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OMG Guys! Gandalf And Angelina Jolie Had A Kid!


And their lovechild has graced the cover of Brooke Hogan’s new album cover, The Redemption.

I stared at this picture for an interminable amount of time just trying to see some element of Brooke in it.  I am now going to spray an entire can of FDS into my eyes in hopes of trying to reverse some of the damage.

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  • Before I read the paragraph I could tell that it was her, but I figured it was some really shitty fan art or something. She’s really using this as an album cover? Good thing no one’s ever going to have to see it.

    • I could tell it was her too, but agree with questioning why the hell she is using it as her album cover.

      And the body on her… Brooke wishes!

  • Hahahahaha. Omg Wendie- seriously, I’m peeing. I totally forgive you for the Mandy Moore post.

  • I saw Brooke Hogan in the pic but GEEEEZ what bad art!! Just say no Brooke… JUST SAY NO!

  • This rendering of Brooke looks about 20 lbs skinnier than the actual Brooke. I thought she said she was happy with her body?

  • You can see Brooke if you look at only the chin…seriously though, why don’t they just use a real photograph of her

  • if your look closely she has a mustache. the artist ( and i use that word lightly), couldn’t let his self-respect die such a trashy death so he gave her a ‘stash. lmao!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Umm yah I could totally tell that was Brooke from the butt chin, but look at those guns! Those are definitely Gandalf’s

  • That is soooo tacky…I don’t even know where to begin…my little illustrator heart is aching over the horribleness of it. If it was some local unknown heavy metal band with that cover, I wouldn’t be so surprised.

    But then again…it’s Brooke…I shouldn’t be surprised…