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Guess Who Didn’t Totally Suck?


Two point one million of you crazies watched Lindsay Lohan in Labor Pains on ABC Family last Sunday.  Though two million really isn’t a huge crowd, it was the best rated television cable movie (in the female demographic) that ABC Family ran all week.  What does this mean?

Let’s talk about what it doesn’t mean.  It doesn’t mean it was a scintillating plot and it doesn’t mean that Lindsay Lohan should be preparing her “I never expected this” prime-time Emmy award acceptance speech.  It means that women are catty and women tuned in to see just how bad Linds was going to be.  Unlike a certain root vegetable that calls herself a fan yet forgot to watch, I flipped by a few times but then my retinas started flaming and I had to turn it off.  I may have Tweeted that it was more painful to experience than a crowning head.

I’ll keep you posted on how the ratings look for Lindsay’s next project slated to air.  Oh, wait …

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  • You know for a fact it was women who tuned in? And that all women are catty? Not cool to your gender.

  • I tuned out as soon as Chicken Little popped on the screen. Couldn’t stand him on Idol, couldn’t stand him in the movie…

  • “More painful than a crowning head.” Brilliant, but I can’t use it because I’ve never crowned a head.

  • Every station knows the demographics of everything shown, it’s how the station bases it’s advertising rates on, it’s not “catty” it’s business, and how the station makes revenue in order to operate. How can people not know this? Sigh.

    Two movies in a row that go straight to Cable TV, one isn’t even being released on DVD, is pretty much the death knell for her acting career but her manager and mother claims she’s going to be directing now, and she just opened a production company or is about to because she can’t get hired to act anymore. She’s going to try to scare up projects and then find investors to provide the money. That should work out well for Lindsay. I am sure that she won’t have a problem getting people to give her millions of dollars for a project because she’s got an incredible work ethic.