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Channing Tatum’s Sexy Stripper Past!

So, I’m flipping through the news and I see a headline mentioning “Channing Tatum” and “striptease.” Because I am so obsessed lately with watching West Wing reruns (and pining for Aaron Sorkin), in my head when I read “Channing Tatum” I thought “Stockard Channing” and then I pictured the West Wing‘s First Lady grinding on a pole, Miley-style. So that was funny.

But not anywhere near as funny as the actual Channing Tatum striptease. Apparently about 10 years ago he worked for an all-male revue (with a strict no-nudity policy). This is just like anything you’d see at a standard Chippendale’s show — definitely sexy, but mostly fun and laughable and good-timey and not at all imbued with the intensity and sexuality of a female strip joint.

But ladies — don’t think you’re going to get a piece of Channing again any time soon. He married his Step Up co-star and longtime girlfriend Jenna Dewan in July.

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