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O.J. Simpson Looking To Get Free — Presumably So He Can Search For The Real Guilty Party


O.J. Simpson has filed an appeal of his conviction with the state of Nevada.  He whined that there wasn’t a fair representation of race on his jury, and that there were problems with judicial misconduct and errors in sentencing.

In other news, Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman have also filed an appeal, seeking a second chance at their lives.  They claim they were unfairly treated when slashed to death by O.J., left on a doorstep and they also claim that the jury members who let O.J. go in 1995 were all on crack.

Get my point, O.J.?  Armed robbery in a hotel room is the least of the reasons why you are sitting in a cell right now.  Justice is the name of the game –enjoy.

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  • You know that awesome picture of OJ being handcuffed after his conviction? The one where he looks like he’s crying?
    I used that as my facebook profile pic for almost a month.
    That’s how much I hate him and hope he rots in jail.

  • not a chance in wiccan hell, fuckhead, are u getting out anytime soon.

    do you realize all the years of work denise brown & her coven went through to get you in there?!!

    denise is probably rallying the girls now & getting the caldron ready to brew some solitary confinement on that ass.


    (uh…yeah, & that stomach ache probably IS denise stabbing the voodoo doll she has of you) lol!

    enjoy the pain, you filthy waste of flesh.