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Kourtney Kardashian Fesses Up About Baby Daddy

I think most people who watch that Kardashian show already knew this, but this morning Kourtney confessed that her ex, and now current, boyfriend Scott Disick is the baby’s father.  I don’t know enough about the show to determine if this is good or not, but based on what I’ve read online, he sounds like a real ass.

I’ll tell you what concerns me most.  Kourtney also spoke on Ryan Seacrest’s morning show today and explained that she always forgets to take her pill — that’s how she ended up pregnant.  Kourtney, I am here to tell you that there are so many fucking things you need to remember when you have a kid.  There’s, like, diaper changes and feedings and carpools, medicine dosing and orthodontist appointments.  So.  Much.  

Kardashian is 30 and it just seems like she should have enough maturity to be able to remember one pill a day.  Taking a pill isn’t time consuming, it doesn’t require talent, and I think she can afford the $30 monthly co-pay.  Protecting yourself from getting pregnant before you’re ready is important!  She could have set an alarm reminder on her Blackberry — that’s how I remember to get my kid off the bus every day.  One little swallow could have prevented this!

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  • Ugh, who are they really and why does anyone care about any of them? They all just seem so useless and boring, they own a couple of over priced tiny stores, it just confuses me why they are famous.

    • I’ve seriously seen the show about once, but I totally thought she was youngest, Kim in the middle, then Khloe oldest. I got that SOO flipped around. 30?!? Wow. To be honest I thought there’d be an uproar about her being pregnant and so young…nevermind…she’s a decade older than I thought. Wow.

  • So what Kourtney really wanted to say was, “I got pregnant on purpose to trap my on again, off-again boyfriend so he finally marries me”. But all that came out was, ” I forget to take my pill all the time.”

    Are you sure she is 30? Because she acts and has the mental capacity of a 15 year old.

  • Well, she’s gotten her boyfriend back and a whole lotta publicity.
    And she likely hasn’t had morning sickness yet.
    So the whole situation must be looking mighty good to her right now.
    And when she does have the kid, she can pawn it off on her boyfriend. Or she can afford buy it a mother or two (I mean nanny).

  • Does ANYONE know how old Scott is? My friend asked me like an hour ago, and I’ve been trying to google it ever since. Nobody seems to know!!

  • one word: nuvo-ring. Insert and forget. Don’t have to remember to take a pill or anything, and you don’t even notice its there. And if your partner doesnt like it, you can take it out for up to three hours. Learn about it, I LOVE it.

  • Not to mention there’s the depo injection, implanon, all kinds of contraception designed for people who forget to take a daily pill! I think she’s a big fibber and wanted to get pregnant

  • Thank goodness they pretended to raise a monkey on the show so the ladies are well prepared for motherhood.

  • You have to pay for birth control?!?
    It’s free in England – along with everything else as the NHS covers us all – No matter what propoganda republicans like to spout.

    I come from a poor family and my dad is alive (after a massive car crash) because of the NHS, my Nana can see again (glaucoma and cateracts) becuase of the NHS and my grandad with alzeimers is being looked after in an amazing care home all for free.

    The NHS has it’s problems but it gives us all peace of mind – I know if I break my arms tomorrow and I’m off work for 6 weeks I have national insurance to cover wages and the NHS to cover my medical care.

    Go NHS!!!