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8ZOMG You Guys I’m So Excited That Aaron Sorkin Is Writing the Facebook Movie

If I had a magical genie and that genie could grant me one wish, I would be all like, “Genie, I want Aaron Sorkin to write the screenplay version of my life.” Aaron Sorkin is a magical genie, and I’m beyond delighted that he’s writing the upcoming film about the start of Facebook, tentatively titled The Social Network. In this interview, Aaron says he’s close to finishing a first draft. A script-review blog reportedly got a look at it in June, and, while they don’t post the actual script, you can read a decent play-by-play here. I’m completely drooling over any news about this movie, mostly because I’m completely obsessed with Aaron Sorkin and all I want to do all day is watch things that he wrote. And then I want to marry him, because we’ll write our own vows and I just can’t wait to hear all the marvelous turns-of-phrase he has for me. Aaron? If the Google alert you undoubtedly have on your name picks this up, my contact information is in the sidebar.

August 11, 2009 at 10:56 pm by Evil Beet

8 Responses to “ZOMG You Guys I’m So Excited That Aaron Sorkin Is Writing the Facebook Movie”

  1. jerzy says:

    Damn Beet is there not one single brilliant intellectual you wouldn’t want to marry/fuck? Or in your case fuck first/then marry?

  2. Erin says:

    Amen to that Beet. You know he’s a coke-head, right?

  3. Wendie says:

    If I had just one wish, I would be all like, “Genie, could you please completely kill the Facebook movie project?” I cannot imagine how a movie about FB can be a success.

  4. Jinxy says:

    I thought the exact same thing, how can Facebook be an interesting movie? What’s really interesting is the back story, why do all successful geeks have no heart until they decide to be philanthropists when they are filthy rich? Bill are you listening? Plus I LOVE the idea of it all intersecting with the deposition throughout. I think if anyone can pull this movie off it’s the Sorkin. I am curious about the other movie mentioned about Facebook too.

    David Fincher directing, somebody’s going to get beat with a keyboard.

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