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Melissa Joan Hart Forces Me To Apologize


Wow.  I wasn’t very nice to Melissa Joan Hart, better known as everyone’s favorite teenage witch, but boy did she show me.  Sorry, Melissa.

Hart is on this week’s cover of People showing off her 42 pound weight loss .  And the best part?  She doesn’t look like she did heroin to get thin.  She looks healthy and, dare I say, not Photoshopped? 

Tori Spelling, are you paying attention?

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  • She looks great…I don’t know if I buy the 113 tho. Is she like four foot eleven?

      • I have to say I’m about her height, and I can tell that the numbers are off. she probably was like 200 lbs and is now a healthy 130lbs. when are we going to get through our heads that a healthy _woman_ should not be weighing in at 100lbs unless she is 4 feet tall or something?

  • I love how up in the right hand corner is Kate Gosselin “Her lonely new life”. HA. Are you serious??

  • not saying she doesnt look great, but her stomach totally looks photoshoped. at least air brushed to hell or something.

    • Since she got kids Im guessing she has stretchmarks. Thats always a reason for PS in magazines…

    • She said it took her 14 months to lose the weight. So I’m guessing it’s the good ol fashioned “get off your ass and quit eating crap” diet.

  • i think it’s just a bad before pic of her, but that is truly what she looked like all the time, then-

    155 in the before picture?!?!?! holy shit, i must look like a FAT hippo. >.>
    unless she’s incredibly short.

  • She’s 5’2″. That’s really short for being 155 lbs. i’d believe 113 lbs in that photo.

  • Oh, I can not wait to get this people magazine. I love Melissa Joan Hart and always have!

  • i really like her hair in this pic! i’ve always liked her. but i hated the way they started to dress her at the end of sabrina. whoever that stylist was was terrible. but i’m glad to see a normal looking chick at 5’3″. i’m about that height and about to have a kid, so there’s hope for me yet!

  • I was annoyed at a couple of the comments on this; I’m short [five feet,], so I find 113 to be a very believable weight for the way she appears. And if I weighed 155 at my height, I would be miserable.