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Okay, so if there’s one person in this world I really can’t stand talking about it’s Perez Hilton.  He runs a very successful website but I have very definite thoughts and feelings about some of his business practices and ethics.  But, whatever — that’s not what this post is about.  I received quite a few emails this morning wanting to know about this story, so here goes:

As many of you know, Perez went on Twitter this morning asking for the Toronto police to report to the hotel he was staying at, because he stated he had been attacked by Black Eyed Pea’s  His exact Tweet was:  “I was assaulted by Will.I.Am of the Black Eyed Peas and his security guards. I am bleeding. Please, I need to file a police report. No joke.” Does it strike anyone as slightly illogical that the blogger was on his Sidekick sending out messages (and there were a few) to the Twitterverse that he needed someone to call the cops?  My theory is this:  If you can type 140 characters on Twitter, you can dial three numbers — 9-1-1.

Needless to say, Hilton has videotaped a statement where he documents the happenings of the evening.  He refers to w.i.a. as a “heat-seeking missile”, there is lots of crying on the tape, and many “ev-er” and “ne-ver” utterances.  Very.  Dramatic.  I think what I take the most issue with is the fact that, the way Perez describes the series of events, it sounds like’s manager hit Perez, not the singer himself.  Oh, and Perez’s video isn’t suitable for work thanks to his curse-laden tantrum near the end.

I also want you to watch’s two videotaped statements, viewable here and here.  Isn’t it interesting how factual and calm he seems to be?

I don’t doubt for a moment that Perez Hilton got punched in the face — it was only a matter of time.  Do I think anyone deserves to be physically assaulted?  No.  Do I think Perez Hilton has culpability for escalating a bad situation by screaming at someone calling them a “fag” and a “faggot”?  Yes.  Do I think he owes an apology for Tweeting that the rapper assaulted him, when it sounds like it was a Black Eyed Pea employee that did the punching?  Ab.  So.  Lutely.

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  • i would be factual and calm if i had someone hit my enemy in the face several times. i hate perez, love his site, but you have to put yourself in someone elses shoes. i couldnt imagine being punched several times to the point where theres blood. however perez is blowing this way out of proportion. hes being way too dramatic.

    • Pfft, it’s Perez Hilton, it probably only took an open-handed slap to get that wuss to bleed. He needs to be hit more often.

  • whatever. perez was bound to get hit sooner or later. i bet sasha pasulka would pay to get beat up to have the success of perez! this site is so dumb. all the stories are posted hours later than perez. thats why he is number one!!! GO PEREZ GO PEREZ!

  • I agree he is being dramatic. I agree that he escalated the situation as he so often does. I agree that screaming “faggot” at someone is also never the answer. I agree, I agree, I agree.
    But…he tweeted that and his posse assaulted him. He didn’t specify it was physical assault on both of their accounts. His version of the verbal attack does seem like an assault to me. :/

      • Wendie, I totally agree. That can’t really be argued!
        I was just saying that perhaps the bodyguard’s attack was physical, while w.i.a.’s attack was verbal. Together they were lumped as an assault.
        I know there was talk that Perez changed his story from a physical attack by himself to a physical attack from his bodyguard. I was playing devil’s advocate and questioning whether it wasn’t an issue with semantics and not Perez actually lying.

      • Well, maybe, but in this case the bitch was just mentioning he was on his period.

  • We had Will.I.Am at our club on Saturday and he was probably one of the nicest, sweetest people ever. Was saying hi to fans, thanked most of the bartenders and servers – was basically amazing. I was also at our sister club last night for the big after-party and Perez was rude to the staff and was acting like a total diva.

    Will.I.Am has talent. Perez has an attitude. I’m glad he got punched in the fact (though we totally missed it).

  • Wendie..
    Perez is a dick. Who gives a fuck about him..
    And jiggawhattt.. get the fuck off this site if you love Perez so much. Beet & her girls run a fun gossipy easy to reply to site, unlike Perez.

  • Supposedly he had called the police to report it but they weren’t arriving fast enough for him and he felt “helpless” so he then employed all his little minions through Twitter to call the police dept. and basically harass them until they came to Perez so he could file a report.

    Uh, guess what PH? Sometimes police have more pressing things to attend to in a city than meet someone so they can file an assault claim. You could go to the station yourself, or better yet, go to a hospital. Just a thought. If you wanted witnesses to file statements you can always get their information to give to the police so they can be contacted at a later time. Don’t have others do your dirty work and fill up the phone lines for a police station.

    I agree that it sounds like his manager/security hit PH. I also find it shady and disrespectful to throw in the mix just to get more publicity out of the incident. Also, if PH did throw around the other f-word that is almost just as horrible to me as hitting someone and confirms all the reasons why I lost all respect I could have for him long ago.

    • totally agree with the police department stuff. What a waste of my tax dollars to have the soundboard pick up thousands of calls for one person with a black eye. There were 2 stabbing’s and one shooting last night in toronto, I have a feeling that was a little higher in priority.

  • Tweeting the police is hilarious. If he has any clout, he could have asked management to speed up their arrival. Going on twitter and bitching about it doesn’t sound like he’s in that rough of shape. Have someone drive you to the police station, or call an ambulance. Put down the crackberry.

    • He did call the police. But they were too busy with “other emergencies” around the area, so then he decided to tweet for help, so to say..

      It’s such a childish situation though, especially with his attention-whoring skills. Why make such a video? Be a man.

      He shouldn’t even have called W.I.A a Faggot, since hes ALL about equal rights throughout the gay community, that was a step below…

      • totally agree-he’s so childish and a major attention whore. Why people love his site so much , I don’t know. He’s in love with himself and a total hypocrite.

        I cannot stand him. I hope he falls out of favor soon. I’m sick to death of him. His writing style sucks and as if him drawing on people’s pictures is funny whatsoever. Its tired.

  • I believe Mario was so shocked and hurt at being physically assaulted that he reacted in the dramatic and public way we’re all talking about. He simply couldn’t help it. Whether you like him or not, the man is a leader, and I hope that he is able to turn this experience into a kind of wake-up call about the effect he has on people, and how to channel his tremendous energy. He should never have been physically assaulted, but he has a kind of naivety and fragility that have left him vulnerable. As for Tweeting instead of dialing 911, who knows ? Tweeting is as natural to the guy as breathing, and from his viewpoint, possibly a bit less confrontational (speculating left and right, I know, but I recently was verbally attacked by someone in a business, and I reacted similarly). These are two very different types of men here, and I think a deeper understanding of the circumstances can be missed if we expect them to behave identically.

    • I can kinda see why he acted out so dramatically. When my brother hit me I was so pissed I stormed outside, kicked his car, and started screaming at the top of my lungs “DOES HITTING A GIRL MAKE YOU FEEL MORE LIKE A MAN”. My entire neighborhood saw. Now im kinda embarrassed that I acted out so dramatically but at that moment I didnt care.

  • well not to long ago there was story about some dancers getting stuck in an elevator and that they tweeted for help. you would think it would be easier to call the cops, but this is perez the drama queen. so yeah i beleive he would do that just for the media attention. and he is a jerk. so if he got punched my whoever then he most likely deserved it.

  • … I´m shocked!! how can anyone running a website like yours have such an underdeveloped opinion – it doesn´t even deserve the expression “opinion”. actually it´s no opinion … maybe it´s just competitive behaviour – i hope so for your sake!

    Everybody is allowed to say his/ her opinion!
    The hollywood business is a dirty business anyway … might be he (perez) plays the same tricks – but why shouldn´t he!? just because he is queeny gay, overweight and not the best looking??
    I hope this black eyed peas manager will get sued and have to pay a high fine for this disgusting behaviour!
    the only thing is to boycott black eyed peas … nobody needs bad music and a totally overdone cosmetic surgery victim with a bad aura like fergie! thank you very much – haven´t been fighting for this one for sure!!

    best greetings from germany …

    • What is underdeveloped about her opinion?

      The guy(s) will get sued because PH is sue-happy and likes to make a big deal of things.

      Why would you boycott BEP when it wasn’t them who physically assaulted PH? may have verbally assaulted PH but he also verbally assaulted by calling him a f*ggot. So maybe you should boycott him also.

      Bad music and cosmetic surgery basically defines all the music/celebs PH loves. Maybe you should talk to him about not promoting acts like Gaga and Perry?

  • I watched w.i.a.’s post. He seems very reasonable, and believable. I used to go to Perez Hilton’s site on a daily basis, but his posts just seemed to dig into people too much, the writing was 3rd grade level, and their website is very negative. Plus, I learned more about Perez’s public personality, and he seems like such a publicity whore, it made me ill.

    Violence is never the answer, but I’m sure Perez is doing what he can to blow things out of proportion and get some publicity for it.

    Thank goodness for this site and the writers…you are fun, smart, and don’t seem angry and bitter! You are my daily fix!

    • Same here. I just got so disgusted after visiting his site that I had to search for somewhere else that had a positive vibe. Then I found EB, yay! Now I don’t feel gross and trashy after reading this site, instead I get a few chuckles and move on with my day. Plus I can actually comment here (and not have a million ‘first!” posts to scroll through! Who wouldathunk it?

  • I can’t believe that he didn’t call 911 but tweeted for help… are you kidding me? and then to say that it was attacked him with it was someone else… big problems… couldn’t happen to a better guy.

  • I am simply shocked that it took this long for someone to punch him in his face. And Tweeting for help? Oh, for the love of all things holy, someone shut that fucker up, plz.

  • I don’t know what to think of this situation, I mean after seeing Perez’s video, it’s kind of hard not to blame Will.I.Am in some way. He was antagonizing him, he would have been a bigger person if he had just walked away from the situation. I don’t think it’s right for people to say that Perez deserved to be punched. I don’t understand why people have such hate for him, all he’s done is make a living off of writing things that everybody else is thinking. But then, I also think that Perez should have probably gone to the hospital. God knows there are quite a few for him to pick from, downtown Toronto. The best hospitals in Canada, are in Toronto. But, oh well, he did what he did. I guess this can only serve as a learning experience for everyone, that assault, no matter what kind, is never right, and should never be tolerated.

  • Reading this post has suddenly made me irate. You make Perez seem like the bad guy. Could it be just jealousy of his success that makes you feel this way?
    As you’ve stated you think perez should apologize, has it ever occurred to you that maybe will i am should apologize to perez. I know that will i am did not assault Perez, but it is unprofessional of him to verbally attack perez that way. Perez verbally defended himself and did nothing wrong. I think right now you, wendie, are boorish.
    You make it seem as if Perez is just being a dramatic person. Put yourself in Perez’s position. Someone just assaulted you, are you really going to act calm as if nothing happened? or are you going to send out a message to people saying hey I was assaulted it was wrong, f*** them, but violence isn’t the answer and I want everyone to know that. Perez taught everyone a lesson.

    So to end this on a lovely note f*** evilbeet, who never has as much gossip as Perez and always posts gossip late (ex. rob pattison was hit by a cab a while ago). Evil beet is called evil for a reason. I will not be visiting this terrible web site again and neither will my friends.

    • So it’s considered verbal assault and unprofessional if says things to PH, but when Perez says horrible things to he is verbally defending himself and is absolved of all wrongdoing?

      You are right, Perez did teach me a lesson, to call the police tell them I want to file a report, get the names and contact info of the witnesses, go to the hospital and seek medical attention for my injuries and press charges if that is what I feel is right. Not tweet about it when I get impatient that the police dept. don’t treat my like the most important public figure that I think I am.

    • Stupid bitch… If you don’t like us, what do you think the chances are that we give a rat’s ass about you?

  • Of course you can’t go around hitting people. But Perez does verbally assault people. He just does. Every picture of Fergie he posts he writes either “Meth Face” or “Fugly” on it. If she were a friend of mine and had overcome the drug addiction she did, I would also be mightily enraged at some no talent pissant calling her Meth Face to millions of people.

    If you want to yell “Fire” in a crowded theatre, don’t be surprised if sometimes you get trampled.

  • You can’t run your mouth like Perez does and not expect someone to eventually wanna shut it for you. Right or wrong, it was bound to happen one day. Now the B.E.P. him just given him a louder platform to completely queen out and pretend he’s the diva he is in his own mind. I read his site and it can be entertaining sometimes, but mostly it’s just mean. My guess is there are tons of celebs out there laughing their asses off at this and wanting to thank w.i.a.’s manager. Violence isn’t cool. but I’m sure not feeling very sympathetic either.

  • Way to 1/2 ass another story, Wendie.

    With all of the information already out on this story you would think you could have put about 15 minutes of research into this and actually had a real article.

    But nope, you copied your opinion from Celebitchy and snared a few links. Fuck you are lazy as shit.

    • There are perpetual instigators who get the rise they intend yet, somehow, always end up playing the victim. He’s talked enough smack about enough people to garner a good old-fashioned ass whippin’.
      I think the most irresponsible part is twittering his legions to action and squandering otherwise valuable and limited emergency resources for the sake of attention/dramatics. I would guarantee there were people having REAL problems at the same time.
      What he said and implied was misleading & defamatory. We know how much he loves litigating … Hope his diva, prima donna antics come back to smack him again. I would be floored if he issued any statement along the lines of an apology.

      In summary, omg, fuck you and your opinion. I hope your tubes are tied, cause you make a shining example for state-mandated sterilization.

      • HA HA HA Looks like maybe you meant to reply to another poster?
        Because that didnt make sense with what was written above.


  • The problem is we don’t have cell phone coverage in Canada. We tie notes to polar bears but with the MMVA the bears were distracted and busy attacking people outside.

    • anyways…once the bears relayed the message….i don’t think the mounties would come fast enough on their horses. oh us poor canadians :(

  • i was watching perez’s video and kind of felt bad for him (even though he was being very dramatic) until he said he called a “fag,” justifying it with some b.s. he shouldn’t have been hit, but he is an idiot and, i think, a hypocrite. (i may be wrong, but i think he posted some video a while back praising hillary duff for being in a PSA that said how horrible it was to use “gay” in a derogatory way.) it’s also strangely suspicious that he hasn’t posted any more about it since his video… has it blown over for him? HA.

  • He is so loud, ridiculous, hypocrite, and stupid. The fact that he thinks he owns the world disturbs me, the fact that he thinks just because he’s gay, he gets to call other people fags, disturbs me even more. I don’t think it’s right to call other people fags. But if he has the balls to call people names, he should have the balls to take the shit than comes with it. Anybody with some common sense would have been smarter than that. If you start a fight by calling people that kind of shit, you’re gonna get it, you’re asking for it. So there you have it. He got punched in the face, well deserved. Hopefully he will learn his lesson, and next time he wont be using those kind of words, and he wont insult people just for the fun of it.

    And im not saying it’s ok to hit people, all im saying is, that we all know that’s the way a guy reacts when called a fag, especially if he’s not really of one those. Any other guy would have reacted the same way, that’s how it works with men. He should have known better than to open his big mouth. And also, i believe he is such a drama queen, crying and saying all that shit in his video, i couldn’t watch it all, he just makes me wanna punch him in the face to be quite honest.. So i don’t blame at all.

  • ok so i went to perez and heard his staement, i felt so horrible for him! that is terrible! and even though i don’t agree with perez on some things, he should be able to say what he wants without being afraid that someone is gonna knock him out for it!

    • I hoped so much it was real, but it’s very much a fake.
      You can see the little damage he had come to him in his awful attempt at an explanation.

    • That bruise looks doctored. Lots of yellowing (like one that’s been there a while) and no swelling? None? Good show, Perez. Bring on the theatrics & send in the clown.

    • This is clearly a very old picture.(and photoshoped to have a bruise) He’s about 50 pounds heavier in that picture than in his video recorded this morning.

  • Let’s see here. I just want to get one thing straight. Perez wants equal rights for gays, but on very situational terms. He can’t be called a faggot although he is one – yet he can use the term as a hateful slur? And he started the fuel on the fire with his big, flapping mouth-hole, but now WIA needs to apologize cause Perez got an ass-kicking, that he earned, cause he’s queer? Way to fly the flag when it’s convenient and hide behind it when it suits you. Someone, anyone was going to reward the fruits of his labor in this manner eventually.
    There is a big difference between being a hateful, flaming, loud-mouth coward, impossible to please homo and being gay.

  • will he sue? i would! get me a shitload of money! LOLOLOL and yeah i love boom boom pow

  • oh so when brandon rich douche guy davis calls someone a faggot he’s blasted all over perez’ site as a “homophobe” and now look who the “homophobe” is. lame. super duper lame. and yeah it sucks to get punched but it happens. people get mad sometimes. i’ve gotten punched before, and i’ve punched someone before too. may not be right but it’s not some unspeakable horror like the guy stabbed him or pulled out a gun or something.

  • I got about 12 seconds into Perez’s video and decided that I didn’t have 11 minutes of my life to give to him.’s video seemed much more put together though. I vote Perez is retarded.

  • Nicely done, advocating violence. It’s hard to accept you a feminist website- BLOCKING THIS SITE!

    • uh…who exactly is advocating violence? Wendie quite clearly stated in her post that she is against violence of any kind. READ, idiot.

      The opinions of some readers may have (strongly) hinted that PH deserved what he got, but I don’t think that merits an EB boycott. Comments are just comments and do not reflect the content and the opinions of the site staff.

  • The real question is was the attack motivated because Perez is a jerk or was it motivated because he is gay?

    No doubt Perez will be staying for Pride celebrations in Toronto which is going on this week I believe.

    • I’m willing to bet the attack was because he is an obnoxious douchebag. He has talked smack about people for years, and someone finally had enough and he got his bell rung. And it makes me smile.

  • Honestly, I’m surprized to hear you don’t like Perez. Mainly because I go to his site off an on throughout the day and time and time again, I see you post the exact same stories (sometimes even some of the same wording) that he posts usually within a half an hour or so of his postings. So, I was very much under the impression that you frequent his website and copy his stories and verbage. Surprizing…I would have thought you to be a huge fan.

    • I’m guessing that you don’t read much. There are about 6 or 7 sites that I troll for my gossip throughout the day. There are these things called newswires and a little something called the Associated Press. Maybe you’ve heard of it? It’s called a QUOTE you douche-tard! If you try to make the content your own, that’s called plagarism, genius. I quit hitting his site months ago and I bet I could name and quote 1/2 or more of his content from dlisted, socialitelife, tmz, pinkisthenewblog and the ever-glorious EB. I doubt they’re ALL getting their info from him.
      Don’t you think there’s a reason that every gossip blogger in the stratosphere is giving him our collective middle finger? You must give respect in order to receive it.

  • The only part about this whole thing that annoys me, save the fact that someone was hurt and that should have never happened, is that on his website the post name is “My statement on being ATTACKED in toronto”. I had to watch the entire thing to realize that it was’s manager who hit him and not some angry Toronto mob. I have been living in Toronto for quite a few years now, and the way he worded the post makes it seem like Toronto was somehow the reason he was attacked. He was attacked by someone who is not even affiliated with Toronto. Gah, sorry about the Toronto rant.

  • So…he can call someone a faggot, but let me guess, a straight person can’t? I mean no one should call anyone it, but it goes both ways you know?

    And i have to believe, even though violence is never the answer, this was going to happen sooner or later. The pen is mightier than the sword…

  • ok, i hadn’t watched’s video yet, but i have to say i’m taking his side. Perez made it sound like HE hit him, which like you say he didn’t. He should have gone to hospital if it was that bad, and calling someone a ‘faggot’ and using being gay as a derogatory term, isn’t exactly helping your gay rights cause, now is it?

    ps. i love’s voice.

  • I’m actually ok with Perez Hilton getting punched. I’m surprised he hasn’t had his ass kicked before now. If anybody deserves it, he does. You can tell he’s full of shit in his video though. I’m sure he instigated it and is making it sound way more dramatic than it actually was. Moron. As far as I’m concerned he’s one of the lowest scumbags around.

  • Yes! Finally someone punched him. FINALLY! I love gossip blogs, I used to read Perez, I’m a gay man, and even I got sick of his whiny, self-absorbed, conveniently shifting alliances and opinions. He gives gays a bad name. And if he was calling somebody a fag (which is so hypocritical by the way) then he deserves a punch or two. What a baby.

  • OMG… if there is one person who has earn the punch in the face it is Perez.

    If you are willing to run your mouth… continue to say nasty hateful things about people you do not know in LA… you have officially earned the punch. Quit being a whiny b*tch about it.

    He finally antagonize the wrong person in public and got punched for it.

    About. Damn. Time.

    I want the address of the person who did it. For I want to send them flowers and a nice “Thank You” note.

    So let this be a warning… don’t let your mouth write a check, that your ass can’t cash!

  • I agree that Perez should clarify that (Did I do that right?) didn’t physically assault him. That or he should just… go away.

    P.S. Violence is never the answer.

  • Best quote from Perez: “They followed me to the hotel WHICH THEY WERE ALSO STAYING.” lololololol

    dramatic fool.

  • I want to follow any development on this.
    Will Perez sue?
    Will be charged for assault?

    Not a super fan of BEP, but i like them.
    Also, I couldn’t stand Perez’s video not because he’s annoying but because I couldn’t keep my eyes off his saliva gathering at the corner of his mouth while he’s speaking. Lol.

    • haha gross. I noticed that too. I hate when people don’t notice that shit and leave it there. I used to have teachers in grade school who had that happen…. and they wonder why I didn’t retain any information!

  • Ok I agree with Perez, violence is NEVER the answer. But two wrongs don’t make a right and it’s not ok to say what he said to Will.I.Am ….Whatever, none of it was ok but in the end, Perez got hurt which is totally uncalled for. I have been following Perez for 4 years and Evilbeet for about 2 years. It seems to me that Evilbeet has animosity towards Perez, (through the years I have been reading)although I also read his website daily and know that he’s never posted bad stuff about you guys. So it does make me wonder why ya’ll hate him so much and make it so known that you dislike him so when he doesn’t do that to you. I totally wonder.

    • Uncalled for? are you fucking kidding me? he got exactly what he deserved, 4 years of bullying people he has never met personally. Its about time. I have wayyyyy more respect for Evil Beet than I do for Perez. Will.I.Am confronted him professionally and respectfully concerning the commentary which was made about Fergie (he was defending her because she was hurt by Perez) and what does he do in return? call him a fag for no fucking reason!

      he is such a fucking hypocrite because he says he doesn’t ‘endorse’ violence, yet its alright for him to provoke someone into beating his ass. Perez has zero respect for other celebrity bloggers/critics and he makes up stupid bullshit to gain pity from ppl. In his video he says that Will.I.Am was stalking him back to his hotel, when in fact Will.I.Am was staying at the same hotel with him, and there was another party going on there.

      ugh he makes me so mad. I hope they remove him as a nominee from the Teen Choice awards because he does not deserve to be there!

    • Also, you know you’ve f*cked up as a celebrity blogger when even GLAAD thinks your a douchebag. Perez has fucked up his own career and good for him!

    • I dare you to find a blogger who IS actually on his side in all of this. He is a nasty, loud-mouthed queen who talks shit and perpetuates baseless lies on his website that has obviously been turned over to handlers in recent months. Flip over to, he has illustrated beautifully the point that you are obviously missing.

  • Um yeah, that’s why he has hella celeb friends….. I am not gonna trash a dude who had nothing, made a website doing what he loved to do and becoming famous at it! Perez is an obviosly, amazing entertainer. If HE doesn’t make money off of his celeb gossip, someone else will, and MAYBE THIS VERY WEBSITE…….So whatever. I have 100% faith in Perez and his posting which he says to be true. He has said that he NEVER posts it unless he is almost 100% true And in my 4 years of viewing, he is oretty damn reliable. So shoukd he have said what he said to Will.I.Am? Um yeah, no! But he did and yeah it wasn’t professional bu was it professional to punch Perez in the face? No.

    • They are friends with him so he doesn’t write horrible things about them. If you kiss his ass enough he might stop drawing cum on your face.

      • but in the end those people end up looking like douchebags for kissing his ass. Hear me X-tina, Britney, Wentz, Perry, Kardashian, Gaga? … the list is endless. All because they don’t want to be picked on! dumbasses! Perez gets PAID to insult them.

  • I didn’t read anyone else’s comments yet, so perhaps this was already touched on… but I want to know why Perez thinks it’s okay to call someone a faggot when he is ANTI using the word “gay” to describe something; i.e.; “that shirt you’re wearing is so gay.” I am against using “gay” to describe something, but I am vehemently against calling someone a fag/faggot even more.

  • I don’t advocate violence in any way, shape or form but it is VERY difficult to not want to sit back and go, “It couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy.” Yes, that’s totally callous and mean, but I’m sorry, one way or the other your karma is going to come back to you. The words he writes on his website about Fergie, Lindsay Lohan, Jennifer Aniston, etc are mean and horrible. Violent words are just as bad as violent actions in my opinion. Drawing cum on people’s faces, calling random women bitches and hoes, calling people “trannies/meth face” will one day be reciprocated. It’s a shame if he actually did get beat up but it’s very hard to sympathize with him.

  • I’m so shocked by your reactions! NOBODY deserves to be hit that way! Perez Hilton or anybody else, it doesn’t matter! And IF he deserved it as you seem to say, YOU TOO! You also say mean things about celebrities on your blog, but you’re safe cause no celebrity knows your blog so they can’t get hurt by what you say on it. I’m so disapointed in your attitude, contrary to Perez your nastiness is real, it’s not a character you’ve created. I will never go on this blog ever.

    • I agree with you, Charlotte. You guys wouldn’t like it either if you were punched in the face because you are clearly doing the same exact thing: gossiping about celebrities. No one deserves to be hit. It’s clearly abuse.

      • Perez escalated the situation to the point of getting punched in the face. Sure, our Constitution protects our freedom of speech, but people’s actions and words have consequences. Perez is no innocent victim here. Have you seen the video? Perez is doing all the yelling, Perez clearly calls Will.I.Am a f****t. Then he makes it seem as if Will.I.Am punched him and rather than doing the responsible, sensible thing and going to the hospital to be treated for injuries, he tweets about the incident and effectively blocks the emergency lines in Toronto as many of his followers call the police station. There was a stabbing the same night of this incident. What if the stab victim would have died because the ambulance didn’t make it in time? How do you think the stabbing victim’s family would have felt if they’d learned their loved one’s life could have been saved had Perez not clogged the lines with non-emergency calls?

        Perez uses the BS excuse that in the heat of the moment, he got carried away and used the word f***** and therefore does not owe GLAAD or the LGBT community an apology. Going by his logic, Will.I.Am’s manager, in the heat of the moment, got carried away and punched him in the face. Verbal assault is just as bad as physical assault. The old “sticks and stones” saying is complete bull. If someone hits me today, the bruise would have healed by this time next year. But if someone hurts me emotionally…that’s a wound that could take years to heal. And some emotional wounds never completely heal.

  • Man… the boycott posts are hilarious. Whatever way you look at it there’s a histrionic, self-absorbed and bitter man out there that finally got his just deserts.

    Also… John Mayer’s twitter post : “@perezhilton’s video statement is so long that by the end of it his cut healed.”

    Laugh? I damn near pissed myself.

    Keep up the good work, Beet! You rock.

  • In the video Perez CLEARLY calls out the manager as the one who hit him so Im not so sure why you are asking him to point out what he already pointed out.

    Oh yeah, cause you dont research your shit.

    Its like using Microsoft Word Perfect as a gossip writer

    • It’s okay Perez… you can go back to your self indulgent whining on your own site now. No one here has time for your whiny ass.

      Everyone wave Buh-Bye to Perez….

  • To quote himself, I consider Perez Hilton to be a major “douchebag.” Imagine photo of him with skank dribbling out of his mouth, in addition to a large cock and balls, all drawn in white. What can I say – he’s a charmer!