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Fret Not. You Aren’t The Only One Who Doesn’t Understand Twitter.

Kevin Spacey stopped by Late Show with David Letterman last night and tried to explain the basic points of Twitter to the completely flummoxed Dave.  After several minutes of Spacey explaining how to text, outlining Twitter etiquette and trying to convince  Letterman that it was a free service, the late night host concluded that it was a waste of time.

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  • That was funny! I like Spacey. And now I’m going to have to follow him and John Stamos (who I will always love).

  • Haha this was awesome, it worked so well because Kevin and Dave have similar snarky senses of humor. :) And I kind of agree with Dave, I don’t really get the appeal/purpose of Twitter. I’m fine with phone/text/email/IM/etc.

    • YES!

      I have the biggest crush on Spacey. There’s something “older man” that erotically attacts my psyche for some reason (Im sure that sentence didn’t make any sense, thats okay). Especially ever since I saw American Beauty.

      Oh god.

      • I love Spacey! He’s not like super-goodlooking or anything like that, but somwhow… he’s just so hot! And he’s a really really good actor! Really like him!

  • i love this kind of interview, it’s like they are old friends having a good laugh together. makes it alot more fun to watch. other then the times he has people on who are openly uncomfortable, due to it being their first time on.

    love it.