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Fergie’s Dad Thinks Her Music Sucks


Apparently that blogger isn’t the first person to tell Fergie her music blows.  Back in 2006 when Fergie was releasing her first solo effort, Fergie’s father Patrick told her it wasThe worst song that he’d ever heard in his life.”  Her reply?  “(I said) ‘Dad, I respect that, but I hope you’re wrong, because it’s my first single.'”

It seems he was wrong.  The album, The Dutchess, sold over 6 million copies.  Way to be supportive, Dad!

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  • Maybe her and her dad just have different tastes in what is good music and what is bad. He shouldn’t be scolded for telling the truth, should he?

  • If you ain’t got no talent take yo broke ass home!

    … my daddy told me so, he let his daughter know…

  • He was just being honest…isn’t that what you’re supposed to do with people you love?? Fergie’s songs ARE crap. At least when she’s with the Black Eyed Peas her music is only bad.

  • My dad wouldn’t like her music. She’s just relating a cute anecdote about how not everyone kisses her ass. When I tell a story, I usually make my parents seem way worse than they actually are.

  • I much more admire an honest parent that doesn’t sugarcoat opinions.

    BTW, why on earth does she part her nasty hair right down the middle? Soooo unflattering, and her looks need all the flattering they can get.

  • 6 million albums sold huh? britney spears albums have also sold by the millions, but what spews out of her mouth isnt considered music either