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Pete Wentz Finally Comes Out

Okay, okay, it isn’t exactly how it sounds but Pete Wentz along with his wife Ashlee Simpson were the featured players in the newest NOH8 Campaign public service announcement.  Celebs such as Aubrey O’Day and Emmy Rossum — Did I ever mention the time Emmy asked on Twitter, “How did they come up with the name Twitter?” and I had to explain to her that “twitter” is an actual word that means “talk”? — and every day people all claim to “come out” against hate and discrimination.

Regardless of the election results and Supreme Court decision, this movement will continue until there is one standard set of laws that allows everyone equal rights.

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  • It’s really galling that so much money from the Mormon church was used to fund an anti equal marriage rights amendment in CA, shouldn’t they be concerned more with the child sex rings in Mormon cults, cleaning up their state’s own sexual abuse of children and women before wandering over to California with inaccurate and out right lies in their anti marriage campaign?

    I feels so sorry for people in this state, some are married and some cannot be married – it’s an insane situation, and I do hope it becomes a federal law that any two people can marry if they choose to. So much for equality.

    What’s sad is the ads played right into that central valley farmer mentality of fear of homosexuality and bigotry that is so pervasive there. I am glad that this campaign is reaching people but they need to get people who will reach the reluctant voters with true information, the Wentz’s are really singing to the choir because that age group is for the most part already on board and even with that large age group of voters, it was voted down.

    • That’s a good point. Most younger people are more accepting than middle-aged/older Californians. So, they probably are targeting the wrong demo by using this celebs. Thing is, are “older” people too set in their ways already to change? Interesting though. I certainly hope they can change their minds.