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Dancing With The Stars Season 9 Cast Revealed


Personally, I’d like to thank ABC for not releasing a few names at a time, which is what they did last season.  I’m not a fan of Dancing With The Stars, but I’ll totally be tuning in to see former GOP leader Tom DeLay do a Paso Doble.  The show has classified Ashley Hamilton as an “actor”.  I guess the categories “I’ve Yet to Stay Married to a C-List Celeb For More Than Five Months” or “No, I Don’t Really Know Why My Dad George Hamilton is Famous Either” weren’t options.

Here’s the line-up:


Mya, Macy Gray, Aaron Carter, Donny Osmond


Melissa Joan Hart, Debi Mazar, Ashley Hamilton (?)


Joanna Krupa, Kathy Ireland

Reality Television Contestants

Kelly Osbourne, Mark Dacascos (Iron Chef America)


Chuck Liddell (martial arts), Louis Vito (snowboarder), Natalie Coughlin (swimmer), Michael Irvin (football)

Politicians (weird, just weird)

Tom DeLay

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    • Well it is nice to see that ABC does not have issues with hiring crooked politicians from Texas.

      I am still stunned Delay managed not to be spending the rest of his life in federal prison for his unscrupulous behavior.

  • Hmm. Mark DaCascos should do well. He’s an upper rank black belt in at least 1 discipline and if you ever watched him, flexible as all heck.

  • I used to have a huge crush on Mark back when Double Dragon came out, and then again when The Crow was on TV…sad, but true.

  • I never watch the show but I’d be interested to see what Kelly Osbourne ends up wearing on the dance floor….and what her hair looks like.

  • Kelly Osbourne…really? There goes any career you may have had in Hollywood. Then again I’m not really sure what that career might have been anyways.

    And Aaron Carter that’s just too perfect! Haha he’s a mess and I like watching every second of it.