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Want a First Look at Perez Hilton’s New Site?


Perez Hilton launches his new website,, on Thursday. If you go to the website now, there’s only a blank page and a login. But I’m sorta computer-savvy, and his developers clearly are not, and so I poked around a bit to get a first look at the homepage. The rumors have been that this is going to be a website targeting women around the 26-year-old demographic, using “longer-form” editorial content, but what it looks like to me is but focusing on the fashion world. I mean, in some of these posts, he’s still drawing on photos. (I think he’s trying to remain true to the brand, but it doesn’t play well with the “more mature audience” concept. Drop that part, Mario.)

The longer-form editorials appear to consist of a paragraph or so more than his traditional pieces. For instance, he ran this piece about the new Harvard clothing line on his current site. The mock-up for the new site includes that same article, but with the last paragraph expanded to say this:

This is all fine and well, but there is one lingering question: why?? This is from so far left field. We would understand if The New School or RISD or any number of artistic/fashion focused schools launched a line – it would still be unusual but at least a logical progression. But this?? This is just so random. Especially since Harvard isn’t exactly thought of as the apex of fashion. This is like Janet Reno announcing she’s launching a line of lingerie. You just can’t get your head around it because it’s so…bizarre.

Well, at least they’ve got our attention!

Ohhhhhh man. Mario, dude, you’re not cut out for “longer-form” editorial. The more you “write,” the more obvious it becomes that you’re a gossip hound and famewhore, but clearly not a “writer.” This concept doesn’t play to your strengths; rather, it exposes your weaknesses. Tell ya what, buddy: You stick to short-form editorial and the Fidel Castro beat, and I’ll handle being funny and insightful for the both of us. Side note: Want me to manage your IT department, too?

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  • Every time I click a Prez link from Twitter I’m astounded at how fucking stupid he is. The drawings of penis’ and cum dribbling out of mouths isn’t enough, he has to type which makes me wonder wtf he is famous in the first place.
    Yes, he may be BFF forever with Katy perry and Lady Gaga, but that doesn’t mean he’s equipped to handle the world of gossip. And by that I mean, every time I read what he has to say I want to stab a child in the face. And that clearly isn’t a healthy feeling.

  • lol try again…………………………………………………………..

  • OMG, thanks to the person above, I cannot believe that simple little hack worked. I am looking around the fully functional (un-secured) site right now. Full access the whole site from what I can see. Damn!

  • Mad props. What a brilliant scoop.

    I was going to leave doing the linkpost till tomorrow, but this deserves to get linked to RIGHT NOW. Also, if you don’t send this to Gawker, I will. Awesome work (and I don’t mean Perez’s).

    • Looks like it went up on Gawker around the same time and Ms. Beet got a link for her amazing sleuthing ability!! Down with Perez! I can’t believe he is invoking Coco, ugh.

  • What’s the point of launching a new website featuring the same articles as the first site ? I don’t get it. Thanks for sharing these wonderful penis drawings, made my day.

  • Havent you noticed Perez seems to draw on the pictures and then save them like that… So if he makes a new page and uses old pictures all the white ugly markings will follow.. Just a thought.

  • Damn – the site seems to have been secured now – I’m too late to check it out! Was it really as easy as entering in the URL?

  • You can still get to it as of right now anyway. Use the link in the first comment with the https

  • Didn’t his fashion line epically fail at Hot Topic and now can be found in random dollar bins? Fashion focused website by a man who dresses like a slow 3 year old, if it’s a joke it’s stellar, if not very sad. He doesn’t know fashion, understand fashion but it’s going to be great to hear that he fails – he deserves it more than anyone, he’s vile.

    I’ll never be going over there, I doubt anyone else will either. Coco is spinning in her grave today.

  • I can’t stand Perez just like most intelligent human beings, but honestly,

    you aren’t near as funny as you used to be… in my humble opinion you are moving into lame Chelsea Handler territory aka stating totally obvious things with little to none wit and/or humor.

    • I actually agree. Chelsea used to be super funny and now when I watch her show, it’s not what it used to be. I only watch it for Loni Love.

    • Seconded – you just sound bitter Beet. He’s insanely popular because he gets all the scoops, you’re not. Learn to deal with it. FYI that post was not remotely funny or insightful. Leave that to Wendie.

      • I definitely agree with how Chelsea’s been anything but funny or witty as of late– but Beet still hits the spot everytime.

        Also, most of the time Perez’s “scopes” aren’t scopes at all– they’re just unwarranted, hurtful accusations. There’s no authority or even in Perez’s words “logical progression” for lots of his so-called “scopes”.

  • What ever happened to that brainchild of his “Perez on the GO”? Where you could get instant updates (and more) from his site. I don’t see it advertised there anymore. A fashion site? Who does he think he is the new Mr Blackwell? I haven’t been to his site in ages and don’t plan to venture over to this one.

    • Also, I stumbled on his site some day not too long ago and read some gibberish about Perez Hilton starting a record label.

  • I never understood Perez Hilton’s appeal, but I didn’t care for high school bullies, either. Team Beet!

  • Ugh. Just because a school doesn’t have an ‘art focus’ does not mean that there aren’t talented artists attending it.

  • At, we love to hate on Perez Hilton… and it looks like his new website will be supplying us with a lot of fresh material.
    -The Big Cheese

  • so what if he can draw obscene images on other ppl’s faces. what does that say about his intellect? i’m not very smart but i’m smart enough to know not to read trash.

    i love you ebeet! you’re my hero. right up there with the chelsler [;

    • you’re even funnier than chelsea! i miss reading your entries EVERY day but it makes me appreciate you so much more [;

  • Your jealousy of Mario Lavandeira is so transparent, it’s almost sad. You will never achieve the level of success that Perez Hilton has for exactly that reason. I bet, everyday, when you’re trolling through his site looking for stories to copy and paste, you see all his ads, (which just reminds you of how much $$$ he’s making vs. how much $$$ you’re not making), and you realize that even if he can’t write, draws penises and cum, and trashes people, you could never, ever do what he does. So before you knock Perez, think about why you do it…anyone that reads this site can easily figure it out. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy me some Beet, (at least when your hit or miss posts, are more hit than miss), it’s just pathetic that you have to knock your competitor, when he doesn’t even breathe any other blogger’s names. If you dislike him as much as you claim to, why even waste space writing about him, if he’s a talentless, “epic” failure?!? $100,000+ per day in ad revenues, does not equal fail in my book and I’m sure it doesn’t in yours either. Just give it up already, it really is sad. Let the snarky attempts at trashing me commence…

    • HI, PEREZ! Dude, it’s OT, but it is just creepy that you refer to yourself using the royal “we.” Switching back to first person at the end of your diatribe just exemplifies your poor writing skills.

      A person trashing you has nothing to do with being jealous of you. They’re just trashing you ’cause, well, you’re trashy! How can you even look yourself in the mirror? Few, if ANY, if your posts are scoops – almost every single one has at least one link that leads to the original story, although they all lack source acknowledgement. No one here’s mentioned it, but it’s a matter of documented fact that you draw on pictures to legitimize their theft from other sites since you convinced some dumbass judge it was “pop art” once you doodled on the photo.

      Your base fear of being sued is the only reason you don’t mention other blogger names. You’re a hypocrite by accusing others of “knock[ing] your competitor” since you regularly state that you are the only blogger worth reading, thereby implying that other bloggers are beneath you.

      It’s funny, ever since I read about your dodging a lawsuit by attributing the writing on your site to your sister since she writes the majority (if not all) of “your” posts, I can hear the female voice when I decide on a slow news day to slum it, head for your site, and read your tripe. I hear HER. The irony is just too rich and amusing.

      As revealed by your reaction to the Will.I.Am incident, you are a mean-spirited, nasty human being. Moreover, you really need to get over yourself: most of the rest of us already have! LOL Your only apparent redeeming value is your ability as a salesman. You are just lucky that corporate schmucks just don’t know better. After all, you’re selling them on simple statistics, and everyone knows statistics can be easily manipulated. Yeppers, I’d be proud if I were you: your primary demographic is vapid teenagers and people in their early twenties. Ooooo, don’t they have a lot of money to spend: their parents’ money! I’m certainly not the only person who’s noticed the weekly photos all look as though they originated at a dorm.

      For me, your site has lost all appeal, especially since your sister started in with the “cum puddles” which are just disgusting and not even mildly humorous. They’re just gross.

      • First of all, my name is Steve, not Perez, and I’m the one who wrote the comment above. But thank you for confirming the fact that I have absolutely no skills when it comes to writing. I never claimed to, and neither does he. You’re no Pulitzer worthy writer either, sweetheart. Sorry to be the one to tell you this, but the use of big words does not qualify as good writing skills. It just makes you come off as pretentious. Secondly, I have no idea what level of reading comprehension you possess, but the “royal we” that you claim is so “creepy,” was never uttered in my comment.

        Personally, I’m not a big fan of Perez, but reading people trashing him gets really old. I think he is annoyingly flamboyant, egotistical, petty, and as you stated, trashy. However, his impact on pop culture cannot be denied. He put online celebrity gossip on the map, and everyone else, including this site, are just imitators. Granted, some may now do it better, but he happens to be the the loudest, most famous one. I did not write that to defend him as a person, but to point out that his biggest critics seem to be other blog writers. Their opinion is biased, and it’s painfully obvious that their motivation is jealousy. This very site has mentioned numerous times that they wish they could charge as much as he does for ads.

        As far as him linking to original stories, take a minute to go through your beloved Beet. You’ll find that every post has a link to, eonline, nypost, etc. Every blog does this, as they do not have the staff to research and write their own original pieces. You totally contradict yourself by saying he links to the original story, but does not acknowledge the source. Are you really that stupid? By linking to the original story, he IS acknowledging the source, idiot. If he didn’t, he wouldn’t link to a goddamn thing. Also, I have never once seen him state “that [he is] the only blogger worth reading.” Your credibility is slim to none, as you are obviously making this shit up as you go, poser.

        If you are so over Perez, then how and why do you know so much about him? I mean, you seem to be so privy to personal information, that one would think you would be working for The Smoking Gun, rather than wasting all that talent and privilege replying to other people’s comments. Why, if you are so over him, as you claim to be, would you even reply to my comment? I dont know about you, but I interpret being “over” something or someone, as having lost interest in that particular thing or person. You seem to know an awful lot about this person to whom you claim you no longer have an interest in. And for someone who hates Perez Hilton SO much, how the fuck do you know so much about how and what he’s writing, or where his “weekly photos” look like they’ve originated from?

        Who gives a shit if he writes it or if his sister writes it? To claim to “hear her” in his posts, would infer that you read his site often enough to distinguish between the two. Those aren’t traits of a person that dislikes and is “so over” Hilton. Why, if you have so much distaste for the man, would you even help to increase his site traffic by “slum[ming] it,” and reading his so-called tripe, all the while, making him richer? Doesn’t that make you just as “vapid” as the demographic you so kindly described above? I hate to come off as defending the man, but those drawn in cum puddles are nowhere near as gross as your hypocrisy, sweetheart.

  • Well, sweetcheeks – um, Stevie B or “gosspibitch” – you certainly deserve a response. Particularly since you not only took the time to defend Perez Hilton, but decided to rate my writing skills. Just for the record, I’ve never claimed to be a writer, and I’m sorry to disappoint you, but I use “big words” in my everday language. It certainly wasn’t an attempt to impress you – or rather, HIlton, who your writing style implied that you were.

    The “royal we” is an idiomatic term used to refer to people who speak in the third person about themselves, which Hilton does on a regular basis. I assure you that my reading comprehension is more than adequate to understand an implication when I see it, and based upon my now realized misassumption that Hilton wrote your post, makes perfect sense as it pertains to Hilton.

    Honestly, it never occurred to me that he had sycophants that would defend him on other’s websites. Well, Stevie B., you’ve proved me wrong! Good for you. You must be SO proud of yourself!

    Although you claim you aren’t a “big fan of Perez,” you obviously have some deep-seated issues about him or you wouldn’t have taken the time to respond to negative posts regarding him. His impact on pop culture is actually rather negligible other than the fact that he’s been a key figure in putting celebrity blogging “on the map,” to use your phrasing. Hilton is, by no means, the first celebrity blogger, his site is simply one of the most widely visited because of the number of posts available. Other bloggers tend to be ethical and decide to purchase their photos, thus effectively putting them at a disadvantage to HIlton. I am confident that if they chose to operate in Hilton’s unethical manner by stealing photos from other’s sites, their traffic could easily rival his. Honestly, the ONLY original thing Hilton has done is make profane scribbles on stolen photographs. And yes, they are stolen: when you copy a photo off of someone’s site but don’t pay for said photo, it’s stealing. What’s worse is that the photos/stories he steals earn him a LOT of revenue, which puts and even uglier spotlight on the man.

    Your argument that this site, along with others, are simply “imitators” is like saying that anyone who writes a horror novel is just an “imitator” of Edgar Allen Poe.

    Your question regarding my “stupidity” concerning Hilton’s “acknowledging” a source is not only really offensive and exposes you as an aggressive asshole, but reveals that you know not a fucking thing about copyrights or appropriately acknowledging source material. Fuck you for calling me an idiot. At least I’m not a loser douchebag who takes the time to actually defend a parasite like Perez Hilton. If YOU did any research whatsoever, you’d note that other bloggers – Beet included – clearly state their sources. Hilton does not.

    I do not know how my post exposes me as a “poser,” but your reply to my comment clearly exposes you as a stupid cunt, particularly because you decided to engage in a personal attack. Obviously, your loser, poser self just couldn’t resist turning it into a personal attack against an average “nobody.” Hilton’s a “celebrity” (F-list a best) and is thus fair game. I simply posted my opinion of your comment, based on the assumption that Hilton himself wrote it, which he’s been known to do. Shame on me for not considering the fact that anyone but Hilton would actually care enough about the man to make the effort to defend him. You are either lying to me (and the rest of the world) or yourself when you say “I’m not a big fan of Perez, but reading people trashing him gets really old.” As I noted earlier, you’ve obviously got some deep-seated feelings about him (unrequited love, perhaps?) or you never would have written your original, gratuitous comment, nor would you have gone on to attack me.

    For the record, my knowledge about Perez Hilton comes from reading the NEWS, something you’re obviously unfamiliar with, and because I don’t live under a rock, as you obviously do. His lawsuits are public knowledge and his blog has been scrutinized by many journalists. It’s rather amusing that you suggest I would work for TSG simply because I actually have a clue about current events. It’s sad you’d be so surprised that someone THINKS about things instead of simply acting like a lemming.

    After your diatribe, you need to really reconsider your interpretation of “hypocrite” as your reply to my post exemplifies the definition thereof.

    So, Stevie B.. Steve, “gossipbitch,” or douchbag (pick one or many, your choice), fuck off, pound sand, eat shit, and go away! I don’t give a rat’s ass about your opinion of me, but I’ll not allow someone to call me a pretentious, hypocritical idiot without responding.

    • You’re right, I am a stupid cunt. But I’d rather be a cunt than a pretentious, hypocritical idiot. pretentious, hypocritical idiot. pretentious, hypocritical idiot. pretentious, hypocritical idiot. pretentious, hypocritical idiot. pretentious, hypocritical idiot. pretentious, hypocritical idiot. pretentious, hypocritical idiot. pretentious, hypocritical idiot. pretentious, hypocritical idiot. pretentious, hypocritical idiot. pretentious, hypocritical idiot. pretentious, hypocritical idiot. pretentious, hypocritical idiot. pretentious, hypocritical idiot. pretentious, hypocritical idiot. pretentious, hypocritical idiot. pretentious, hypocritical idiot. pretentious, hypocritical idiot. pretentious, hypocritical idiot.

      No one ever called you a poser, so remove that nasty tampon from that dried up pussy of yours’s making you a crabby bitch..ok, crabbier..Its like when you’re talking to a guy named Nick. You say, “I hope you die, Nick.” Since your screen name is “PerezIsAPoser,” and I said, “Your credibility is slim to none, as you are obviously making this shit up as you go, poser.” The “poser” preceded by the comma was meant to be used as the example above. Again, that’s where your issues with comprehension come in, sweetheart. See, I wasn’t calling you one then, but I am now, POSER. So, since you are so educated and know so much more about..well..everything, especially this strange obsession with Perez Hilton. You hate him sooooo much, that you just HAVE to start arguments over the internet with people you dont know. Or are people on the internet the only ones you socialize with? I know the type..I can read it right above here. Lonely boy, most likely a virgin..(and no, touching a boob doesn’t count) sits on parents’ computer no less than 10 hrs/day..will watch any kind of porn to get off-including, but not limited to: scat play and beastiality; enjoys incest rape videos, but favors man/man/boy action..Also spends quality time playing “role player games.” Starts fights and arguments with people he does not know..this makes him feel like a real man. Most likely uses a thesaurus while instigating these pointless arguments. However, this special breed of man/boy thrives on this activity, as it is most likely his only form of human interaction that does not involve a web cam and lube. See, you’ve already revealed so much of your personality, I can read it like a book. And honey, if you haven’t figured it out already, I could give a rat’s ass what you think about me. The thing is, you dont know me, and you attacked my comment first, so of course you just wanted to argue about something. But I have actual work to get back to, so have a nice “productive” life of writing so-called scathing comments. I dont have the time to bicker back and forth over something I could really give a shit about. I wont lose sleep over it darlin’.

  • Okay, this is my last attempt at addressing your supreme douchbag and assholiness, particularly becuase I have a life, whereas you simply implied that you do (hence, my late response; I’ve been busy attending to “real life” matters).

    1) You DID call me a poser by using it in the lower case, which, as anyone with a single clue about the English language indicates an adjective, and not a noun (nor pronoun).

    2) My post originated from the fact that I believed the original post was authored by Perez himself, which is not uncommon, AND WHICH WAS THE ENTIRE BASIS FOR MY COMMENT, you dumbass.

    3) YOUR sycophanctic diatribe on Hilton’s behalf is, without question, riduculous and PATHETIC.

    4) I never claimed, nor would I, that I am some “Pulizer Prize winning author;” I simply stated that you have no writing skills (duh).

    5) You could have resolved ALL of this flaming-bullshit by simply admitting that YOU, Stevie B (oh, so masculine) wrote the post(s) instead of engaging in a flaming war. Had I realized it was not Perez the Self-Designated Queen of All Media, I would have retracted my remarks, apologized to you for my inflamatory remarks, and let it be. Instead, you chose to employ nasty terms and use reprehensible inferences, which, for your edification, are juvenile and stupid.

    6) Your inclusion of the sexually-deviant bits about me being female and then – in the same sentence – referring to me as a basement-dwelling male not only reflect poorly on your writing ability (the statements contradict themselves) but reveal that you know this lifestyle so well that it must, indeed, be yours. I can honestly and confidently assure you that as a homeowner, with 2 vehicles (a factory-ordered Mercedes and a late-model chevy truck), along with a 26 year-old successful, opposite-sex relatoinship, clearly indicates exactly how WRONG you are in your juvenile and assinine assertions. (He thinks you’re a doofus, too, for the record).

    I hope this does not sound too “pretentious” for you to grasp – for your information, this is how I normally speak and I made no special effort when communicating with you. I suppose I should feel mildly flattered that you re-used my wording from my last post, since you obviously possess little to no imagination of your own, but I am done with you. Grow up, get a real life, and then start this shit with people online who actually give a shit.



  • Perez Hilton is the quintessencetial FAT GAY PIG! I adore the person who coined him that! I think fat ass Perez trashed her life and got her fired,but he really is a gross disgusting fat gay pig!For the record I Love all gay people except one! I hate the fat gay pig Perez (got hit with an ugly stick) Hilton! Perez you wear black eyes well,you were seperated at birth from Petie the dog you ugly fat biatch!

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