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That Was Quick


Billy Joel is dating.  Again.  Already.  You may recall that he and wife Katie Joel announced their split just last month.  According to Page Six –and take it with a grain of salt because they’re on my shit list right now for making me believe that Jennifer Love Hewitt was engaged again — Billy is seeing The Young and the Restless actress Alex Donnelley.  Page Six’s source says that the two met backstage during one of Billy’s concerts and now spend time together at Joel’s Sag Harbor home.

Don’t people take any post-breakup recovery time anymore?  I always need at least three months of cyber-stalking, drive-bys and Fritos for dinner before I’m ready to move on.  I guess I’m just not as resilient.

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  • hahahaha I TOTALLY KNOW THAT BETCH! :D she used to live with my millionaire bastard boss. he was seriously the biggest fucking prick i’ve EVER MET & WILL EVER MEET IN MY ENTIRE LIFE. so i’m really happy for her. even if she was a little cracked out due to too much plastic surgery…….

  • Maybe Mr. Joel learned his lesson about marrying a girl born in the same decade of his daughter.

    It is nice to see him dating someone who is out of her child bearing years.

  • Oh my gosh Wendie, I was laughing out loud at that last part. :-)
    I thought I was the only creepy ex girlfriend out there cyber-stalking and doing drive-bys (the non-violent kind of course).

  • I saw the Billy Joel/Elton John concert in Chicago last Tuesday. During the performance, Billy made a number of comments about wives/dating, noting he was single. At one point he was flirting with a girl in the audience, pointing to his ring finger telling her to “See, no more ring. I’m single.” Whether I’m seeing someone, even just casually, I’d hate to see them so publicly soliciting other women.

  • Billy did the same thing at the last Philly concert last night. He made many references to women…and to his single status. Same flirting with girls in audience as well…