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I Take Back My Apology


You know what?  I tried being nice to Melissa Joan Hart, but it’s just not working for me.  Yeah, she lost a bunch of weight and yeah, she opened up a candy store but she’s not a nice person.  I think, on some level, I knew that.  Therefore, I’m back to using the most unflattering pictures of her that I can find.

New York Post is reporting that Hart was telling people at KTLA in Los Angeles that she’d been hoping Farrah Fawcett wouldn’t die last week because then she’d be bumped off the cover of People. 

A couple of things here:  Melissa Joan Hart should be grateful that People even wrote an article about her.  As a matter of fact, MJH should be grateful that she’s even permitted to live in the Hollywood area.  Secondly, Melissa had nothing to worry about it.  People makes it a practice to leave irrelevant bottle-blonds on the cover, even when television legends die.

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  • I don’t really give 2 shits about this girl, but what she said was quoted as “overheard in passing”. This doesn’t mean it was actually said. She may have said it to a close friend and been joking. We’ve all said shitty things *cough, fat arms*. I don’t think it means she’s a total asshole. Insensitive? Maybe.

  • I never thought much of her, ever, and now after reading the statement she said about Farrah Faucet, I truly do NOT like her. What an incredibly thoughtless statement! Are people so cold-hearted in Hollywood? This woman is completely self-absorbed, has little talent, and now has lost the respect of thousands because she wants a beautiful woman, who started a national hair style, and is a warm & loving mother, to be DEAD!? She’s a complete idiot and I plan on firing off a letter to her manager explaining that I believe her to be a total moron!!

    • I agree that it was a completely thoughtless thing to say, that is if she even actually said it.
      She never said wanted her dead, in fact, she (allegedly) said she hoped she didn’t die that week. She is going to die soon, that’s pretty much a fact.

      I’m not defending what she allegedly said, but you should actually read it before writing an entire paragraph on it.

  • Melissa is a self-centered, small-minded woman who is cruel and self-serving. Farrah is an incredible woman and mother who started a national hair style back in the late ’70’s, and has focused her life on being a credible actress, as well as a devoted partner to Ryan, who clearly adores her. Melissa is shallow and I hope karma bites her in the butt for this thoughtless comment! I don’t care if she said it as a joke in passing, it was completely thoughtless and cruel!

  • My ex husband met her when he was in the Navy, when they get no name has been morons to show up on ship and visit. He said she was a B—–!!!! She only wanted to hang out with the higher ups, and when she was around the enlisted sh was short with them and just plain rude. I haven’t liked her since.