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Lady Gaga Suffers From Heartburn


Poor Lady Gaga’s chest exploded whilst performing at the 20th Annual MuchMusic Video Awards in Toronto, Canada.

Also there was Audrina Patridge in a cheap and ill-fitting dress, my fiance Bradley Cooper and the pure Jonas Brothers.  Oh, and I’m totally willing to support Kelly Clarkson in this whole body-acceptance thing she’s got going on, but there must be compromise.  No.  More.  Scarf.  Tops.

Rumer Willis appeared with her chin and Tila Tequila was positively stumped over the one-button operation of the Flip Mino HD camera.

Finally, in an admirable effort of frugality, Kim Kardashian fashioned her dress out of one of the extra costumes used by Fergie’s backup dancers.

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  • Ugh.
    That pattern on Kelly’s dress does nothing for her.
    I know she’s bigger, but I think she’s probably at most a size 12 there are plenty of places she can find clothes that actually flatter her curves not emphasize them.

  • What in the HELL is going on with Lady Gaga’s back up dancer’s chest??

    I like Kelly Clarkson’s dress.

  • I didn’t look at who wrote this, but I saw “No. More. Scarf. Tops.” so I knew it was Wendie.

    • Agree on the use of periods. I mean no disrespect, Wendie. You’re a great writer. You just lean on that tactic way too often. It’s passe and a crutch for you, getting in the way of your creative voice & development. Again, no disrespect intended here. I’m only saying it because I care and like your writing. Maybe…take it out of your tool box for a week and see what happens? Ok, tossing up some fairy dust and rainbows and puppies and kittens and then going into hiding. But consider this, maybe?

  • Oddly enough… the interesting looking dress Kelly Clarkson has on is not bad. It fits well without making her look dumpy.

    But she has got to STOP wearing those flair legged pants. Oh holy cr*p they make her look twice as big as she is… granted she is what maybe 5’2. And as someone already mention… there are oodles of ways to compliment your body size by wearing a flattering clothes.

    But she is obsessed with wearing things that a girl 40 pounds lighter would look fat in.

    • Ha! I was thinking the same thing!
      Also, now whenever I see anything about Tila Tequila I want to puke. I wanted to punch her in the face for some reason while watching that homemade video of hers.

  • And nobody has seen the wonderful “bare-naked ass” dress of one member of Girlicious ? Just behind Rumer Willis and her chin. Lovely.