Paycheck uh I Mean Brother should’ve been a telltale sign that it wasn’t true) yet that rumor got into several “credible” media.